Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

Back to the dungeons with a purpose- Destroy the portal
Destroy the portal!

Finishing up our business in Red Larch planning to return to the underground.
A visit to VALIVOE in his shop of many interesting things turns up a book that was sold to him by a mysterious traveler – we give him gold as to what he paid and return it to BRULDENTHAL – Onyx asks for any items of mariner’s tools – for which he has none.

ONYX and GUNDER thank the Blacksmithing family for their help.

with new spells for RAIKON
full spells for CILANDRA
repaired and shiny armor for GUNDER
wounds tended , hit points restored and a sharpening of sword for ONYX
Feeling healed and combed hair despite his introversion for THOGAR

Plan is to head back to the dungeons fortified – with the knowledge from BRULDENTHAL corroborating our thoughts that the portal to the fabled OGREMOCH must be found and destroyed
RHUNDORTH informed us that we were very close to it as to where we found him, although he had never seen it himself – he had heard enough to confirm it;’s existence..

the air is thick and humid and not right,.
it is sweaty and hot

With fresh crumble cakes, rations and water, we leave this time without our trusted ally PERSEPHONE

We head back the path that we know retracing our steps back to the mine entrance.
Through the dungeon passing familiar landmarks and remembering to avoid the floor of the mushroom schroom room ,using the ledge instead. Putting wax in our ears to pass the cavern of deadly singing sirens,

By dinner time we pass the statues and cross the muddy river Once again we jump over the muddy river

Get to the boulder bride and hear the clackity clacks of whatever is dwelling in the caverns beneath the bridge

We pass the shrines and then send slinky in

slinky detects a big bloopy pool of muddy liquid as well a huge armored humanoid is in the room

there are also strange flying creatures the size of a large – football ? Maybe a watermelon
slinky goes next to he lest and sees a large cavemen and field stone

We prepare for battle
comes around to cast fireball over the mudpond

Lumbering scamper
Metallic armor burning light emanates from it’s helmet looks like he is made of rock 8/9
CIlandra casts blinding ash
Gunder throws foe breaker ( eek!! a hearty hit of is 17 not enough )
Thogremach speaks to it using his Teren talk via Iron fang and tells the beast to kneel
The muddy bats attack in splats covering Clandra in
hot mud cinder barf

CILANDRA is in icky mud bondage from the poopy bats
Gunder throws the Foe Breaker hammer at one destroying it

Onyx shoots arrows succesfully
Cilandra gets out
Raikon magic missiles pew pew
Thogar asks in Teren— “where is the portal?”
The answer is “The northern most cavern”
bat devil poopy bats
Onyx destroys another
Raikon destroys another!

A few more of us are ensconced in the poopy bat cinder blech.

We now must pause as our DM is getting very sleeepy…..

Returning Rhundorth to Red Larch
I'm a diplomat not a weapons forger!

8 27 17

Present Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon , Onyx
played: Thogar and Persephone

We begin with an aerial view of our heroes exiting to the surface through the mine shaft breathing above ground air happily and doing grass angels.

At the surface the skies are still full of fury – colored clouds and icy cold winds that leave way for incongruousness air – and the are isolated storms seen off in the distance of the valley.


We escort RHUNDORTH back to Red Larch without incident other than the strange weather and head back to the Swinging sword so as to reunite him with BRULDENTHAR

We find out more about RHUNDORTH on the trail there…he was from the same city of Mirabar as BRULDENTHAR. They did some adventuring in their younger years and studied together.
We arrive to The Swinging Sword smelling of Dungeon Funk and with a grumble in our stomachs smelling the hot food. We are heartily greeted by KAYLESSA who is quick to provide ale and mutton which we tear into.
BRULDENTHAR is seated at a table his long beard folded in the pages of his book. He is studying and writing- several people are at the bar.
Understandably, the reunion of of friends and allies is inspiring and we all sit down with plenty of ale to reconnoiter -
BRULDENTHAR speaks of a dwarven friend of RHUNDORTH ERNDREN-? – who wore acolyte robes-?

