Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

FIRE CULT - Enter the Forge
Should have Scooby - dooed

July 28, 2018

CILANDRA checks the cells with ONYX as the guard
CILANDRA starts to understand that the books in the rooms are entries of the taking in and out of prisoners. Journals and work manifests

The AZERS are restless –
ONYX gives a fire gem from her pouch to the lead AZER in an attempt to communicate the concept of fighting with us.
But he does seem to like the gem, but there is not a disernable change in understanding.

We try to figure out how to deal with the real and present danger in the forge…Are going to try and Scooby doo around the room?
GUNDER suggests using our physical map to show the AZERS the room- this proves to be a great idea!
The AZER indicates the forge and that- “we work and others work here”- pointing to the symbols on the map
They say the word EFREET – an gesture a large being and mean face – A super evil elemental genie?
ONYX uses rocks and mocks a room up in the floor as to try and figure out what is happening with their buddies in the big room
We decide that we are going to try to enter the forge, help the AZERS free their kin
And the plan is to go in in disguise with the AZERS as prisoners going to switch up with the others

CILANDRA disguises herself as the fire person – MR BURNS

ONYX goes back to the room of the fallen fire fighter and grabs 4 swords to ARM the AZERS
We practice with the AZERS using un locked manacles and weapons hidden behind their backs as a fake out
The AZER share the plan with the others

With great trepidation….
CILANDRA in disguise, and AZERS and RAIKON still in fire robe up front
ONYX and GUNDER in the back with AZERS and new ZOMBIE

Two of the AZERS names are RIDRIS and GRSH

100 feet north- south the room is divided by a lava flow
Noise of forging and sputtering fire with light heat issues out
Funnels of lava in troughs – Imagine a huge, hot lava filled room where everyone is on fire
Heat simmering —smoke and steam and a very large ceiling
Another staircase smaller passage to the east rough hewn
Such intense heat – drying out our eyes
Forges in the middle all manned by 3 AZERS and one SALAMANDER
Familiar armoured guys are there with heavy plate armor

Bearing down on us is one wearing memorable armor- a center chest plate like a burning heart and a huge flaming spear- a formidable foe

In this forge: 3 humans-
2 in heavy armor and flaming scimitars
1 is the extra challenging fire heart with a huge spear
3 AZERS enslaved
1 SALAMANDER slave from another plane and…..
1 EFREET A frightening floating fiery evil being the size of a bus floating above and keeping the AZERS and Salamanders working with violent abuses

One of the guards steps away from the wall;
GUARD : “Stop it is not time yet- why have you brought them down”
The EFREET clubs one of the AZERS back to work – forging weapons of fire
GUARD : “Why have you bright them here- “
CILANDRA : “Inspection Paperwork -new slaves”
And it is at this point that our ruse is discovered and the wise suggestion to not enter with swords drawn ie: avoid this room , is now in the past

ONYX attacks first- one of the guards
She deals a CRITICAL with 37 damage
FIRE HEART attacks
ONYX gets stabbed and burned
SALAMANDER goes to the back wall and is watching
Flaming scimitar GUARD lunges and the SALAMANDER who shrieks and sound
All AZERS go to attack the EFREET

CILANDRA casts a spell- designed to dispel the EFREET to another dimension. With the size- power, fury and magical abilities of this giant, nasty floating powerhouse our very lives depend on CILANDRA and her

And POP – the most satisfying sound!
She banished the EFREET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZOMBIE ambles over to help ONYX attack the guard and clubs him
RAIKON shoots a RAY OF FROST at the guard

AZERS now all gather en masse to attack the SALAMANDER – what a sight ! These fiery yoked men from another plane attacking a writing shrieking fire lizard –
Answering that question- are FIRE SALAMANDERS to be trusted? Not if you are an AZER!

GUNDER issues a BANE
One of the guards is BANED
ONYX is stabbed with the flame sword and dodges the other attack but still- ow!
The ZOMBIE is attacked
ONYX is feeling woozy- pops the potion of healing from Sholar
Then hits and uses an action surge and kills one of the GUARDS KILT!

SALAMANDER hissing and undulating and still under attack by all of the AZERS

GUNDER gets spear stabbed by the FIRE HEART
2nd GUARD BANED – has him hit once and then twice
GUNDER pulls out a pouch with iron shavings and other magic and issues a HOLD PERSON and Holds FLAME HEART!
ONYX takes a slash with talon at the other GUARD and hits

RAIKON takes terrible hits and as our DM says, “other than the fact that you are severely injured, you’re ok”
ZOMBIE thwacks guard
ONYX is hit and then the GUARD’s flaming sword peters out – ONYX is in bad shape
DISENGAGE move with a full action

Yay GUNDER messing with space time continuum for that nasty dude!
ONYX double miss!
ZOMBIE also misses
ONYX gets knocked down and gets up again with her …Relentless Endurance
RAIKON uses a Healing kit on ONYX thank you kind wizard!
Drinks potion of fire resistance from THOGAR
Fizzy bubbles gills on neck and salty taste
GUNDER is stepping backwards – about 55 feet – and thankfully still HOLDing GUARD
RAIKON and ZOMBIE by the second forge
CILANDRA continues concentrating!!
Ready action – all protecting CILANDRA
A few more rounds for banishments
ONYX -2nd wind hanging in there protecting CILANDRA supporting the banishment
AZERS are still attacking the SALAMANDERS

holy crap!

FIRE CULT are not nice people
Fight fire with a zombie on firee

July 22,2018

MR BURNS in the room blasts our Duraflame Rob Zomb Hob Gob

MR BURNS 2 in the Hallway conjures a CONE OF FIRE at GUNDER and ONYX

GUNDER gets the bruntof it. With an athletic duck down ONYX dodges the Fire- ing
RAIKON casts a frigid beam of Blue light- RAY OF FROST at h MR BURNS in the room hitting hard and causing damage and slowed speed

ONYX hits a Crit and 34 damage to MR BURNS 2

GUNDER also hits a critical and with his mighty hammer and golf like smack down with a buildup of momentum kills the 2nd ARMORED FIRE CULTIST in the hallway his body in death blow flings down the stairs


MR BURNS throws down some magic on the floor- a Prism of colors erupts with pretty colors and lights effectively immobilizing RAIKON and GUNDER in a hallucinatory aura tripping in swirly lights

MR BURNS 2 in the hallway now takes the opportunity to bathe himself in fire become the familiar and deadly human torch. With his fire the hallway lights up

ONYX is angered by his human bonfire and hits him with 2 solid hits- although when she strikes with Talon she gets burned in return with searing pain as flames travel up her arms

The AZER moves to the top of the stairs

CILANDRA is not shook by the trippy lights and she casts BLIGHT on MR BURNS Save 8 Necrotic damage and heads up a huge amount of damage and successfully douses him! KILT
His flesh is eating away and flames go higher- He seems to be in agonizing pain from her spell -and his torch flames seem to keep burning

CILANDRA hold her amulet eye and the acrid nastiness malodorous cloud of her CURNEL spell gets sucked back into the eye. Thankfully the smell dissipates

ZOMBIE continues to beat on the torch corpse of MR BURNS

GUNDER and RAIKON are color stoned

MR BURNS 2 in his fiery form uses his hands to create an orb of fire which grows bigger to the size of a bowling ball which he then hurls towards GUNDER and ONYX laughing evilly – ( Cracking and cackling)

ONYX is burned terribly from this fireball and GUNDER is knocked off his feet and blown to the back of the room and his world goes dark…

Surprisingly , MR BURNS 2 is now dead on the ground a burning pile of his former self

ONYX looks in the room and sees a figure slumped against the wall a crumpled GUNDER.
ONYX rushes over and administer the potion of healing she was holding that GUNDER ironically found from the hobgoblin captains box in this very room – after tilting his head back and helping the potion to greet him GUNDER returns to the world with a gasp

GUNDER holds his religious symbol and asks his spiritual leaded TORN, God of War for recognition – saying prayers and as he does the ruddy color of his skin returns and wounds begin to heal burns begin to become less raw. GUNDER is back!

