Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

Looking for a safe place to rest our weary heads
More on the search for Aerisi

Present 3 12 17
Cilandra Gunder, Thogar, Raikon, Onyx

played: Persephone

Looking for a safe place to rest among the old dusty shops –
Slinky returns to the reuquested task from Cilandra to find us a safe palce to rest

In asking about specifics on Slinky’s observations, the DM
asks how much detail?

And is reminded by Onyx-
When considering a snake – All is “De- tail” lolz

Looking upward into the gloom we are wishing for the secure gloom of our lich friend’s quarters back a the monastery- no such comfort here…

We find what seems like a good choice for a rest bit and start to settle down but are quickly overcome by heavy spookiness- intense fear
We become paralyzed by fear…

Soon we understand why!

From above Gunder is enveloped by fleshy wings of a flying creature the likes of which we have never seen- it is instant and encompassing and it appears his head is being ingested!

We try to get this demon sweater off of Gunder and then another one comes and tries to swallow Thogar…
Persephone shoots her wand-
Gunder attempts so strike it with a dagger from within its hellish grasp

After defeat we are able to rest
The scary lady said; be cautious
We walk towards the merchants square

( more to come)

Defeat of the Moat Golem
and more assaults from the air cult

3 7 17

Gunder, Raikon, Thogar, Cilandra , Onyx
Played Persephone

Persephone constricts the stone water golem
Raikon cheers
Thogar attacks recklessly, while not raging
Persephone catch and release – Persnaketty!
Cilandra Eldrich Blasts
Thogar takes out earth fang and strikes with thunder and great damage
CIlandra tells us to Brace ourselves!
Onyx squares off and hold tight to the rope that is attached to Thogar
Gunder hits the water and drops in
Thogar attacked with success
The Stone water dwarf emits a bomb
And we are subject to athletics check as out moveme are slowed.
Speed is halved and reactions slowed

We are blessed by Gunder and fight on – Persphone constricts and
Cilandra deals the death blow with an Eldritch blast!
Who said it-
“People In this town should wear earplugs” Cilandra- ha!

Onyx pulls Thogar out of the water with the rope and Raikon helps

With Persph a snakes help we pull from the bottom of the water_
A gem and golden goblet, a strange pendant with a n eye in the middle :

Seems fitting that Cilandra would be intrigued by this relic

We dust ourselves off shake off the water and collect our wits -
not soon after Gunder in his exploratory ways moves ahead to investigate a statue
Dwarvven made of Quartz of Moradin-

in a courtyard with darkness ahead- from the North and West a screech is heard

suddelnly apeear from places unkown
3 guys and then 2 guys- air ciltists!

Flying in and on the ground-
Gunder attiacks the Flying wizard and hurts him-
Onyx shoots arrows at he wizard and scors a 20 and a 1 – good shot on one and th other arrow she drops
Raikon shootrs at foreboth at " Dagger Joe"

Persepho-snake does a snake dash

“Stagger joe” killed by Gunder

The DM voices Thogar for a moment who says of the “kung fu Joes”

""I don’t like people who don’t fight with weapons"__

The flying wizard now know as “peter Pan Joe”
Cilandra eldrich blasts
and Gunder knocks him out cold

an arrow comes out at us plunking on the ground

Onyx slays a Kung fu joe
Persephone constricts a crow man who was screeching
Gunder hurts one bad
Thogar goes on reckless attack mode on the Crow archer

The crows uses Gunders voice in the mimicry- Which is so weird to hear

Thogar pops the Crow’s head off

The next Kung fu joe is killed by Onyx
Peter Pan fly guy while wounded, flies away to the unknown
( disappear- poof)

Slinky looks for somewhere for us to rest

The Missing Caravan 2 26 17
There's Something in The Water Besides Thogar

2 26 17
Present Cilandra, Raikon, Gunder, Thogar, Onyx
Played- Persephone

Our Dm has asked us rascals
to dial it back 20 % or else he predicts we will take a long time to get through this adventure.