And tells us more about the current situation with the fear growing like the danger of the elementals.
In seeking clues to bolster our awareness and assistance we learn about the Ancient city of the BESSLEMARE EMPIRE
The King of the city at it’s height TORHILL FLAMETOUNGE was mighty and the city was a power center with strength deriving from the geodes from there.
BRULDENTHAR read about the underlands- the area deeper than any dungeon ands the evil and dark that dwells there- This is wherethe beings known as the drow come from.
((This strikes a chord in Onyx as she remembers the drow spider woman who escaped after slaying her adopted dwarven brothers.))
The deeper one goes into t he earth the further one goes towards this evil.

He Speaks of the portal – where the elementals come from and how we need to destroy it- this hearkens back to the rumors and theories substantiated in this plane by the helpful birdmen .

He tells us these cult factions are in conflict and the elemental energies are summoning leaders to bring about mass destruction ( sounds like 2017- but i digress)
The document that RHUNDORTH is carrying is an encoded document again – part of the treaty of the alliance between cities and factions covering attacks, and raids and spy networks with evidence notated.

At this time it becomes apparent that PEREPHONE needs to return to the High forest enclave – Golden Fields home of the oldest of all trees in this united place she must go to help her people and others.

((There is a PERSPEHONE retrospective where we reminisce back to the time she joined our party when we found her in a cave – the first time she took a wild shape- a Squirrel! when we were searching the burned out mansion of the Red Brands and the times she most endearingly “Whipped up some good berries”)) – Good times. She will be missed –
(((( GIant Octopus, anyone?!)

She gives RAIKON her wand – Gives us some good berries- and a Nutty potion

WE ask about any information about Aerisi she was sheltered moon elf princess who decided to join the cultist ways of the Howling Hatred. and possesses the weapon windvane once again -

OF note: the legend of the VAIL OF DANCING WATER
West of the Dessairn River and north of Rivergard Keep is a
place called the Vale of Dancing Waters, a secret and sacred Temple of
Dwarves the summer retreat of King Torild Flametongue, and
has relation with the Order of the Gauntlet,

Thhrin rerb durn is a sacred site for dwarves and a shrine for centuries – there are rumors of riches

The HALLS OF THE HUNTING AXE" is the burial site of Tiorild and is in another location -

OF THE BELIEVERS in REDLARCH_ they are definitely shady characters and are conspiring- we are not even sure if we can trust the constable HARBOURUGH ( wife JALESSA , sister of KAYLESSA) these so called Believers may indeed be corrupted agents of the cultists.

The constable is frustrated- the simple half orc GRUND is still in custody and Onyx thinks he may be an un witting patsy to the Believer’s crimes- she makes sure the constable provides him with crumble cake with some coin

BARGUSTUS the retires carpenter confirmed an underground network of moving stones
and the three ringleaders
ALBARO MELLICO of he quarry
ILMETH – of the yard
and LARRAKH- currently out of town.
-exerted power and influence on the BELIEVER Leadership

KAYLESSA wants us to investigate LANCE ROCK
There is evil present and we need to clear the rock- the thought is that is a source of FEL magic and is part and parcel to the current goings on… Stories for travelers say there are fogs and winds deriving from the rock and even during the daytime.

We all need- rest, supplies- RAIKON spell learning and GUNDER needs to have his armor replaced or repaired.

RAIKON goes with BRULDENTHAR and RHUNDORTH back tot he room to transcribe spells- including a boost to healing – he and CIlandra trade off some scrolls

ONYX and GUNDER go the family of Smithing in town who graciously agree to work overnight on repairing brave GUNDER’s armor

As we walk through town these kids come up to us and touch our Armour and weapons and ask us questions
MILAS< HEMMET< NERVA and MIGILI the kids of Red Larch and one is the child of RARLAIR"s clothiers

they tell us of a cave where they were berry picking with strange going’s on…something of a Plague?? ( South of WOMFORD)

We also learn of a mountain ti the north – White Feather Peak? that holds deep within 2 weapons of great power and rumors of the mad wizard of the mountain- KARRAPTUS

Well, that was a lot of learn-in!

