Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

Looking for a safe place to rest our weary heads

More on the search for Aerisi

Present 3 12 17
Cilandra Gunder, Thogar, Raikon, Onyx

played: Persephone

Looking for a safe place to rest among the old dusty shops –
Slinky returns to the reuquested task from Cilandra to find us a safe palce to rest

In asking about specifics on Slinky’s observations, the DM
asks how much detail?

And is reminded by Onyx-
When considering a snake – All is “De- tail” lolz

Looking upward into the gloom we are wishing for the secure gloom of our lich friend’s quarters back a the monastery- no such comfort here…

We find what seems like a good choice for a rest bit and start to settle down but are quickly overcome by heavy spookiness- intense fear
We become paralyzed by fear…

Soon we understand why!

From above Gunder is enveloped by fleshy wings of a flying creature the likes of which we have never seen- it is instant and encompassing and it appears his head is being ingested!

We try to get this demon sweater off of Gunder and then another one comes and tries to swallow Thogar…
Persephone shoots her wand-
Gunder attempts so strike it with a dagger from within its hellish grasp

After defeat we are able to rest
The scary lady said; be cautious
We walk towards the merchants square

( more to come)



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