We return to the top room of the steppe pyramid where we were battling vulture demons


One demon vulture had fallen last time we met but we had another rotten one to contend with

Onyx shoots arrows, gets a nasty bite
Persephone continues to fix her moon beam on the beastie
Thogar rages and jumps exacting much damage
Gunder and Raikon move together – in a protective manner
CIlandra’s ash cloud continues to do damage and provide a safe haven for the party below.
Persphone’s moonbeam works more magical damage but the demon continues
Onyx shoots and arrow , but then is terribly slashed by the demon
Thogar throws the final death blow and slays the second demon – it like the other one turns into an inky sticky stinky rotten stench of black goo.

Cilandra maps the room – the small version of the land around us.
Onyx slays the remaining cultists whacked out in a stupor by the heavy incense int he room.

We take a short rest and heal up

Leave the pyramid and go look at the moat

Looking around we attempt to be careful – there is a strong waterfall –
Thogar eventually decides to go into the water as he saw something sparking below-

A rope is tied to him to onyx and an additional rope is tied to onyx and held by the rest of the party.

To our shock a giant humanoid figure is activated under water and begins to try and take out thogar!

The rope gets caught on the large – stone creature- and we see Thogar emerge from the water as he attempts to run over it’s shoulder!

Persephone becomes a powerful giant constrictor snake and does some damage and eventually we get thogar freed and he comes out of the water after Onyx three tugs

When Thogar is released the sends out a blast from Earth Fang uses a witch bolt and Cilandra an Eldrich blast
Persephone bites and constricts.

We call this the splash and dash!

“Some People are Touched by and Angel, I was Bit by a Demon” – Onyx quote that Cilandra says should be a bumper sticker- for a cart.

The Missing Caravan 2 19 2017
The Air Cult Demons

Present Cilandra Raikon Gunder Thogar Onyx
Played Persephone
We are back where we left off in the pyramid- with the angry floaters- the hippie nancers
The 8 grey feather robed cultists are around the center pit with air flowing up from it.
They are chanting eerily – in unison
When the door opens some of their eyes open.
5 are gaunt in more simple gray robes and leather armor
2 are in more ornate robes
One looks as if he is wearing similar leather and helmet as the wizard KAZHANAR
The air pit in the middle is a ten foot square
Onyx slays 2.5 levitators
Then she is darted- electrical shock though her body
Pillars become weakened by the synchronized wave of force form two of the robed cultists
Raikon erupts with a massive fire- the smell of flesh and feathers of our foes.
Another electric blast from the air wizard
Onxy is down
Persephone heals the electrified darted again Onyx
Clinandra rocks an Eldritch blast
Thogar wields his axe and exacts much damage
Gunder misty steps and jazz hands in front of the baddy
“He Gone” !!! the darty boys are dead
All are gone but e big baddie who escapes –
“ we need a magic axe that doesn’t cause schizms in the universe”
Persephone is a spider-
We realize that spider air quotes are to be done by 3 fingers
Dave reminds us as we take a short rest that the best place to store hit points
After our much needed short rest
We head upstairs to a lovely room with a throne on a white dais gauze curtains lining the room an a beautiful inlaid map of the realm on the floor our senses are over taken by a sickening smell of incense coming from sensors – smells like overly sweet air
Gunder sits upon a throne and senses something he looks over the throne and sees a frightening sight- a nasty vulture looking creature – a Unholy f-ing thing-
Smelling of rot and decay with a horrible mouth full of rotten teeth and eyes glowing
The evil beastie of destruction come up and the fight is on –
“The wind cried more than Mary as this winged demon lest a poisonous wave of miasma over the room
Raikon is effected by the poison.
CIlandra lets loose her ash clouds and protects us from the Arial onslaught of not one but 2 of these evil beings-

The Missing Caravan 2 5 2017
The air cult take down continues Shoot the wizard!

2 5 17 superbowl
Present Cilandra Raikon Gunder Thogar Onyx
Played Persephone

The tower and the steppe pyramid are in the distance to the north
Bluish hovering carver humanesque with a wicked scimitar
Strange and ornate hat on
Cilandra speaks to the enchanted being tells us he is under the control of the holder of the Golden horn – in this case Aeriecie
He was summoned and now beholden to this plane
Whoever has the Horn on Atieeyeer has power over him-
This information gathered by impressive diplomacy of Cinandra