Time to get a real rest at the Swinging Sword-

remember the wisdom of Dave, err GUNDER – after a long rest use those hit dice – as it is better to store Hit Points in your body!

The search for Aerisi continues and continues ..but wait we are in the stone dungeon!
A recap

Ah shucks- I wrote this up and didn’t correctly save-
so here we go again!

Present: Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Persephone and Thogar

We needed to Recap!

We know now that there are some very powerful forces at work here that are disturbingly real-
These prices of the elemental planes Archomental and bound for destruction have their fervent followers and these cults will stop at nothing to do their bidding

They also have weapons of great power that go along with their elements and cause great damage ;

The AIR CULT – works and worships for Yan C Bin
The Howling Hatred
The weapon is known as Windvane.
The Prophet leader on this plane is Aerisi

The EARTH/stone CULT – in service to Ogremoch
Cult of the Black Earth
the weapon is known as Earth Fang
We currently have it after slaying the prophet Marlos Urnrayle

The FIRE CULT – in service to Imix
Cult of the Eternal Flame
the weapon is known as Tinder Strike – we do not know of it’s whereabouts
but we have heard of the fire prophet, Vanifer-
if the encounters we have had with the fire cult in the underground as well as burning druid are any indication they are a tough bunch.

THE WATER CULT worships Olhydra
Cult of the Crushing Wave
the weapon is Drown- used on our friends in Red Larch to great flooding destruction- is an orb of some sort
We know very little about this cult-
CIlandra befriended a man named Seruki at the burning druid –
We may have seen the edge of their part of the underground dungeon
and know there is some connection to the above ground out post of river deep deep -as well we may have employed some of the cultists to take us across the river initially by boat.

Symbols to know:

We are underground … the passages smell of fire burning.
We go north east to a widening passage and enter a large cave with a well in the middle with a bubbling substance inside the chamber is humid and quieter- all around us the purplish crystals are glowing and pulsing their purple hue and the rumbling is in the background.

There are worktables around with weapons and armor , tools and chisels.

We search the area devoid of any people or creatures and notice a limp or pile of rags near a slab- could a figure be under there? yes!

removing the material we find chained beneath to be a dwarf-

RHUNDORTH! we have been searching for this delegate from the caravan for a long time he is the diplomat from Mirabar and friend to BRUNDENTHAL
and we give him some food and water-
He informs us that indeed the earth cultist hastily left- and left him there to die-
and the fearsome creatures they rode were Bulettes- and they took those that were left with them

It was our activities that cause them to take flight- we seem to have assurance we are having an impact on the evil designs of destruction!

Cilandra uses her spell of gaseous form on Rhundorth to cleverly get him out of his shackles as the keys to the bindings must have left with the fleeing cultist.

He was taken and conscripted to work for the stone cult who assumed he was a master crafts man, although that is not his main talent . They had him making weapons and armor.

He told us of the ambush on the caravan how raiders from the sky took the delegates

Lady Desenya Noravael ( DEH-say- na) the human Waterdavian ( from Waterdeep) noblewoman and priest of many faiths

Of the weapons- the Water cult weapon- :Drown: is actually a trident was was in the possession of the caravan before it was retaken.

We believe she is now being held bu the Air cult thanks to his telling of the tale.

Teresiel – Female Moon elf diplomat from the Silver moon tribe- Her important function is to deliver the magic seeds of golden fields – yellow seeds that can grow an awakened tree!

as well there were pieces of a document that were coded – the importance of the documents is to forge a treaty between factions and with the alliances gather strengths and resources to join forces against the impending evil.

We decide for the safety of RHUNDORTH we return him to his friend BRULDENTHAR in Red Larch – share as much information as we can and restore all of our weapons armor and health.

Onyx is very inspired by his words- " We may have dealt a very large blow to the stone cultists "

We need to head back to Red Larch which amazingly was not very eventful…
and we were careful and prepared in crossing gargoyle bridge.


