Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The Missing Caravan 1 22 2017

The Air cult

1- 22- 2017
Present Cilandra, Persephone, Gunder, Thogar, Daikon and Onyx
In the lair of the birdmen we begin- devising a plan as to how to undermine the air cult.
In the skies the continued strange weather-
Churning, roiling and humid air around clouds, wind and strange lightening.

We decide with the blessings of the birdmen from another plane to accept their offer to take us to the known entry point of the Air cults under ground lair.
After sharing knowledge and much appreciation – they agree to take is all in an air flight convoy-
We are buffeted by the strange winds and held fast by the birdmen seeing below is the landscape –
Noticing some movement and a campfire below and travelling along the river – all the while keeping a low profile – we are brought down to Knife point gully and see to the e left a clearing for a safe descent
We say or farewells and a deal is stuck that should the bird men still be near we could summon them by Cilandras trusted familiar to retrieve us from this point
Without hesitation we see the entrance and make our way into the dip – water is also streaming gout of this cave entry

We make our way down – the trail becoming dark and dipping- easy to slip – and soon are buffeted by a very strong wind as we try to make our way down further.
( need a +2 comb of stylin)
We see then what is likely the source of this abrasive wind- 2 robed individuals- who throw another wind spell upon us – hard wind pushing us away
We persist – they have moved on…
Continuing to traverse – rough and steep steps downward for what feels like miles deep- finally the stairway flattens out.

We see an immense chasm with darkness surrounding. Majestic dwarves ruins – the ceiling glitters with an eerie beauty.
We make our way to a plaza littered with broken statues – At the far edge of a cliff the shape of a large steppe pyramid maybe 90 feet tall with a moat full of dark water surrounding it. A waterfall cascades over a precipice.
We hear the unnerving sounds of a cacophony of bad music and shrieking creatures – (Enhanced by our Dm’s mega mix) the volume increases as we go deeper it-
It is discordant and persistent
We pass what could best be described as a murder hold French fry passage without incident- luckily without incident.

The door we come to first – with the music at its loudest is a central pivot door-
Entering the room we find the source of the discordance- 6 humanoids in feathered robes playing flutes around a fountain which has dwarves playing instruments on it

They finally notice our wild eyed gawking and Cilandra begins talking to them-
They are form Wind harrow- known as “ The Wind Weirds “ The Minstrels Who Entertain the Royal Court
We are all grateful for the talking over the “music”
Atop the tower – they are Areriecie’s entertainment and are summoned by “ The will of the Wind”

They tried to get us to audition- Persephone who can actually play a flute brings hers out my ch to the delight of the Head Wind Weird, Windharrow.
Cilandra asks to play one of their flutes and realizes it is made of bone!

We decide to depart- amicably – except that when we do , they begin to play the awful tunes once again.
Shutting the door as quickly as we could we head through another door- and see shards, rubble and broken pottery .
It appears to be living quarters with 4 crude cots and a table.
We encounter a robed magic used in his bunk- Onyx restrains his arms and quizzes him- all answers ar in support of the air cult- irrational to us in their fervent beliefs and another robed magic user comes in and turns into a gaseous vapor
Cilandra uses dispel magic and he re materializes and falls to the ground-
He is slain and then Onyx snaps the neck of the other .

By way of another dark hallway 40 foot long to another doorway with a pivot door-
Thogar checks for traps and
We enter another room- this is a huge room with massive pillars with stone crossbeams
Giant wheels with spokes like a wheel – 5 sorry people per wheel – gaunt and emaciated – are pushing the wheels and there are hooded slaves with whips.



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