The engraved pillars of historic dwarves and their names made of wood and stone
We see a fearsome creature on top of the pyramid with leathery wings, honed and bumpy
Toothy maw and a long tongue
Sinewy tail with a wicked knob at the end of its tail that looks like a weapon in itself
A figure is on top – as a rider- wearing a leather cloak with feathers and a hard helmet
He is KAHZANAR the dragon rider
He threatens us but does not at first attack. KAHZANAR tells us there is no entry to the pyramid on this side that we have to go around.
We end up by 3 obsilisks with pictograms and cobblestones around them to 15 foot ceiling at the base of each one – tied to them are starving and sad looking near corpses- they are air cultist and do not want to be saved their devotion keeps them there.
Kazhanar flies back down from the top of the pyramid on the fearsome best and attacks us with a lightening shock – it is so powerful that the cultists are incinerated and sadly the 2 men we saved from the crow – creatures are now also dead.
We are all in battle :
Onyx shoots arrows
Cilandra created her ash cloud
Thogar throws a shatters
Persephone sends her eagles
Gunder lays hands onto the wounded
Raikon is ready
Onyx shoots arrows
The Eagles attack- we lose one
Thogar shoots upward
Onyx shoots arrows
We shot the WIZARD!!!
Who falls from the creature presumably into he inky moat water and the wyvern takes off…
We dust ourselves off full of energy from the defeat of the wizard…

And head into the pyramid – entering to the grand hall – 100 feet across with pillars depicting solemn dwarves
in the middle of the room around a large circled center
Levitating off the ground are 8 grey robed levitating cultists….

The Missing Caravan 1 29 2017
the air cult take down

1 29 2017
Present Cilandra , Gunder, Raikon, Thogar, Onyx, played- Persephone
We open on the scene – of the large room with two giant mechanical wheels being pushed by
5 sorry emaciated people encouraged by 2 hooded whip wielders

In his first act of attack – Raikion throws an immense spell down upon the room- it’s the first time thatwe see his magical might-
The spell sends out freezing ice and snow in blizzard conditions – our foes are at a great disadvantage blinded by the sleet and wind
The wizard whipper falls down while casting a spell

Earthfang came out for it s ability to blind sight and Thogar gets to work.

The indentured servant sorry men it appears do not want to be saved rather win their weakened state when commanded attempt to strike us- with weak fists
Onyx and Gunder rebuff the weak attacks with non-lethal schmapping
One wizard close to death pressed up against the wall with a huge gash in him

Cilandra interrogates his mind;
claims his continued allegiance to Ah rere cee- Air ee cee –
Asks who does he fear and he says Kazhanar
Says he is in service to Yancy bin and to leave the “ slave” cultist to themselves- they choose their servitude.
Raikon finishes him off with a fireball.

We move on from the strangeness of the willing and weak servants to another room-
This one had frescos of dwarves in and artistic and elaborate big scene – pocked and pitted masonry showing the former glory of what may have been a holy room looted
The alter steps show signs of gems and stones removed

We see upon the altar
The strange sight of humanoid bodies with stocky 5 foot or so flightless birds like crowns with bird feet and hands managing 3 humans who are bound and shacked and on closer look appears that these creatures are torturing them.
Gunder angered and inspired by the desecration of the dwarven temple exerts a furious assault on the torturer bird man

Cinlandra invokes the scroll of Maximillians shocking grip a large hand coming from the ground and reaching up against our foes.
“Fetish birds have bird fetishes”
The Caw caw-cacophony occurs when these bird entities repeat each other –
WE attack again- Onyx gets 2 birds with one sword!
Gunder emoted “ Crows are stupid which they repeat “ and we battle them to their death

Saved; BERO – Concerned about his wife NARISE who had been taken below – This couple were country folk, tending to the field when they were taken
ARWIG- And UMULF who died they were travelers having drinks in YARTAR when they were taken.-
“My friends are all gone” ARWIG laments…..

The Missing Caravan 1 22 2017
The Air cult

1- 22- 2017
Present Cilandra, Persephone, Gunder, Thogar, Daikon and Onyx
In the lair of the birdmen we begin- devising a plan as to how to undermine the air cult.
In the skies the continued strange weather-
Churning, roiling and humid air around clouds, wind and strange lightening.

