Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The Missing Caravan 2 19 2017

The Air Cult Demons

Present Cilandra Raikon Gunder Thogar Onyx
Played Persephone
We are back where we left off in the pyramid- with the angry floaters- the hippie nancers
The 8 grey feather robed cultists are around the center pit with air flowing up from it.
They are chanting eerily – in unison
When the door opens some of their eyes open.
5 are gaunt in more simple gray robes and leather armor
2 are in more ornate robes
One looks as if he is wearing similar leather and helmet as the wizard KAZHANAR
The air pit in the middle is a ten foot square
Onyx slays 2.5 levitators
Then she is darted- electrical shock though her body
Pillars become weakened by the synchronized wave of force form two of the robed cultists
Raikon erupts with a massive fire- the smell of flesh and feathers of our foes.
Another electric blast from the air wizard
Onxy is down
Persephone heals the electrified darted again Onyx
Clinandra rocks an Eldritch blast
Thogar wields his axe and exacts much damage
Gunder misty steps and jazz hands in front of the baddy
“He Gone” !!! the darty boys are dead
All are gone but e big baddie who escapes –
“ we need a magic axe that doesn’t cause schizms in the universe”
Persephone is a spider-
We realize that spider air quotes are to be done by 3 fingers
Dave reminds us as we take a short rest that the best place to store hit points
After our much needed short rest
We head upstairs to a lovely room with a throne on a white dais gauze curtains lining the room an a beautiful inlaid map of the realm on the floor our senses are over taken by a sickening smell of incense coming from sensors – smells like overly sweet air
Gunder sits upon a throne and senses something he looks over the throne and sees a frightening sight- a nasty vulture looking creature – a Unholy f-ing thing-
Smelling of rot and decay with a horrible mouth full of rotten teeth and eyes glowing
The evil beastie of destruction come up and the fight is on –
“The wind cried more than Mary as this winged demon lest a poisonous wave of miasma over the room
Raikon is effected by the poison.
CIlandra lets loose her ash clouds and protects us from the Arial onslaught of not one but 2 of these evil beings-



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