THE AZER looks around and starts running down the stairs

CILANDRA pays attention and helps RAIKON snap out of the spell by shaking him

ONYX searches the bodies left – regarding but not touching MR BURNS- despite her interest in his goggles she is not willing to touch the flaming body seeing that pretty much anything of values is now melted or very hot.

Of the 2 armored fighters- noting to cull

SLINKY continues down the hall by direction of CILANDRA we could use some information of the forge and it’s worrisome inhabitants. The fire is bright and the banging and clanging of metal come from there. As the AZER heads down the passage way with the cells, we can see the light from his naturally combustible self

RAIKON uses a healer’s kit to help ONYX and GUNDER restoring some much needed health for them.

CILANDRA casts detect magic as we leave this room the scene of 2 big battles and goes toward the AZER and cells
In the first room where the first Wretchy Armed fire cultist was she finds:
A pouch
an interesting tool made of silver
a silver whistle
and quill and scroll all of which she puts into her pack

We have a lively conversation about the concept of what one can detect in detect magic such as magical beings- from conception – Elves and Fey and others created through magic- ZOMBIEs or those charmed and more about ZOMBOLOGY in the game

GUNDER goes down the hall to the AZERS _The one who was with us is opening the cell cages for the others GUNDER bows and opens his arms to the AZER that had been with us-
The AZER regards him GUNDER holds up a finger and gives him a maul.

CILANDRA with Comprehend languages picks up on the AZER wanting to escape with his people and that there is some understanding form the AZER that we are not against them.

RAIKON meanwhile raises from the dead the second ARMORED fire cultist as a new Zombie to help us in the fight. We chose the second one with less guts showing!

Where are you now?
GUNDER behind CLINDRA and near the AZERS
RAIKON is with the ZOMBIE
ONYX is with the party who were attempting to lead the AZERS out to the surface
CILANDRA in hallway with AZERS

940 XP!!! added

FIRE CULT - Flaming Swords, Dwarves, Salamanders and cultists
Feel the heat

Sunday July 15 2018
We collect 565 xp from last game

A quick Teajava rendition of last week’s battling- thank you all for listening!

Our DM gives some clarifications:
BASTIANS directions to find VANIFER
He reveals; “The other people are not as strong (initiates) they are of little threat and useful, try not to kill them”
“Also avoid the stairs beyond the brazier with 2 of your kind” ( to GUNDER)
“There is nothing good down the stairs”
We will need to get past the work crew in the foundry – and a warning – “walking in with swords drawn may not be in your best interests”- ( something hot and bright)

We head out and get to a 4 way intersection – we are curious about a bank of rooms on the map that look like possible cells broken at regular intervals by doors about 15 feet apart the entire cell block may be about 80 feet long
Staying stealthy and close to the edge peeking his head around, SLINKY gives us a snakes eye view of the surroundings via his pal CILANDRA

1 cell has a bed and desk and tapestry with fire cult bowl symbol a metal armored fire cultist is reading in there
2 similarly adorned room has another fire cultist this one wears leather pants and a tunic and is going through supplies and items
3 another leather armored fire cultist is reading.
More cells: There are rooms much less adorned straw on the ground and a refuse bucket
Slinky keeps observing
3rd room to the north had large snake like creature in it with a reddish glow and yellow belly with a red black spine crest fire might have arms locked inside. They have vaguely humanoid devilish faces long ears and yellow beady eyes
Another awful cell with a pot to piss in
Inside the room houses a familiar figure sitting against the back wall large stocky metallic grey looking fire bearded dwarf being- the AZER – 2 in each cell- they look as if they are imprisoned certainly by the spartan cell

So far the total of rooms and dwellers seen by slinky:
2 armored fire cultists
2 leather clad cultists with goggles and scars and burns – magic users???
4 snake like beings

What we know so far about AZERS they are elemental beings- that resemble dwarves master crafters and miners they live on the elemental plane between earth and fire they create masterworks made from gems on their plane
We encountered one most powerful back during burning druid festival at SCARLET MOON HALL tower

In the hallway hanging back out of view is GUNDER, ONYX and THE HOBGOB ZOMB
CILANDRA disguised as the Fire cultist go into the hall
One of the Armored Fire cultists says to her “HEY! Where are you going?”
(Dave: “Hay is for AZERS” Lolz)

CILANDRA: “We were sent by BASTIAN to get an AZER for VANIFER – by special request.
The Armored guy with leather britches wearing odd goggles is super scarred and has burns on body and face

RAIKON disguised at a fire cult magic user opens the door to the AZER’s cell. When less than 10 feet away one can feel they are very hot! Such other worldly heat their bodies emit.
One yanks the door open after RAIKON unlocks it.
The FIRE Cultist says “You better control them”

SALAMANDERS are from the SEA OF ASH the elemental plane and enslaved race by beings higher than them they generate heat by existing.They are SLAVES for the foundry

Salamander talk: Casting comprehend languages CILANDRA attempt to communicate with the wild fire lizards through telepathy she thinks she may be forging some understanding that they are being held captive and asking her for release.
CILANDA “If I come back and free you…. you will owe me”

Loud and Booming to the AZER, CILANDRA shouts, “Don’t get insolent walk ahead” the AZER stumbles back and moves ahead
But he moves fluidly and deliberately. CILANDRA attempts to push him faster, but woah so dense and heavy!
Meanwhile in the hallway

ONYX picks up zombie and goes up the stairs
GUNDER looks back
Sees legs standing there
CILANDRA walks to the other side of the room and casts CHARNEL STENCH- smell of the dead
It’s a sickening sphere of carrion and garbage stench so awful and pungent like death
Constitution is affected and those in the cloud have a disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks
It’s a ritual from the eye and has a horrible way that the rotten smell exudes
It’s a successful surprise attack as the Fire cultists really weren’t sure what to expect
The 2 cultist’s eyes water and start to wretch and heave
ZOG is on the way

Initiate initiave time
1 baddie Stabilizes : Goggle guy aka MR BURNS crosses his hands and makes himself into a human torch!!!
RAIKON exacts upon him a RAY OF FROST, And does not quite get a chance to douse the flame
ONYX shoots some arrows from the entry way at the armored fighter retching in the orb of CHARNEL STENCH and awh shucks, misses (that stinks)
CILANDRA has the sickening mist all around her

GUNDER uses his mighty hammer chucking it deftly from his perch and hits hard 2 times!