We decide with the blessings of the birdmen from another plane to accept their offer to take us to the known entry point of the Air cults under ground lair.
After sharing knowledge and much appreciation – they agree to take is all in an air flight convoy-
We are buffeted by the strange winds and held fast by the birdmen seeing below is the landscape –
Noticing some movement and a campfire below and travelling along the river – all the while keeping a low profile – we are brought down to Knife point gully and see to the e left a clearing for a safe descent
We say or farewells and a deal is stuck that should the bird men still be near we could summon them by Cilandras trusted familiar to retrieve us from this point
Without hesitation we see the entrance and make our way into the dip – water is also streaming gout of this cave entry

We make our way down – the trail becoming dark and dipping- easy to slip – and soon are buffeted by a very strong wind as we try to make our way down further.
( need a +2 comb of stylin)
We see then what is likely the source of this abrasive wind- 2 robed individuals- who throw another wind spell upon us – hard wind pushing us away
We persist – they have moved on…
Continuing to traverse – rough and steep steps downward for what feels like miles deep- finally the stairway flattens out.

We see an immense chasm with darkness surrounding. Majestic dwarves ruins – the ceiling glitters with an eerie beauty.
We make our way to a plaza littered with broken statues – At the far edge of a cliff the shape of a large steppe pyramid maybe 90 feet tall with a moat full of dark water surrounding it. A waterfall cascades over a precipice.
We hear the unnerving sounds of a cacophony of bad music and shrieking creatures – (Enhanced by our Dm’s mega mix) the volume increases as we go deeper it-
It is discordant and persistent
We pass what could best be described as a murder hold French fry passage without incident- luckily without incident.

The door we come to first – with the music at its loudest is a central pivot door-
Entering the room we find the source of the discordance- 6 humanoids in feathered robes playing flutes around a fountain which has dwarves playing instruments on it

They finally notice our wild eyed gawking and Cilandra begins talking to them-
They are form Wind harrow- known as “ The Wind Weirds “ The Minstrels Who Entertain the Royal Court
We are all grateful for the talking over the “music”
Atop the tower – they are Areriecie’s entertainment and are summoned by “ The will of the Wind”

They tried to get us to audition- Persephone who can actually play a flute brings hers out my ch to the delight of the Head Wind Weird, Windharrow.
Cilandra asks to play one of their flutes and realizes it is made of bone!

We decide to depart- amicably – except that when we do , they begin to play the awful tunes once again.
Shutting the door as quickly as we could we head through another door- and see shards, rubble and broken pottery .
It appears to be living quarters with 4 crude cots and a table.
We encounter a robed magic used in his bunk- Onyx restrains his arms and quizzes him- all answers ar in support of the air cult- irrational to us in their fervent beliefs and another robed magic user comes in and turns into a gaseous vapor
Cilandra uses dispel magic and he re materializes and falls to the ground-
He is slain and then Onyx snaps the neck of the other .

By way of another dark hallway 40 foot long to another doorway with a pivot door-
Thogar checks for traps and
We enter another room- this is a huge room with massive pillars with stone crossbeams
Giant wheels with spokes like a wheel – 5 sorry people per wheel – gaunt and emaciated – are pushing the wheels and there are hooded slaves with whips.

The Missing Caravan 1 17 2017
The Bird men from another plane!

Present: Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played: Thogar and Persephone

We began with a recant of the events which lead us to the top of the Sire of the AIR CULT;

The Leader, THURL of the AIR CULT had us out numbered a the top of the spire.

He addressed us with gleeful force; “We in service of the Mighty YANCY BIN and we thank you for stopping the growth of Ogremach and will feast in your honor – with great regret we will be drinking from your skulls after we retrieve them from the bottom of the tower! The Prince of Elemental Air – the HOWLING HATRED
“Yes we knew you were coming back and we will now revel and drink to our good fortune.,
I see you have EARTH FANG the mighty weapon although someone with your tribal trappings is not fit to wield it” – said to THOGAR

We are reminded how we are saved by the BIRD MEN Gunder, Onyx and Daikon in mid fall- Thogar reluctantly – and carried and flown … while Cilandra flies by spell and Persephone turned into a giant spider allowing her to make it down safely.

The flight was heart pounding- travelling abound hoodoos and through caverns with strong wind in our faces being stung by the drops of rain. Whisked past a wall of granite deftly we enter into a large fissure – as a land mark there is a large tree on the side of the cliff.
Despite the rapid flight and strength of our winged allies they touch down gently into a dimly lit cavern. There are jagged rocks overhead and strange swirling pattern son the floor. A small fire buns in a brazier in the middle of the cave… Misty ground on the earth.