The search for Aerisi continues and continues
and continues

Present Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Thogar and Persephone

Our amazing DM hands out some well earned Xp -

Including a bonus x5 for Onyx who remembered the lich we like , Renwick!

As well after the rocky bridge battle Chris fills us in on the hit point situation which isn’t great!

The dust has settled- One of the rock men has rolled away
Persephone does some healing which we all need
Cilandra continues to fly – becoming more skilled a this next chance the had to fly
The clicking and clacking from the cavern below ebbs and flows in volume and frequency almost sounds as if we cheated something out of a snack.

Slinky scouts ahead with Cilandra quietly and cautiously flying some paces behind.

What is seen down a connecting hallway as the wall becomes less rough hewn and more organized and stacked field stone

Opening to a big cavern with sectioned off areas 10- 15 feet wide- they appear to be pens?

On further inspection there are leather like pieces and stacked up weapons .

On the right of the cavern a passage downward and another on the west wall.

The 10 foot high kennels are currently empty upon further inspection. and after examining the tack we think these may be the bullet lizard like critters that the baddies were riding.

slinky poops on their tack.

There is a hum to the cavern and rumbling – filling us with dread- we notice more mud is starting to drip from the ceiling

Taking a meandering path to the right descending to the east we see in a
in a chamber several spots with piles of the purplish crystals which are part of the cavern looks almost like little pedestal shrines.

It seems as if we are alone here – by way of cultists and creatures- no signs of life

Gunder explores the alcoves
we head back to the pens-
Onyx cuts the tack so that it is rendered useless
Persephone turns into a bear – with her keen sense of smell she recognizes the smelly musk of the big armadillo – like creatures we battled previously – and they they currently are not here.
We explore a small narrow off shoot from the pens ans come to a cave and a nest with bedrolls- all abandoned. Must have been a baby musky armadillo thang.

In searching the bedding we find

a bag with a garnet stone – reddish purple crystal gem
coins- 42 gp/ 7 each
a small clay bottle with a bluish liquid that smells acidic and like hot peppers
and some Abjurations – thunder resistance for Raikon


((Wild shape for Druids ; stay in beast shape for the number of hours equal to half your druid level rounded down Persephone can stay in this form for 3 hours.))

Search for Aerisi goes on
Listen to Gunder the Geologist

July 2nd 2017
Present; Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Thogar and Persephone

We begin – dusting ourselves off after a tough battle with stone jerks-

Persphone whips up some goodberries for Gunder and Onyx.
(Note goodberries retain their potency for 24 hours)

A search is done of the room – a pile of gems neatly stacked-
and in the pocket of the stone robed stone cultist
as well a folded up scroll give to Raikon – which will be quite handy- the magic spell for creating magical stone armor- through transmutation
With Cilandra’s good advice, Raikon decides this will be a good one to memorize in a spell book for multiple uses.

1 Amethyst- a purple oblong gem with a crack though it
1 rough cut egg shaped blue moonstone
3 reddish orange carnelians

We pick ourselves up and contemplate finding somewhere to catch a short rest-
in consultation mapping and where we have been Cilanda quips., "" That’s where we killed everybody, so maybe it’s less populated"

Peeking down the passage way to a natural formed tunnel,
Cilandra decides to mind merge with the brave Slinky who forges ahead investigating our possible travel
Passes a cavern with the eerie glow emanating from the violet streaked crystals that line the walls.

In the middle of the next cavern to the left there is a strange sight-
a bubbling mud flow comes flowing down from an opening in the ceiling of the tall cavern spilling onto ledges and falling into a slow flowing mud river and down onto another part of this dungeon-
While contemplating the safe passage we realize that with our ability to get a running start we could jump this muddy little river 6 feet across- and we do!
(Imagine a slow mo scene of all characters jumping in freeze frame over the mud)

note (with a running jump we can cover 1 foot per point of strength)

We take the smooth steps up from the other side and send Slinky ahead for some intel-
Seen ahead is a vast cavern- A change in air is detected and an alteration of the sound indicating an area much bigger.