Armored guy is still sick and suffering yet has the wherewith all to… Attack GUNDER with his flaming sword and GUNDER successfully parries the attack

AZER just observes the fighting without taking action
CILANDRA moves to a corner and the stanky orb relocates as her orbit
CILDNARA ELDRICH BLASTS and both hit her target, MR BURNS
ZOMBIE attacks wretch RETCH armored fire cultist – ZOMB swings and hits him with some damage
MR BURNS fire cultist fires up some extra fire and is now burning bright with a blue hue
RAIKON hits MR BURNS with his RAY OF FROST and hits and staggers him his fiery aura seems affected by the blast

ONYX hits RETCHY with TALON hard- he is hit and retching some more
GUNDER hurls hammer and misses but deflects with his shielding
- With his side eye for the dwarf guy he spies down the hall
RETCHING fire cultist hits GUNDER once misses on the two
The AZER moves out of the stinky orb and keeps watching with interest

MR BURNS casts his hands out and flames shoot down targeting out HOBGOBZOMB and engulfs him in flames the ZOMBIE goes down
RAIKON magic missiles to MR BURNS and RETCHY and suddenly his wand grows so hot in his hand he has to drop it to the ground

ONYX is furious and deals a Critical hit! On RETCHY– Her sword goes down hard and pushes into his clavicle busts open his sternum he pukes one last time. She puts her boot on him pulling out the sword and wiping it on his cape
GUNDER crits! And gets 2 solid hits Kapow Kapow!
But oh oh – Here comes a new ARMORED CULTIST from the cell block and he pulls out his sword which alights in flame and hits GUNDER back exacting some damage
CILANDRA on a hot streak ELDRICH BLASTS again with some good damage
HOBGOBZOMB is till following RAIKON’S orders to fight for us despite his sad shape- musters whatever he has left and attempts to figt fire with dead fire and a swing and a miss!
He then falls and flails and twitches
ONYX- goes to the new threat and whacks the new potential human torch guy a couple times- prior to him erupting in flame….
GUNDER attacks annnndd….misses receiving some retaliatory hits in return
CILANDRA works out an ELDRICH BLAST and targets MR BURNS with two solid zaps

Where are you right now?
HOBGOBZOB still fighting for us! Goes towards torchy to get up in his biz
GUNDER at the first landing is focused on fighting the Armored FIRE CULTIST
RAIKON is in the upper corner of the room across from the CHARNEL STENCH Orb
CILANDRA is in the NE corner casting her stanch!!
ONYX is battling the Burend snad scarred man in leather with goggles and she growls Ito him “ I want your goggles from your dead head”

QUESTION : Do Orphaned zombies go back to their previous state?

FIRE CULT Takedown Getdown

D and D
July 7, 2018
Where we left off- a conflict a brewin-
Guys in bunks get up and are putting on their armor
The door to the south opens up
CILANDRA with her crafty ways gets a surprise attack and her eyes turn white and she creates power for an ELDRICH BLAST
She targets a “fire fighter” ( ha) at the table and has a good and shocking hit
RAIKON in his fire cult disguise also gets a surprise hit and doles out 3 magic missiles – shoots one at each of the fighters at the table. pew pew pew!
Roll initiave !
GUNDER throws his thrower of throwiness at the fighter with the spear
ONYX attempts a hit on a fighter at the table – and ends up missing the fighters (Clatter splatter) – knocking plates and cups off the table and cuts one of the dudes potatoes in half!
Now the fire cult-
The guy on the left of ONYX pulls out a blade and it immediately alights in flames and he scores a bad crit on ONYX getting her in the arm with his sword and it burns terribly
Fire cultist with a spear misses ONYX twice ( pshew)
Fire cultist #3 with a flaming sword takes a hit at GUNDER and hits him – ow!
CILANDRA attacks with a spell – TENACIOUS BLADE- which she successfully does cast- a hand blackens and creates a psychic dagger with a jagged edge which she successfully plunges into the cultist the effect is of a broken blade sunk into their flesh that continues to cause necrotic and piercing damage and a negative effect to the movement of the target
CILANDRA likes making things fester!

RAIKON emits a ray of frost which unfortunately misses
Then another figure comes out to the open door

This man is a wiry tall well-appointed person with red skin and some movement in his skin as if it was incendiary- like blackened coal and embers swirling around like the obsidian pillars and a majestic flowing mane of hair that appears to be just like fire
GUNDER takes a hit at one cultist attacking CILANDRA
ONYX take 2 hits and one of two is good and kills one-
Uses her ACTION SURGE as a bonus and misses
ONYX dodges some attacks and takes some hits
GUNDER misses an arrow shot at him by another fighter in the room but gets stabbed and poked with a flaming spear and continues to protect CILANDRA
CILANDRA misses an arrow shot at her and then attacks with a cloud of gas
RAIKON wanted to cast animate dead on the fighter ONYX killed but he cannot as we realize the spell needs one minute to zombie-fest
So instead
RAIKON shoots an ACID ARROW he missed a direct hit at 16 but got 2 D 4 damage – smoke and sizzling discomfort and some damage to the cultist
FLAMING HAIR DUDE disappears and then reappears in another part of the room
GUNDER does 19 and 22 with his hammer – KILT – another one!
Then the Robed magic user figures who had been standing quietly in the back of the room
until now ! They raise their hands forming flames which shoots out and across the room at all of us
ONYX hair is singed RAIKON gets singed in the robe and beard
ONYX enraged by the fire musters her strength and hits with a brutal crit and cuts one sword guy down with 44 damage !! KILT!
Then she gets to attack the spear guy for more damage
Predictably she is then attacked by the spear and now has some pretty serious bleeding wounds
CILANDRA gets hit by the crossbow
CILANDRA attacks Crossbow guy Blasts him back with 2X eldritch blast
RAIKON lets loose his signature Fireball with 32 damage- and despite the baddies affiliation and affinity to fire they still were victim to his attack with crispy burnt body flesh
The Fire guy is clapping and laughing – and then casts some magic-
A Massive wall of flames erupts from floor to ceiling and forms an imprisoning ring around us extending and including a possible escape route to the passage way
The fire is certainly hot and at the same time it’s translucency allows us to see through it

The Red man asks: “ Have you enough???? Why are you here”
During this time GUNDER lays on hands and provides ONXY with 35 healing hit points
From our Fire prison
CILANDRA says – “Our silence is because we are awestruck by you” and “We want to know more about you, BASTIAN” (as we figured this must be the man in charge who was being referred to)
At some point CILANDRA goes into communication with BASTIAN psychically so that they are the only ones who can hear the conversation –
CILANDRA- : “We have a common enemy- I seek VANIFER- I see her face more and more and she is responsible for the death of my friends and family. She speaks to me to be better than I am- and uses TINDERSTRIKE – to destroy and create followers through mutual hatred
Bastian, you don’t know me – Where does your power come from? You power is other worldly
BASTIAN: “the power to wield TINDERSTRIKE is only for one that is with the flame ! Rites and rituals do not guarantee success with TINDERSTRIKE
The fire emanating from his skin glows hotter – and he and laughs
BASTIAN makes the flame ring grow hotter brighter and closer with his impassioned answers
CILANDRA: “Perhaps we can be of help to you BASTIAN”
BASTIAN: “GO to VANIFER – defeat her- get TINDER STRIKE from her and bring it to me. You do this and you will experience power not yet seen- The power from PRINCE IMIX. DO not use it as a weapon – return TINDERSTIKE to me show loyalty in the name of the ETERNAL FLAME. We will use it against THE CRUSING WAVE! Let us join forces and have the flames shine brighter than ever!
BASTIAN lets the firewall down and the FIRECULTISTS who are still alive disperse and do not attack
BASTIAN: “In the South of the Dungeon Cross the Chasm past the stairs continue to the large room pass the sleeping mats and pallets
Be careful there will be others on the lower leave you will find them weaker than my men
From that room go EAST to VANIFERs lair if she’s’ not there she has gone below to the NODE OF FIRE
to where the large red floating woman was overseeing forging-
there is a small platform you can ride-
To use it the commands re ; EMBER to rise and ASH to fall”
ONYX asks BASTIAN if we can use his name in the battles to come and with his hubris he cares not who knows his desire to overthrow VANIFER
The magic users with BASTIAN have flaming robes and fiery eyes- ( LAVA-jamas – ha ha )
“Thanks for the directions, BASTIAN we will recoup and go forward – “
Note to your writer- find the text for the inscription on the casket in our room of rest
We take a short rest- restoring hit points collecting ourselves and planning spells RAIKON raises a HOBGOBLIN from the dead to use as a Zombie fighter – and we are ready from next thing!

