Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The Missing Caravan 2 5 2017

The air cult take down continues Shoot the wizard!

2 5 17 superbowl
Present Cilandra Raikon Gunder Thogar Onyx
Played Persephone

The tower and the steppe pyramid are in the distance to the north
Bluish hovering carver humanesque with a wicked scimitar
Strange and ornate hat on
Cilandra speaks to the enchanted being tells us he is under the control of the holder of the Golden horn – in this case Aeriecie
He was summoned and now beholden to this plane
Whoever has the Horn on Atieeyeer has power over him-
This information gathered by impressive diplomacy of Cinandra

The engraved pillars of historic dwarves and their names made of wood and stone
We see a fearsome creature on top of the pyramid with leathery wings, honed and bumpy
Toothy maw and a long tongue
Sinewy tail with a wicked knob at the end of its tail that looks like a weapon in itself
A figure is on top – as a rider- wearing a leather cloak with feathers and a hard helmet
He is KAHZANAR the dragon rider
He threatens us but does not at first attack. KAHZANAR tells us there is no entry to the pyramid on this side that we have to go around.
We end up by 3 obsilisks with pictograms and cobblestones around them to 15 foot ceiling at the base of each one – tied to them are starving and sad looking near corpses- they are air cultist and do not want to be saved their devotion keeps them there.
Kazhanar flies back down from the top of the pyramid on the fearsome best and attacks us with a lightening shock – it is so powerful that the cultists are incinerated and sadly the 2 men we saved from the crow – creatures are now also dead.
We are all in battle :
Onyx shoots arrows
Cilandra created her ash cloud
Thogar throws a shatters
Persephone sends her eagles
Gunder lays hands onto the wounded
Raikon is ready
Onyx shoots arrows
The Eagles attack- we lose one
Thogar shoots upward
Onyx shoots arrows
We shot the WIZARD!!!
Who falls from the creature presumably into he inky moat water and the wyvern takes off…
We dust ourselves off full of energy from the defeat of the wizard…

And head into the pyramid – entering to the grand hall – 100 feet across with pillars depicting solemn dwarves
in the middle of the room around a large circled center
Levitating off the ground are 8 grey robed levitating cultists….



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