Though Cilandra’s eyes Slinky reveals a tall cavern with a smooth stone bridge over the dark abyss below. The bridge is about 60 feet across the span and 5 feet in width flanked by large boulders on either side.

Cilandra boldly leads us up to the bridge single file-
Gunder noticing how odd the boulders appear…

we notice a clickty clicking sound coming up form the cavern – could it be rocks falling or something more sinister?

Cilandra first

As we get to the center of the bridge-

Gunder’s premonition comes to fruition-
The boulders begin to move and morph becoming 9 foot tall rock men with glowing eyes!

Onyx shot 2 arrows at the one on her side
(Bird people, where you at?)

Gunder throws foe breaker and falls back-

Persephone turns into a giant spider Spidesephony?!
and shoots a web
(+5 to hit as a ranged weapon attack)

(( Rock Lords theme song interlude thanks to Dave))

Speaking of glowing eyes the clicking from below increases in intensity coming from the sides of the cavern and yellow glowing eyes are seen in the chasm down below-

The Rock men then roll boulders- like bowing balls upon us as their own bowling pins
Gunder is knocked off the bridge and holds on to the edge (eek!)

On Cilandra’s side she is knocked off and falls off the bridge!!! Just as she is about to hit the bottom of the chasm – which is surprisingly not as deep as we thought- she casts fly upon her self, skirting the bottom and what ever might wish for us to fall below…

Thogar uses Earth fang telling the naughty earth elemental on his side to protect us- “Chuckie”
The rock man rolls back up into a boulder and rolls away- back where we came from and off-
to the cavern perhaps to dispatch with whatever the clicking creatures are?

We then realize the boulders are actually enchanted themselves- smaller versions of the rock men intent of knocking us off the bride! These are 6 feet tall and have the ability to swing rock like arms

Raikon shoots magic missiles- pew pew pew pew

Gunder gets up on the smaller boulder and aims to throw his hammer-
our DM encourages him to : “throw the foe, bro”

Onyx tries to move the boulder by her off the bridge is unsuccessful
and Claude "rocky " Bal-boulder gets an flying Eldridge blast from a majestically flying Cilandra – Swoop and Blast!

While below she sees at least 6 tall and yoked bipedal creatures with gorilla like arms and hooks for hands – below the bridge waiting for us to fall in..

Thogar is about to make an attempt to knock the enchanted boulder bowling ball off from his side does stop seeing Gunder on top

Raikon sculpts protective cover for Onyx and lets out a mighty fireball of the the enchanted boulder and the rock lord Balboulder huge hit! (Kapow!)

Gunder hops off the boulder and he and Thogar work together to push it off the bridge-

On Onyx’s turn she tries again ,too and is successful this time and mini rock lord hits the ground

Persephone who had previously provided Onyx with bungee webbing insurance around her ankles comes from under the bridge, alights on the Rock lord and deals the final bite as he breaks apart in pieces and dust with a large rumble!

Before the death blow, Thogar senses that his charm on Rock Lord Chuckie was broken.

We cross the bridge after the dust settles reunited as a group, and hear a different quality to the click clacking sounds below,,
What we cross into is a passage ahead – 10- 20 feet that descends sharply to the North…


Random thoughts:

In the wise words of our DM, “it’s called a trope , because it’s true”

Searching for Aerisi
Come down from there, Persephone!

Present; Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Persephone and Thogar

We are in the super tall natural cavern familiar to us from before with the strange music coming from above

The ground is littered with corpses of thee unfortunate
humanoid lizards, A large dead ogre and what looks like the robe remains of a halfling.

Persephone is climbing seemingly entranced and about 10 feet up already
Onyx climbs up towards her with Thogar,
Gunder casts abjure
and Cilandra attempts to speak to Persephone in her head.
As Persephone is abjured, she begins to fall and Onyx reaches out and grabs Persephone
While remaining strong and holding fast to the wall-
And Our amazing Druid lives another day!