GUNDER follows TORM the god of war allowing for the ethical question of raising the dead in NECROMANCY to serve as a fighter- as in “All’s fair in LOVE and WAR

Back to Scarlet Moon Hall again
Fired up, we really mean it this time!

July 1 2018
We are finally back!
Gunder, Raikon, Cilandra, Onyx
We begin with a recap of our last adventure which included a retell of the
Dream that we all shared of being overwhelmed in an underwater realm….tumultuous bubbles swirling with sharks swimming all around the pressure on our chests as feel as if we are being drowned – vision blurs and bodies convulse as a large barnacle covered claw comes down upon our throats…
We all wake up at the same time in a wet bunk completely shaken and at the same time we know that we have shared this vision
The RIVER MAID is the name of the boat where we met Sholar and Pike
Leave for Scarlet Moon hall
Up the river path and then at the base of a hill
Pikatu goes up ahead of us to scout- scoping the terrain
We are riding along the ridges between the hills
See on the left- flat areas and plains
Grasses flattened out as if by hers of animals
It is a clear day although the strange weather is evident in the in ominous isolated clouds unnaturally moving rapidly
Travelling is not bad- And we navigate with caution
The get to a waterfall and a good landmark of a big flat stone over a creek
After that passage we get to a familiar trail that cuts a zig zag to the infamous tower of Scarlet Moon hall
We see the remains of the campfires and some bodies still remain in states of decomposing with crows doing their part to help reduce the carnage to carrion.
At the tower CILANDRA wastes no time and climbs up to enter the portal above – ONYX GUNDER and RAIKON follow suit and we all assist on the inside with ropes to make our way to the rubble filled bottom of the tower..
The whirlpool we caused by activating the water orb box last time is evidenced by the way the debris around the entry way to the dungeon surrounds the opening in a spiral formation,
As we make our way down to the hallways of the FIRE CULT CILANDRA disguises herself as a fire cultist and gives it RAIKON an robe and fire bracers they both look very authentic
Down the hole we go!
Passage flattens out and we get past the wet aftermath of our box
Light ahead alcoves loose piles of stones an angular barricade funnel effect
This was the former site of a hobgoblin attack and we approach and move forward with caution
CILANDRA makes a warning whistle and we peer around- no dead bodies remain
There are stairs down
The hall widens to a large domed octagonal room 40 feet north and south the room is warm and 4 large obsidian columns rise from floor to ceiling with what looks like swirling lava inside the cracks. The glow in the columns ebbs and throbs almost like the pillars are breathing fire.
We remember this room as certainly does GUNDER who had been previously attacked here by two well-armed fire cultists with spears and fiery torsos.
CILANDRA and RAIKON forge ahead cautiously with GUNDER and ONYX behind within striking distance.
The heat in this room is uncomfortable and bends the air in illusion

Moving down the hall we come to a familiar spot- a somewhat secret room behind some dwarven statues containing an empty sarcophagus of Finden Stonemender – where we have been able to hide and rest.
Passing through this room we encounter an empty room and decide to head down the hall to the south
We advancing up steps and stop short of a landing- the smell of cooking meat greets our noses.
CILANDRA peers into the room and what is seen is a HOBGOBLIN lair with
2 eating by the fire
2 lying on bunks
1 sitting against the back wall
2 more in the room
CILANDRA in disguise barges in the room and startles the HOBGOBLINS
“Hey- what are you doing? Get back to work”
The biggest one- their leader with a suspicious look and folded arms echoes her sentiment
“ You heard her- get back to work”
The HOBGOBLINS scramble up and get suited up again
CILANDRA says back to the leader- “You know who I am – get back to work “as she brazenly walks about the room kicking things over
__We discuss the merits of a surprise attack in this case as CILANDRAs brazen nature and disguise is clearly oft putting for these foes
Giving her an advantage of opening a pouch of special ingredients and throwing them fiercely on the ground casting a CLOUD OF BLINDING ASH
A hot billowing cloud takes over the room immediately and cause great confusion and pain for these foes . We hear the shrieks and screams in burning HOBGOBLINS
A big one comes out of the ash cloud and is enraged and on fire- angrily lifting its two handed sword above its head, sights on CILANDRA and misses!
GUNDER gets next to CILANDRA and whacks this one in his toes, effectively and successfully Hobbles the HOBGOBLIN ( hee hee)
More of the HOBGOBLINS exit the cloud and are in a panic- one of them takes out it’s sword and takes a swing at GUNDER
GUNDER does his famous “Shield thang” parrying off the sword strike with his hammer- YEAH!
Another one comes out of the fire screaming and slides to the floor and dies
ONYX evokes her Great Weapon Fighter and concentrates all her energy into doing damage
Strikes so hard she eviscerates the HOBGOBLIN in front of her in 4 pieces

RAIKON shoots his magic missile as a surefire hit- gets some good damage- and then – another one KILT
CILANDRA calls off the cloud-
There are charred ( not CHARD) HOBGOBLIN bodies everywhere
We search the room and corpses- we find food in pocket
And 8 silver pieces- divided amongst us
By the Captains bed we discover a polished wooden box- now burned
In the box we find 2 potion vials:
1 potion of healing ONYX holds
One a reddish oil and water reddish hue and oddly fizzy
( ONYX has a candle which can be used to re cap waxed potions)
Moving on we open the next door and are greeted by a horrible stench of cooked flesh massive BO horrible garbage smell and see 2 big piles of fur
Hunks of meat with extremely large bites take out of them
And a sack that GUNDER kicks and realizes that is full of bones – creepy-
Moving on GUNDER than catches his leg on a loop a pouch clatters to the floor
It’s a pouch full of stones- polished stones and some gems:
Heading down another passageway we hear several people and CILANDRA peers in a long rectangular room 70 feet in length with bunks, tables
A door to the NW and another door in the SW
CILANDRA disguises herself again and motions to RAIKON still in disguise himself to go into the room
2 Guys eating some on bunks some milling about – 6 ish?
CILANDRA tries the door to the NW and it is locked this arises some eyebrows
CILANDRA says to the fire cultists : “There has been an attack and VANIFER needs to know!”
The guys now all get up and get ready and the 4 at the table look at CILANDRA and RAIKON suspiciously
“You didn’t hear anything I asked??
the Top guard says that BASTIAN needs to know and CILANDRA asks where he is
And the guard is surprised she doesn’t know-
We were hoping the announcement of the attack would cause the men to run onto the hallway where ONYX and GUNDER were waiting. But they don’t seem effected by her news.
CILANDRA asks- “What is taking BASTIAN so long?”