Cilandra casts the comprehend language spell and soon are communicating with the leader of the BIRD MEN-
5-6 feet tall – strong and winged- with arms and hands and taloned feet.
CROCATOC Has been aware of or group for a long time and saw the hunt with the AIR PEOPLE and Gunder and Tyion.- “Hunting the Spiky Beast”
There are a total of 7 BIRD MEN- 3 are missing from their rescue attempt
Around the lair are rudimentary but effective weapons- mostly spears,.
The camp is not sophisticated, but orderly.
CROCATOC continues – Tells us the BIRD MEN are form the Elemental Plane of air and sent here to monitor the growing strength and questionable activities of t “THE HOWLING HATRED” – Their excursion is the investigate and correct problems..The situation is dire and the Elements are in chaos.

We discuss the weapons of the cults with our understanding growing- 4 distinct cults and four deadly weapons that may be affecting the very fabric of this world.

WINDAVANE is the weapon of the air cult- It is a wicked spear in appearance with dangerous power created By Yancy Bin currently in the hand of ARIECIE- Who must be MARLOS’ equivalent to the air people- she is currently not in the tower to the knowledge of CROCATOC.

The weapon comes from the ELEMENTAL PLANE OF AIR-

The Brazier is the connection portal to their plane and we are all amazed to meet the birdmen and see evidence of our growing awareness of the existence of the outer planes-as previously discussed as rumor and then by way of Cilandra’s reading.

We decide to team up with the BIRDMEN to find their fallen and Persephone- Pikatoo is out looking for Persephone who is still a giant spider- creeping around and observing a riderless giant vulture poking around the pits which are littered with what she presumes are the discards of unlucky people tossed from the to p of the spire.

She observes red hawks – Blood hawks gathering ominously in a pack mentality

We must watch out for Griffins, Cultists , dog people and other dangers.
When Cilandra and Gunder go out with the BIRDMEN on the look out for their fallen comrades we find and heal one of the missing – 2 cannot be saved- and Arrows are shot from along the river at the search party.

Reunited back the the BIRDMEN’s lair- we decide to take a rest and go out at daybreak to the underground entrance to the spire- as we realize there is certainly component to the above ground tower. Everyone expresses their resolve to work for the ending of this cult.
“your cause is our cause”
The discussion out of earshot of THOGAR is that the time for EARTH FANG to be removed from him is drawing near-
this weapon is corrupting him-
is powerful yet loud in execution-
is immediately a sign to potential allies that we are not to be trusted and worst of all – may be continuing under his use to the collapse of the earth we live on, –
as in sinkholes are still coming up around us even after the death of MARLOS.
If this is the case we need to figure out how to disarm or keep safe this weapon before planning to remove EARTH FANG from THOGAR

Notes- the FLOATING FORGING WOMAN_ from he EARTH CULT dungeon- is she from an elemental plane? forger of magic weapons?

The BIRD MEN allow us to go through their lost and found chest- items they " have no need for" and say “Take what we need”
we take a gem and some coin as well as a POTION OF NECROMANCY
Onyx takes an Onion.

The Missing Caravan
Enter the Birdmen

Happy New Year!~

In attendance:
Thogar, Persephone, Onyx, c, Enter Raikon (WELCOME!)
played for Gunder

We begin running toward Red Larch to find out the loud explosion and whooshing sounds followed by screams and shouts.. We had last heard of a strange incident from townsfolk leaving Red Larch in a merchant cart- That there were some hooded and solemn people wearing cloaks bearing a familiar symbol of what we describe as the water cult heading to town bearing a box upon poles- could this be the famed weapon of the Water people- “Drown?”

As we approach the water damage is evident and we find ourselves trudging though shin deep water through the town that has been flooded. People are dazed and livestock moved around-
We make our way to the Swinging Sword to talk to our original ally from the Caravan , BRUNDENTHAL – when we arrive to the tavern, JAYLESSA the proprietor tells us of the sudden loud din and rush of water

With worry and disbelief we are informed that these water cultist came to the middle of town, put he box they had been carrying down and began chanting. The box and their robes than started to glow. The box emitted a floating blue ball which began pulsating and exploded in huge torrents of water eclipsing all people for a while in a flood of water.
((Cilandra- “Water balloon to the extreme”))

We wade though the flooded room moving furniture aside to get up to BRUNDENTHAL’s quarters- With him in the room is a robed man we come to know as the wizard, RAIKON.