Once upon the ground we quickly get thorough the room and get to the dark stairway

We encounter a strange wall of blackness that befuddles all of our magic detection spells.
There sis some kind of psychic push back to the is blackness

As we walk around the crystals on the wall burst out in colorful but sharp jagged pieces and the sound effect by or DM beat box Chris is amazing

Next up is a large circular room
We spy upon a strange creature never encountered before luckily before it sees us.

A Large egg shaped creature
With 3 arms and 3 legs
and heavy lidded eyes
big barrel round body
with a mouth ans sharp teeth on the top of it’s head.
It’s skin seems to be made of rock and it making
slurping sucking sounds as it is being fed by
a creepy large robed humanoid.

CIlandra is not having any of this and decides to take action by activating her
snowball storm scroll!

A tempest of cold and bludgeoning damage suddenly is beset on these two foes
With the advantage of taking the first hits
Onyx shoots two arrows that hit the creature hard
Raikon exacts his pew pew pew magic missile attack
Gunder wields his trust foe breaker hammer
Thogar runs up and chucks a javelin

A second robed dude enters he fray with a nasty looking mace and covers himself with magical stone armor

Persephone conjures two tigers to help us fight
Raikon casts firebolt
Thogar gets attacked with a slash and bite from the garbage can monster mouth
Tiger gets a critical hit on the monster mouth
Cilandra hexes and eldritch blasts
Gunder chucks with foe breaker with fury
Thogar goes into rage and frenzy bezerker mode and
with his regular axe kills the first robed man and takes a second attack on the creature
Persephone pulls out her wand ans hits twice on the creature
Raikon hits again the trash can creature with magic missiles

The tiger bites the trash can but the tiger cant bite the man
Gunder foe breaker hammer thrown and damages the trash can man
Onyx uses her strength and talon for an attack, but is then grabbed by a conjured stone hand that erupts from the ground
and enchantment we are all too familiar with down here,

Persephone runs to the wounded Thogar and chucks a javelin at the beastie
Gunder protects and lays hands of healing on Thogar
Onyx attempts to strike again and misses badly taking damage form the robed foes’ shatter spell

Persephone poison sprays the trash can man
(Fe-breeze the baddie!)

Raikon dishes out another fireball
The tiger bites and misses
Cilandra begins to speak in tongues evoking her spooky yet stylish eye and Green vapor begins to swirl around her body and sends off a burning green cloud ( heh heh)
Of “Cursed Mist”

The stone armored wizard explodes and shrapnel goes flying-
as it is said, “We somehow survive”

Onyx blacks out after taking much damage but revives herself from the strength of her orc elders with Relentless Endurance

We are batters yet victorious and find some neatly stacked gems…

Until next time – anyone have a potion of healing???

The search for Aerisi continues
Funny thing- it's A Fein!

May 17
Present Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Gunder
Played Persephone, Thogar

We came from the East
Big Tall Cavern
Grim statues – one dead guard – the other hog tied by Cilandra and still alive
Either Gunder , Cilandra or both stop on the stone guard’s toes to get him to talk- he does not like it

Gunder begins to study his new and incredible new weapon Foe Breaker
We aske questions of the guard who is very committed to the cause and confirm the obvious brainwashed stone cultist waiting for Ogremach
No knowledge or where Aerisii.

We need to rest- for Thogar, Persephone and Onyx are feeling beat up – very woozy and weak

After realizing we can’t get anything useful out of the stone guard for whom death is part of returning to the earth we decide to adopt a CSI dungeon mindset and leave an air robe clutched it the dead hand of the soldier-
We do search their corpses and discover some gold and silver and gems –
As we contemplate some place to take refuge
Slinky our brave and silent scout is put into action again –
Slinky glides through a door to a room we have yet to investigate finding on the inside every disturbing oily black and wispy fog – feeling the humid mysterious air evokes feelings of fear and discomfort.
Gunder detects the fog and deeps it “Guaranteed demon free”
Yet, as a great criteria for a place to rest the lack of demons doesn’t dispel the humid spooky fog.
We pass the dead big guys we almost played a game with
And rue heading back into the room of fungus and mushrooms
Lucky for us upon entering this part of the cavern form this direction we notice a much safer passage via a ledge.
We end up back where