Then weary of the lack of action she whitens her eyes and prepares an ELDRICH BLAST
RAIKON is readying a spell to follow that
GUNDER is holding back and ready to step in with his throw thrower
ONYX is on the ready!

WE get an XP boost- 335!
Say this 3 times fast: She sells spell slots by the seashore

Keepin' on in the Keep
Was that a full moon?

April 8 2018

Correction: the Sighing Valley is actually located on our map. It is map below and surrounding the tower of the air cult

We are in the Riverguard Keep
Taking inventory of the personnel and surroundings as we feign interest in JOLLIVER’s tasks.
Inside the keep at the main level – patchy grass stable area work
RAIKON and ONYX are moving stone and wood near the stairs and saving what is useable
GUNDER and CILANDRA are patching the wall near the barracks (Correcting from working on a turret roof)
The barracks are meagerly appointed 8 or 9 bunks all with simple footlockers by the beds
ONYX regards a larger burly guard 6 ½ feet tall
Roundish barrel chest with a sour face,
Droopy moustache
Wispy hair balding on top with a bluish tint to his skin
Wearing a vest and hammer billowy pants
A smaller weapon is on his belt
His name is RAISCH
ONYX speaks with him and asks about quitting time as she has concocted an idea and can’t wait to talk with the rest of the party and see what CILANDRA and GUNDER have found out.
GUNDER and CILANDRA are working on the barracks and see people coming in and out taking baths and using the bathrooms. As GUNDER is working he is keeping an eye on the comings and goings of the yard and is getting lost in his work
There are 2 guard type guys keeping an eye on them
Between them CILANDRA and GUNDER note
8 different guys – 4 people who were in the hall- with JOLLIVER
2 guys and the gate and the 2 guards watching them
From all of our observations:
Boat is moored there along the water line
A bigger and a smaller boat

We end up in barracks at the end of the day
There are guys standing at each wall – human men – possibly a half elf
Some drinking at a table, resting on a bunk, and polishing their leather and armor and gear.
Trying to get some information,
Although they are grumpy game players Onyx gets them to roll ship captain crew with her dice, coin purse and flaming brandy bottle
And keeps rolling well and taking their money which they do not like at all. The distraction works them so that PIKATU can fly around and get intelligence on the surrounds while CILANDRA does some warlock work.
Onyx wins 5 silver pieces “oh, the fun they are having is at the other’s expense”
The players are

Although they are grumpy, surly, tight lipped and losing, they tell ONYX of the Fixing of the boat Smuggling and fencing goods and other wrong doings
Talking about some of the people in the keep the guards refer to SHOLAR
And PIKE as the ones fixing the boat

When ONYX asks about Red larch and the weird goings on with Water “ cult overtones” the tone changes and they stop playing.
And a couple of them get up and abruptly leave to where we can only guess is JOLLIVER”S chambers to relay this line of inquiry- ONYX notes their change in attitude.

PKATU observations:
The towers are actually hollow Hershey kisses tops
Check out the two towers close up an all around
Circle around
Planks lead onto the boat
What PIKATU saw told to us via CILANDRA in her head?
Quiet of river flowing thunder in the back ground Gloomy night
Large figure coming out of the hall skulking about the keep – goes to the water line and… transforms-??? Into a lizard like creature and slinks into the drink!
That night all of us have a terrible rest:
Bad sleep tossing turning feel the pinch of a giant claw grasp at it gasping for air
In taking water an endless sea of water bubbles of air big sharks swimming around you pinching your neck metallic pincher claw
Attached to a big arm covered in barnacles
Vison blurred
Crushing your chest can’t draw breath
Wake up with a huge gasp of air
Bunk so wet- sweat or other worldly moisture

Draw the line as to others stupid labor
Guys come up and come with us
Other guys in the barracks
Big burly man gnawing on a large bone and talking with his mouth full
You did good yesterday you could do something for me – a special job
CILANDRA “We excel in special jobs”
JOLLIVER: That’s what I like

My associate has something for you to do
Follow the guards to the Keel boat
We follow to the water basin
To the keel boat
Hatch way into the cabin
A guard calls for SHOLAR and we see a Halfling with long sideburns and a chin beard with fancy clothes
He climbs into the boat followed by a strange looking person
Large around the middle dressed in showy clothes with flowing hair and that familiar bluish watery tinted skin
He speaks to us; SHOLAR
he seems genuine and yet slightly sinister-=
“A Tiger’s Smile”

“Friends, welcome come speak with me “
The guards who ushered us to the boat walk away. A Halfling is on the deck SHOLAR walks us to the boat and up a rope ladder
6 foot ladder down into the boat
The cabin is dark and dank, with a heavy tobacco smoke and smell of BO
3 other humans – appear to be the crew
“Sit friends at the bench” and we pass ale around
“What brought you to RIVERGUARD KEEP”
We tell SHOLAR some generic story of our adventures with no cult destruction information.
“Sounds fantastic my friends
“Another river keep – down the river with dwarven architecture…”
“I ‘m a dwarf “– says GUNDER
“And a smart one I see”
As it turns out, SHOLAR wants us to vanquish the FIRE CULT for him and his foe is VANIFER

He tells us of a tower to the Northwest
The tower leads you down
Climb beneath the tower
Someone had done us wrong- and taken our treasure
CILANDRA believes in the description SHOLAR gives us of VANIFER that this is the fiery woman that has taunted her- and gives us an odd sense these cults are at odds.
SHOLAR continues to tell us she has crazed followers and jewels and riches
And for he and the keep to Maintain their enterprise ( bilking and raiding
Day to day and merchants!?!)
We need to go to Scarlet moon hall
And Descent to the deep!
( Ha ha little does SHOLAR know what we know and that we are WAY too familiar with this tower!)

Likes the gems
Gives us a potion of healing

The BIG BURLY MAN (of River Guard Keep)
sitting at the table

2 17 18
Mid game- Dave brought up the concept of THOGAR splitting with the party but staying attached to the adventure by having his story line diverge He leaves after our box experiments from the Druid stock site to protect the town or Red Larch and our interests there is an air of danger ever-present and we all recognized the toll that having Earth Fang in his possession had for such a time.
THOGAR gives us some potions
1. Fire resistance – clear bottle wax top blue bubbly liquid always fizzy
2. Fire Resistance bluish bubbly viscous and salty form Miraj’s room – is openable
3. Potion of Spider Climb – from a cave