We ask BRUNDENTHAL to tell us about the incident – we are recommended to talk to CONSTABLE COSTALAMAR- there are some suspicions as to the connection to THE BELIEVERS
As well Gunder tells him about our request from the Lich, RENWICK CARADOON who has the missing knight’s body from the caravan , NARL ERLACH , KNIGHT OF THE TEAR who was killed the the Spine of the Earth in battle and destined to be interred with honor at summit hall. RENWICK’s request is for us to acquire his brother’s remains from Summit Hall in exchange for those of the knight NARL ERLACH . We have determined the (EARTH) cultists had taken the body form the caravan.

His brother is SAMOLAR CARADOONDEFENDER OF THE NORTH” who has been at summit hall for centuries! And from whom the KNIGHTS OF CARADOON are named.
We learn that our lich friend/inkeeper RENWICK is a mage/wizard of great power who was driven mad and used his dark power to make himself eternal.

BRUNDENTHAL expresses to Gunder separately, his grave concern that Thogar has in his possession and wields publicly, the War Pick -Earth Fang indeed the great weapon of power of the EARTH CULT. Informing all of our creeping suspicions that the weapon is powerful, dangerous and evil – having potentially destructive and lasting effects on the one who wields it.

Acquainting us to DAIKON the wizard – 30 years old with no beard, who wants to join our fight, we all introduce ourselves-
In their own words-
CILANDRA Sad goth punk with dark eyes and pointy ears- tall- wears clothing found along the way- stone cloak, fire braces, and lovely leather armor
THOGAR a barbarian human with flowing hair, tall and muscular with no pants who speaks in the 3rd person of himself and yes, carries the war pick –
PERSEPHONE- Is a half elf who jumps out of the woods 5 ’11’’ in height who wears leather never metal and talks to herself she also has some nice jewelry from our findings
ONYX is a half orc fighter – more human than orc who is a smithing enthusiast and isn’t concerned about being pretty because she’s strong.

Looking for some supplies and possibly healing potions Onyx leads the team to VALLIRO sundries shop- in the nick of time too, because after finding the shop empty she calls out and hears a faint reply – saving VALLIRO from certain death as the magical flood rendered him impaled by his own items-

Reluctantly paying full price for one of the missing books from the caravan – sold to him by a traveler – human with dark hair and robes- a boat skipper-? to return to BRUNDENTHAL – Onyx reminds VALLIRO of her saving him .

We did not find out he fate of the crumble cake bakery- but wet cakes are now known as GRUMPLE SPONGES – yuk.

We head out to the AIR CULT resolved to take them down…. as we are still in search of the following caravan delegates:
RHUNDORTH_ dwarf- and Gunder’s friend
TERECIEL- elf from the golden field and Persephone’s friend
DESENIA- a female ( human?) we believe to be a prison in the AIR CULT’s spire.

Making an uneventful journey to a familiar place the hold of the Air cult- after not answering the ringing bell on the second ring the gate comes down and we are brought in by SABRA and 2 cultists with masks. They take us to the top of the spire where we are greeted menacingly by THURL and many AIR CULTISTS who surround us and attempt to grab us and are mostly successful – other cultists ride the large vultures above. With success and a quickness THURL decides to hurl us over the edge of the Spire – some easier than others- as he proclaims
:Feel the elemental Power of YANCY BIN!!"

Cilandra first- who uses a spell to fly –
then Persephone – who turns into a giant spider
Gunder wont be thrown – he wriggles away and jumps thinking he would try Misty step…
Onyx fights but is then sent over the edge and attempt to pull out her rope-
Raikon is thrown as well.
Thogar remains and is beginning to rage-
Those without spells resign to their fate when suddenly-

Their bodies are caught in mid fall – miraculously by humanoid bird men –
The distinctive leader of the bird men who speaks in broken common- goes in to rescue Thogar- and we are all head away from the spire much to the chagrin of THURL -

Persephone is attempting to find a birdman who has fallen who is still alive- try to heal them to get back with the team and Cilandra sends Pikatoo to find Persephone- ( will have to be after she turns back into an elf)
… stay tuned!

