Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The Missing Caravan 1 29 2017

the air cult take down

1 29 2017
Present Cilandra , Gunder, Raikon, Thogar, Onyx, played- Persephone
We open on the scene – of the large room with two giant mechanical wheels being pushed by
5 sorry emaciated people encouraged by 2 hooded whip wielders

In his first act of attack – Raikion throws an immense spell down upon the room- it’s the first time thatwe see his magical might-
The spell sends out freezing ice and snow in blizzard conditions – our foes are at a great disadvantage blinded by the sleet and wind
The wizard whipper falls down while casting a spell

Earthfang came out for it s ability to blind sight and Thogar gets to work.

The indentured servant sorry men it appears do not want to be saved rather win their weakened state when commanded attempt to strike us- with weak fists
Onyx and Gunder rebuff the weak attacks with non-lethal schmapping
One wizard close to death pressed up against the wall with a huge gash in him

Cilandra interrogates his mind;
claims his continued allegiance to Ah rere cee- Air ee cee –
Asks who does he fear and he says Kazhanar
Says he is in service to Yancy bin and to leave the “ slave” cultist to themselves- they choose their servitude.
Raikon finishes him off with a fireball.

We move on from the strangeness of the willing and weak servants to another room-
This one had frescos of dwarves in and artistic and elaborate big scene – pocked and pitted masonry showing the former glory of what may have been a holy room looted
The alter steps show signs of gems and stones removed

We see upon the altar
The strange sight of humanoid bodies with stocky 5 foot or so flightless birds like crowns with bird feet and hands managing 3 humans who are bound and shacked and on closer look appears that these creatures are torturing them.
Gunder angered and inspired by the desecration of the dwarven temple exerts a furious assault on the torturer bird man

Cinlandra invokes the scroll of Maximillians shocking grip a large hand coming from the ground and reaching up against our foes.
“Fetish birds have bird fetishes”
The Caw caw-cacophony occurs when these bird entities repeat each other –
WE attack again- Onyx gets 2 birds with one sword!
Gunder emoted “ Crows are stupid which they repeat “ and we battle them to their death

Saved; BERO – Concerned about his wife NARISE who had been taken below – This couple were country folk, tending to the field when they were taken
ARWIG- And UMULF who died they were travelers having drinks in YARTAR when they were taken.-
“My friends are all gone” ARWIG laments…..



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