  • We will miss THOGAR terribly for many reasons- his hair, his lack of pants and let’s face it who is going to check for traps now? Someday, He will be back! We love our Barbarian and miss his rage.
    So the second box was indeed thrown of the tower after battling the bats. And the box took a hard tumble and needed some extra firepower to be opened – similarly – but with none of the party members nearby!
    The orb was again jostled out of its home and rising thrumming above – with a bit more range attacks the orb was penetrated and the idea of drown was completely valid- the amount of water emanating out of the orb was easier for us to see and indeed did flood the valley below the hill and would have swept up anything its path and caused much damage as well
    We take a rest by the tower and restore all hit points and contemplate spells
    We discuss our next moves and despite our severe disdain for the fire cult we think that after these brazen attacks on Red Larch by the water cultists it is time to now show them what is up.
    GUNDER calls the battle goat back
    PIKATU goes out and ahead
    We are going to find River guard Keep
    This is a rainy misty drizzly day
    Lonely rainy bleary and dreary
    We trudge on – hoods up braving against the onslaught of the wind
    Our muddy heavy feet trudge on to the stone trail – in the distance we see the legendary stone bridge- a marvel of Dwarven engineering
    As old as the dwarves empire this well-built almost impossible architecture still stands serving as a high flying crossing over the water with a sweeping view of the area including capturing a glimpse of Belliard in the distance
    Look down river to the south
    Walking along the river
    Slow going not easy travelling muddy and wet
    Head up and in
    PIKATU gives up a clue as to where we can safely rest
    Go inland along a rocky ledge set up camp for the night
    During the night we hear strange sounds screeching can’t tell what’s making the sounds
    Wind shifts far off but disconcerting and unsettling

Rain, mist and cold – is the water cult on to us and conspiring against us though the weather?
one wet foot ahead of another
PIKATU helps us from getting and feeling lost

We navigate inland picking way over some challenging terrain- come across some waterfalls
Water source comes from the hills

In the hills a series of springs and water falls-
Could this be the veil of the dancing waters Torhjild’s Kings Retreat and burial ground?
Hall of the Hunting Axe and “The Sighing Valley”
We definitely can’t get there from here

Stop for dinner PIKATU comes back from flying and searching
News from Belliard? Bandits and reduced shipping and travel on the river
River guard keep is the old worn out keep at a stop along the river – has water damage and is in need of repair

“ I can disguise myself , so it’s not problem” CILANDRA
CILANDRA disguises herself in water cult garb- “She- ruki”
Twisted angry coral face in the puddle almost like recognition – and shakes it off
Keep has lights on at night – we see silhouette of humanoids – hard to tell at night how many are there
PIKATU gets us some owl intel
As described by an owl to warlock
Narrow arrow silt windows several people are traversing and keeping guard
White flag blue gauntlet
Circumnavigate around the keep sneakily so as to enter the front- two stories tall gate house not of dwarven construction is in front of us
Large double doors made of timber with iron bands securing the door
We don’t have THOGAR anymore and can’t just jump in and start fighting – new tactics are important.

We knock on the gate instead of smashing it
“Who are you? What do you want?”
CILANDRA speaks up about us being interested in trading and supplies
We hear behind the gate clanking and muffled voices
The creaking gate opens
Five big ruffian guys stand behind the gate wearing leather armor and having swords and such size us up.
“Escort them in” says one of the guards.
As we enter the keep we notice some more guards above us watching from the arrow slits
There is a portcullis that goes up to the ceiling – In the center of the keep is some scrubby, wiry grass
GUNDER asks if he can “Stable his Goat”
We are ushered into a great hall – 2 stories high with heavy double doors, 2 interior doors a large chair is by a large table littered with papers and mugs and dishes
There are nautical banners in tatters on the wall with the colors of green and blue
A large bluish hued huge bodied man is sitting at the table with a big burly chest, misshapen ears and some symbols on his body.
Yellow silted eyes we see flash back to amber and slicked black patchy hair
He speaks to us “Why are you here?”
CILANDRA: “Is this a place to find rarities and treasures? We are looking for something- books-“
JOLLIVER “I don’t have time for books! – pushes some papers and plates off the table”
Who told you to come here?”

“ The ferry man”, we tell him and steer the conversation away for any awareness of the Dancing Veil

“We can put you up in the keep for some coin- I am Jolliver the head of this Keep- you can play along and be like mice”
GUNDER gives some gold for food. They are eating Wild Roth- big burly herd animals
There is talk exchanged about the group operating out of the hills- Fire folk-0
This keep is for trading – there have been talk of raids on town and capturing towns folk from down river
They don’t sell boats what we see is what they have and they can do rides for hire down river-

The guards take us outside to the central building
Which opens to a large barrack room with footlockers at the ends of the beds
The dozen or so guys in the barracks are unsavory characters with spiky swords tending to their meager gear. Eyeballing us wearily.
They want us to do some work for them- RAIKON and ONYX are tasked with moving debris in the center of the keep
While GUNDER and CILANDRA are sent to a tower to work on the roof-
We figure we will play along and try to learn more about this place and study the layout. Try to get a read at how many are here and what they are up to.
Something IS strange here- no symbols of the water cult, but the blue hue…and spiky weapons….
Sing it with me; “BIG BURLY man Sitting at the table”



We have the Water cults boxes- Now what?
Our party does an episode of Myth Busters

2 10 18

Begin with some corrections and addendums and a recant of last game
As well a rousing rendition of “Junk Forge Smelting” with led to the song “Big ol Gold Belt” as well sung by our DM who does a great impression of Tortelvis

When we last saw Druid stock last from the tower on a hill
Almost a natural amphitheater cut back into the hills
Path is bumpier and has more difficult technical navigation but does fit a wagon
Weather is odd with a weird gray sky but generally cooperative for the journey
GUNDER wonders if the sinkholes have stopped opening up in the ground ostensibly due to our assumed vanquishing of the stone cultists
The tower silhouettes the sky as the sun is descending
Nightfall we get to the base of the hill with the tower at the top
We see signs of the events prior including abandoned camps, tracks and fire pits
Trail to tower paths to the right and left
Breeze picked up in the valley- we go up the hill to the ring of fieldstone and walls
We see some charred remains- (hey!!!) eaten and gnawed on. And see a strange smoke low to the ground like fog but not
THOGAR hears a strange sound from some critter, possibly a scavenger near the ground obscured by the fog smoke
PIKATU checks the tower and up about 30 feet on the tower is a closed door
ONYX climbs up to the landing where there is a wooden platform and opens the door
A familiar sight looking along the rounded towers walls -there is a platform to the left and a staircase that goes up the wall
Across there is another platform and nothing of note there
It is dark below to the bottom of the tower: nothing to see, nothing to hear
From a platform 10 feet below the door we can make out the debris we remember at the bottom and all that is to smell is the heavy acrid sulfur burning smell – certainly due to the fight that occurred here
We decide to build a structure to hold the boxes so we can hoist them up to the 30 foot doorway entry

CLIANDRA makes the plan
ONYX is helped by GUNDER – we make a crude holder for the heavy boxes (100- 150 lbs)
Using scaffolding pieces from the tower and the bag of nails ONYX had from one of the last battles,
THOGAR climbs up to fasten the pulley system to the opening.
Once all is connected we hoist up the box- The makeshift wood gives a little groan as the heavy box ascends.
The group stands aside out of the trajectory
More hoisting and the rope catches on a fieldstone and goes askew and pivots – ONYX and THOGAR catch the box as it stats being off balance.
CILANDRA casts fly
GUNDER is underneath and holds the box.
Using all his might GUNDER grabs the rope and he himself is swinging with the box and then – pshew! It levels off.
Stairs up to the barracks room set of stairs off northern wall and switch back
Elzar’s room is the top story
Rest in the bed roll barracks area
First watch with no trouble
We wake up and CILANDRA is excited to use the water bomb box
She puts her hands again on the Runes feels spiritually uncomfortable and uneasy and disturbing with an increasing pain the longer she touches it although the vision does not come a clearly or powerfully as before, CILANDRA attempts to communicate with the fire woman from the previous vision
Vision returns if a face but in a flash – with a wicked smile and evil laughter and retaken by pain she lets go of touching the rune.
Stand at the top of the tower hole
RAIKON shoots a level 2 Magic Missile at the box
17 damage on box
The energy of the missile envelops and wraps around the box
Some destruction some energy absorption
GUNDER throws his hammer at the box
As he flings his hammer with all good intentions the hammer hits into the ground and he tumbles forward hammer goes back to his hand and hem slumps against the box