Don't touch the stone statues!

Dec 4 2016
in attendance;
and the 2 rescued Red Larchians ( Bearing lantern for THOGAR and eating from a cheese wheel) HELLUM- &

We begin waking from a Long Rest in the Motel 666- The room of Powerful Lich RENWICK CARADOON secretly hidden in the Earth Cult’s co opted Monastery.

RENWICK CARADOON wants us to bring back the body of his brother the knight SAMOLAR CARADOON – from his ancient internment at SUMMIT HALL

We recall the reason for all of these discoveries revisiting the origin of the missing caravan mission – gone missing on its way to Summit Hall.
meeting GUNDER and TYION -
the caravan was carrying:
Delegates some who have gone missing as well…
some of whom have been confirmed as being taken by
AIR CULTISTS: TERECIEL- friend to Persephone
WATER CULT: DESENA – female… in waterdeep?
………..??: RHUNDORTH _ friend to Gunder and Blacksmith
Dwarven manuscripts
Elves from Goldenfields
The Body of Knight of the Tear,
and secretly: @ very powerful weapons we now know are ties to the ELEMENTAL CULTS

AIR CULT- Windvane- was taken from caravan
EARTH CULT- Earth Fang- was taken from the caravan is now in the possession of THOGAR
FIRE CULT – Tinder strike- we assume that cult has the weapon at present
WATER CULT – Drown – we assume that cult has the weapon at present

we believe that the water cult has journals and manuscripts from the caravan

Leaving REWICK CARADOON’s quarters we head to the west wing with renewed energy to intentionally clear and sweep the Stone people’s monastery.

We see a room with piles or armor and arms with a fire still going but no signs of life
Next stop the mess hall- Windows let in some light
We grab some food and GUNDER recognizes some symbols labeled on the chest and crates as the Costern of Mirabar.
We see stockrooms and the pantry.
Walking by the familiar front doors where we were attached ages ago, the next stop is the Great Hall – where the pit is and copper double doors
we see the familiar triangle with point facing up like a pyramid etched on the wall

Seeing this defacement angers GUNDER who informs us that this was originally built by Dwarves as the “Shrine of Moradin”

The walled garden seems to be the last part of the Monastery that we have not yet cleared.
We come across familiar statuary- a variety of seemingly frozen adventurers of different races and persuasions- a small halfling, religious human in armor, an half orc and an elf.

The frozen figures are looking very similar to the work of MARLOS UNRAYLE, defeated Earth Prophet. Also in the garden are the life sized and grotesque winged bat men creatures.

and – lo and behold! The Gargoyles come to life and attack us-
The battle rages and thanks to SOLANDRA’s blinding ash spell as well as party magic such as eldridge blast, bless and magic missiles – as well as some good old sword chops,

It is determined that we have eliminated all foes of the Earth Cult from this co opted keep –
and before heading to Red Larch to return the prisoners, we wanted to investigate what we thin may be a connected underground pathway to one of the other cults…

So we head away from the keep, and back down below
passing the gargoyle bridge and the broken statue a dark rough pathway- takes about a half hour to get to the new area-
The pathway gets more well hewn
SOLANDRA sends SLINKY ahead to investigate what lies ahead.
she is " in sync with slinky" ( hee)
we begin to smell a sulfuric and at once musky smell- A funny fire aroma
SLINKY reports a vaulted ceiling alcoves in a big hall like a cross
there is debris and dark stains on the floor – as well the cobbles are cracked and broken with scorch marks
Slinky reports there is some kind of serpent creature lurking in one of the alcoves
we decide this is not a battle for the present moment – and return to the surface
the sulfur and fire fumes make us think this may be a link to the fire cult.

The plan now is to head to Red Larch, returning the prisoners to safety we sleep overnight and wake up to a rain storm, humid temperatures and ominous and strange green clouds.

Approaching Red Larch we come across some townsfolk merchants in a cart from Red Larch who tell us of a strange encounter they had seeing some hooded and solemn people wearing cloaks bearing a familiar symbol of what we describe as the water cult heading to town bearing a box upon poles headed to Red Larch….

and then we hear- Kaboom!!!


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