The next room is the strange “flying mermaid room” – the same dead bodies are there and successfully we pass

Slinky looks around the burned out store fronts of the old merchants square – we hole up in what looks like the safest-
Miraculously we are able to complete a long rest, albeit fitful and not wholly restful
With renewed vigor

We decide to head back – retrace our steps through the pyramid and see if anything has changed
And contemplate going through the strange windy portal-
We see that same scene and smells and then retrace back to the room where we left the slaves after freeing them of their – Captors-? ( We thought they might like that)
They are gone the wheels are still..
We devise a plan to figure out what these wheels do ….with a fire line and communication line-
Onyx and Thogar turn the wheels in every possible combination figured out by Raikon.
Eventually we figure out what these wheels do – again in no small part by the help of slinky scout who investigated the mechanisms from below-
Thee wheels control the water flowing in the incredibly well crafted Dwarven moat water feature around the pyramid,
When we figure out how to eliminate the water-
More treasure is revealed!
torque with gems, Pieces of the defeated stone golem, a couple rings and a goblet with small red gems

We return the water to it’s regular state after seeing all we needed to see-
And head back to the wind weirds

the wind weirds – who are still playing their horrible music-
( sound clip here)
Wind harrow clubs the flautist and fires him saying he could do better-
Tells us the of the name of the wind tunnel- in the pyramid…. “ the fein –“
And we actually almost get ourselves in trouble asking to many odd questions about the whereabouts of Aerisi
Cilandra plays it off

With our new knowledge we decide to approach descending the feign with caution and then delight in it’s feather fall action – and fid for all our caution we are in a place that connected dot he tunnels below the worm hole!

There are several ways out and As Raikon had mentioned – the paths unexplored are the ones we should explore next-

We intend to do as such and need to cross the flying mermaid cavern again – and when we do – Cilandra reminds ups to plug our ears- all are successful in the rebuff except Persephone-
Who leaves up with a real cliff hanger as she breaks away and tries to climb up the cliff to the music!


Search for Aerisi
We continue

Present : Cilandra, Gunder, Daikon, Onyx
Played Persephone and Thogar

We begin – tried but undaunted

Looking downward we see the elemental energies in oily sparking gems And smell an acrid smell of burning fire which is familiar to us- are we near the fire cult’s part on the dungeon?
Persephone is very drained and cures wounds on herself.
She “whips up” some good berries for herself and Thogar
Gunder heals himself and Thogar

We see some stone statues of rough hewn humanoids with grim and stern expressions

Next to the statues is a living guard

Sending slinky up for a closer observation the information comes back these are guards wearing the familiar armor of the stone cultists!

Cilandra our intelligent negotiator decides to talk to them offering a “Good morning”-
And Thogar reveals he is holding Earth Fang

They recognize us seeing the rest of our party
One armed guard takes off running to get reinforcements
The other immediately attacks Thogar

Raikon blasts a firebolt protecting the rest of the party with his wizard pockets

Gunder uses his amazing hammer to strike

Onyx runs up to join the fray
Two giant stone golems manifest from the ground and one hits Thogar hard.


Cilandra evokes her eye directs it upon the escaping Cultist and successfully holds him in paralysis

Thogar attempts to use the power of Earth fang to “Dominate Monster”

Persephone Invokes moonbeam ( her 5 foot of magically damaging spot light that can go 40 foot high) on the stone creature to try and stop their assault.

They emanate purple glow and light as if they were part of the crystals in this cavern.

While firebolts are cast and crown of madness, Cilandra is attempting to tie up the paralyzed guard and disarm him to be certain she stops the potential alarm being sounded by our arrival in this cavern.