We can smell the missile damage and see the energy pulsing
GUNDER brushes himself off as he hears the box thrumming louder as if it is angry
CILANDRA puts her hand on the box again
GUNDER puts his hand on the box smells burnt hair – and shocked by the energy
The temperature on the box changes from hot to cold- and is almost wet by no moisture
Let go – get away from the box CILANDRA sets to cast an eldritch blast
Which then engulfs swirls and is absorbed by the box
The box is now sizzling and hissing
GUNDER hammer 2 11’s are better than 1
The box then blasts open and those close by are blinded by a flash and thrown back
The full energy force comes out in blasts
GUNDER and CILDANDRA are hit by the force and thrown backwards
As they get back up there is lots of smoke, dust flying about and debris and rocks
The box tumbled down the shaft to when dungeon and is hard to see
The orb is now hovering outside of the box- glowing and thrumming
Water is whirling in the orb and for a moment GUNDER sees the face he saw in the water orb – the bluish humanoid with the barnacle grin
ONYX plans to shoot a ranged arrow the floating watery orb
Sets her eye- grits her teeth and takes the shot -
The arrow pierces the orb and she jumps and takes cover
Water rushes up and out like a geyser
Everyone scrambles up the debris pile and the water begins to forcefully go down the passage way to the dungeon-
Luckily everyone is above the ground and taking cover as the water swirls and pulses and beings to angrily swirl down into the hole as if it was a drain
The mud settles and we wonder where all the water might have gone down into the dungeon

In our next chapter of brilliant ideas- let’s throw a box off the top of the tower!
Work on bringing the second heavy box up to the top of the tower
Up the tiny ladder- ONYX gives THOGAR a Critical push up the ladder –

When we get the box and almost everyone else up there –
We are beset by the nasty giant bats who live up there!

They begin swooping and attacking
ONYX gets a couple chops in there
THOGAR is scratched and bitten and he tries to bat and duck
The bats are moving and flitting all about
CILANDRA casts poison spray blast
And hits da bat with dat
GUNDER climbs up the ladder to join the fight
THOGAR uses his magic torch to light the room to aid in the fight
ONYX hits 2 times pow pow doing a good dose of damage
RAIKON is scratched- awhhh!
ONYX is scratched
RAIKON shoots a magic missile

GUNDER lays on hands to THOGAR and RAIKON who amazingly got rather hurt by the bats.
THOGAR uses his great axe and Whacks!
ONYX does a little swipe
RAIKON shoots shimmering green arrow streaks toward a target within range and burst in a spray of acid Melf’s Acid Arrow!

The rest of the Bats fly away and the floor then starts to give way underneath us
THOGAR, GUNDER and CILANDRA fall though the floor
ONYX and RAIKON hold on the top floor

WATER CULTISTS Dunderdale battle aftermath
That Wagon is smashed!

Gunder, Raikon, Onyx, Raikon – Thogar played by Dave
We are back!

Our DM CHRIS gave a spirited reading of the notes from last week- which made the writer quite happy indeed.

The first line from the payers is said by CILANDRA with conviction:
“I want to search the dead”

The DM remarks from the perspective of the townsfolk of Dunderdale as the dust settled by the ferocious battle of the weapon and wagon the unlikely heroes GUNDER, ONYX & THOGAR are seen standing above the wreckage – a battle goat grazes on a hay bale and the wagon is in a shambles- splintered wood and driven into the ground …with one of its wheels 20 feet away—
A unusual sight, but one that the Dunderale denizens had either seen or heard about- a pulsating orb that looks like swirling water is hovering about the weapon box that had been carried on the wagon

Faint and yet constant thrumming sound emanating from the orb

On the hill CILANDRA and RAIKON search amongst the bodies, burned and charred ( hey!)
The large weapon box which luckily had not been opened is set on the ground and there is a thrumming sound coming from the box -
Odd yet familiar rune like symbols are carved in the box and are glowing in a cyclic pattern –
CILANDRA Recognized the elemental rune symbols of power from the books she has picked up along the way most notably from the library at the stone monastery

She does and arcana check and focuses her mind-
She feels a vibration and syncopated hum – freaky – like someone breathing
Almost immediately she is met with a disturbing and powerful vision. ..
The symbols look familiar they are relevant to fire and water
Then a sudden powerful rush to her head A flashback scene invades her mind- is it memory or future or now?
The flames are around and super-hot People are surrounding a chamber in robes with the same flame symbols – people are burned and tortured and in great pain this is some evil rite of passage
The feeling is horrific – CILANDRA sees familiar faces amongst her visions and she collapses on the ground feeling herself hot, feverish and sweaty
Something from her past – suddenly within the vison something truly eerie a face- very chiseled in features- an elfin woman definitely not human? – with red skin and piercing eyes seemingly seeing her at the same time in real time- IS she the fire god IMEX or one of the fire god’s followers or powerful l prophet like Marlos?
The face seems to look right at CILANDRA and acknowledge her.
Very disturbing and powerful vision for CILANDRA

Bowling ball sized orb at the cart is hovering, pulsating and audibly throbbing making us all feel uneasy!

Constable Harbuck’s associates come by and don’t have any knowledge as to what initially happened the first time the orb was brought to town and detonated. Onyx had asked.

Pikatu brings us a slip of paper from CILANDRA .
THOGAR reads to us: “Touch the box and runes, but be careful”
This box must be about 50 pounds – obviously the holding place for the orb – which seems to have grown in size!
Strange symbols are glowing pulsating in blue and red colors in time with the orb, which again is retracting and then growing bigger. Inside the box there is a faint etching and what looks likes veins and symbols

GUNDER on the advisement of Pikatu’s note from CILNDRA bravely touches his hand on the water symbol which is bright on the outside
Touch blue with left hand-
(((we all get the twister reference at the same time)))
Despite not actually being liquid GUNDER gets a cold wet sensation – Looks at the orb water roiling and churning and sees a taciturn face appear in the water- only briefly- He thinks he sees a humanoid face- with a bluish hue not unlike the foes we recently vanquished. The stern face looks back at him and may be possibly covered with – barnacles?

THOGAR and ONYX and GUNDER decide that it is time to put the orb in the box- carefully managing themselves under the orb -rising the box up to meet it – THOGAR completes a critical close the box roll as he successfully lowers the lid on the orb while Onyx raises the box to gently meet up with the weapon.
The runes glow brighter and faster and the box holding the orb begins to thrum – the runes are now flaring with red and orange like lazzeerrrzz. Despite the orb being larger then the box amazingly it shrunk back in to fit.

The vibrations ebb and cease pulsating so rapidly as much as time goes by.
Back on the hill- CILANRA searches the wizard and finds some coins

Broken ass cart-
Brave friends surrounding
the thrumming box
CILANRDA comes up to touch this box and feels energetic warmth but does not have a similar vision as she did for the other weapon box

We search the bodies of the dead cultists around the wagon warfare and find

45 gp
A bag of nails
Crude map ( of the area of Dunderdale)
a leather wrapped vellum scroll – RAIKON

We decide the priority is to get the two weapon boxes together, in a cart and away from town- musing on what we might like to do with the weapons if we were able to deploy them! Take da Ballzzz outta Town!

CILANDRA gets on the horse from the cultists cart puts on a disguise as constable Harbuck and “borrows” a cart from townsfolk who are working out of their shop – with no interference and a mere comment as to it being “ Constable town business”

Impressing us with her swift ability to get t trouble free cart- we move the recently closed weapon box in the cart – Onyx uses beaver pelts to pad and cover the box then make our way to the box a the other battle site on the hill and load it into the cart in a similar fashion.

As we try to figure out the new clues to our oh so familiar mystery we are reminded that RAIKON and GUNDER both hail from WATER DEEP the same town where the Stone Cultists’ Prophet Marlos came from –
ONYX asks if they remember him from town and was he always a Gorgon. They said, No he was not – he was a human – a rich nobleman known for lavish bacchanalian parties – not one with snakes as hair that could turn creatures to stone,

ONYX muses, “Could then the cultist’s weapons corrupt a believer who wields it so terribly that they will alter their state and gain horrific powers” hmmmmmm! CLUE!

THOGAR must miss Earth fang at this point, and yet hopefully be happy his flowing hair hadn’t turned into snakes.

We are carefully rolling in our cart enjoying not having to walk- the goat scampers along.

A lone figure appears on the road walking towards us – His dress is that of a townsperson with a non-descript hat and patched clothing and no visible weapons – He’s from Waterdeep

We approach a very small farming town and GUNDER suggests we don’t tempt fate by bring in the weapon cart through the towns folk and we easily find a more country road around the heart of the settlement
We see a farm with scarecrow on posts and a sign that says “FRUIT and TAXIDERMY” – ha!

Onyx buys a bag of apples and shares with all including the horse
We go through the farm fields and the trail to the stone bridge

Night is falling upon us –
Pikatoo finds us a good spot off the road to set up camp –
We heal- take watches and get a long rest – restoring spells and hit points !

Good news- an uneventful night
To bring the weapons to the old site of burning druid as we can get our carts there and would be a good test site for deploying these potential water drown balls!

Random memories and connections:
Biddle and Bartle the Halfling farmers who we helped and staved off a kolbold invasion from they were most thankful and invite us over any time.
Forelda who had the cheeky art collection asked us to look into the FIRE WITCH problem
The Inkeeper: Hervin Dongregon
The Neetlebys also asking for help with the fire witch problem

Fighting water cultists
Fight against the Tide!

We are back!
January 14, 2018

South wagon
5-6 baddies carry the weapon in the arc of the covenant style half mile away as in Raikon’s vision

4-5 cultists in the horse drawn carriage rushing towards town as forewarned by the farmer’s son on horseback.

GUNDER and ONYX head to the wagon- yelling and telling the kid to WAKE THE TOWN!!!

GUNDER is standing up on the battle goat hard charging towards the wagon
The town is still wet- and the kid is yelling to the town to wake up!
The Group with the hand carried weapon stops and the cultists show themselves to be armed with jagged blades spears javelin
Blue hued men with one eye covered with an eye patch
There seems to be a body guard protecting the conjurer standing in front of him like a shield and he is mad dogging THOGAR, CLIANDRA and RAIKON
The carriers put the box down and the priest starts conjuring – making hand gestures and speaking words above and around the box

CILANDRA moves up and hexes the fools and exacts an eldritch blast
THOGAR runs up and prepares to fiiiight!
On closer look some of the guys are human yet oddly similar in appearance- bluish hue to their skin- with big gnarly beards and a patch covering one eye
2 Big guys attack THOGAR One hits him- ow!
A Bluish dude with an eyepatch leers and glares at CILANDRA
He lifts up his eyepatch and uses entropic word – getting all matrix like
Another bluish guy raises his eyepatch and focuses a beam on THOGAR who avoids it
RAIKON comes in and casts his mighty Fireball spell pocketing THOGAR and some cows to protect them from damage

Now to the CART
The box is open on top of the cart
One cultist is driving
2 guys on side of cart with cross bows and javelins
There are bluish man with a large scraggly beard and leather and fur vest
Looks at GUNDER lifting his eye patch and casting a beam from his eye
Shockingly cold eye blast !!the goat is fine but GUNDER is frozen

ONYX is struck by a crossbow bolt but it’s just a scratch
GUNDER uses Foe breaker on the wagon’s front wheels and throws it !!! The wagon wheels with two punishing hits – wheel cracks and wood breaks the driver falls off

CILANDRA is squaring off she casts banish on the 2 blue hued dudes
THOGAR goes into a frenzied rage giving it his all
He rages and bezerks recklessly
Hitting one of the guys who is now super dead.
THOGAR takes a hit
The BLUE hue guy evaporates and then reappears right in front of CILANDRA getting up in her face
He tries to intimidate her but she’s not having any of it!
He Tries to cast a spell on her but she cannot be frightened or charmed
RAIKON casts another killer fireball spell – severely burning some of the cultists- tufts on fire!
eye patch guy jumps off and tumbles and then shoots his eye beam at GUNDER
ONYX takes a swipe with her sword
GUNDER exacts a divine smite and smote-d some damage
Gnarly ugly blue dude with a dagger casts a fog eye over the wagon and surrounds obscuring our vision
A speaker is chucked at ONYX and lands near her feet-
She uses her orcish sense of smell locates the Blue dude and strikes a Critical hit and chops him in his eye hole
GUNDER and battle goat get out of the fog just in time to see ONYX’s hit
With his thunderous smite GUNDER also has a Critical hit clinging on the shaggy goat
Inspired dread eye sockets
Feel a weird aura and shrug it off
- “Dust that weird aura offa my shoulder”
The Goat charges at the cart fast and swift
“Not Goats, No Glory”
ONYX does some Orc-cour and avoids another hit
And GUNDER does a fibbidy smack and his hammer thuds against the baddie.
ONYX gets stabbed by the nasty blue guys dagger and feels frozen from the inside out where the wound is.
Cart then stalls due to the broken wheels and
The priest rubs his head as he is hit by the dwarven hammer
Javelin Joe takes another swipe
ONYX has a critical miss and her sword clatters on the ground
GUNDER thunderously smites with his hammer and kills the priest and then attacks Javelin Joe
Next hit- ONYX finally does in the other priest and watches as the spooky light fades form his eye socket
THOGAR makes it over to our battle as he ran at full speed to us and smacks a guy outta nowhere.
GUNDER gets hit by Javelin joe who he wouldn’t attack earlier as his back was turned.- Such a honorable paladin.
ONYX hits and slashes one time
GUNDER knocks him out dead , dead!
THOGAR deals a finishing blow – pshew!

We did it ! The fog clears and the dust settles the broken cart still – both of the the water orbs are hovering over the boxes they travelled here in.

NEW WORD: CONSTENTRATION constitution and concentration
Concept- the Javelin of Travelin’


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