Onyx is now wielding Talon allowing her to take two handed strikes with magic – chipping away at these stone behemoths with more success than before

Persephone gets bumped hard by the stone golems

Cilandra still working on tying up the guard

Onyx is hit hard and hits the ground-
With her orc fight comes back from the dead and musters up energies to continue to fight

Persephone low on hit points turns back into what is becoming a favorite and kick ass animal shape a giant snake

Gunder continues his assault on stone foes
Raikon readys a spell an sculpts safety for the team

Thogar goes into frenzy mode- please note-
“Not a mindless frenzy, just a frenzy”

Onyx destroys one into shattering pieces
Persphone bites and kills.

Looking for a safe place to rest our weary heads
More on the search for Aerisi

Present 3 12 17
Cilandra Gunder, Thogar, Raikon, Onyx

played: Persephone

Looking for a safe place to rest among the old dusty shops –
Slinky returns to the reuquested task from Cilandra to find us a safe palce to rest

In asking about specifics on Slinky’s observations, the DM
asks how much detail?

And is reminded by Onyx-
When considering a snake – All is “De- tail” lolz

Looking upward into the gloom we are wishing for the secure gloom of our lich friend’s quarters back a the monastery- no such comfort here…

We find what seems like a good choice for a rest bit and start to settle down but are quickly overcome by heavy spookiness- intense fear
We become paralyzed by fear…

Soon we understand why!

From above Gunder is enveloped by fleshy wings of a flying creature the likes of which we have never seen- it is instant and encompassing and it appears his head is being ingested!

We try to get this demon sweater off of Gunder and then another one comes and tries to swallow Thogar…
Persephone shoots her wand-
Gunder attempts so strike it with a dagger from within its hellish grasp

After defeat we are able to rest
The scary lady said; be cautious
We walk towards the merchants square

( more to come)

Defeat of the Moat Golem
and more assaults from the air cult

3 7 17

Gunder, Raikon, Thogar, Cilandra , Onyx
Played Persephone

Persephone constricts the stone water golem
Raikon cheers
Thogar attacks recklessly, while not raging
Persephone catch and release – Persnaketty!
Cilandra Eldrich Blasts
Thogar takes out earth fang and strikes with thunder and great damage
CIlandra tells us to Brace ourselves!
Onyx squares off and hold tight to the rope that is attached to Thogar
Gunder hits the water and drops in
Thogar attacked with success
The Stone water dwarf emits a bomb
And we are subject to athletics check as out moveme are slowed.
Speed is halved and reactions slowed

We are blessed by Gunder and fight on – Persphone constricts and
Cilandra deals the death blow with an Eldritch blast!
Who said it-
“People In this town should wear earplugs” Cilandra- ha!

Onyx pulls Thogar out of the water with the rope and Raikon helps

With Persph a snakes help we pull from the bottom of the water_
A gem and golden goblet, a strange pendant with a n eye in the middle :

Seems fitting that Cilandra would be intrigued by this relic

We dust ourselves off shake off the water and collect our wits -
not soon after Gunder in his exploratory ways moves ahead to investigate a statue
Dwarvven made of Quartz of Moradin-

in a courtyard with darkness ahead- from the North and West a screech is heard

suddelnly apeear from places unkown
3 guys and then 2 guys- air ciltists!

Flying in and on the ground-
Gunder attiacks the Flying wizard and hurts him-
Onyx shoots arrows at he wizard and scors a 20 and a 1 – good shot on one and th other arrow she drops
Raikon shootrs at foreboth at " Dagger Joe"

Persepho-snake does a snake dash

“Stagger joe” killed by Gunder

The DM voices Thogar for a moment who says of the “kung fu Joes”

""I don’t like people who don’t fight with weapons"__

The flying wizard now know as “peter Pan Joe”
Cilandra eldrich blasts
and Gunder knocks him out cold

an arrow comes out at us plunking on the ground

Onyx slays a Kung fu joe
Persephone constricts a crow man who was screeching
Gunder hurts one bad
Thogar goes on reckless attack mode on the Crow archer

The crows uses Gunders voice in the mimicry- Which is so weird to hear

Thogar pops the Crow’s head off

The next Kung fu joe is killed by Onyx
Peter Pan fly guy while wounded, flies away to the unknown
( disappear- poof)

Slinky looks for somewhere for us to rest


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