Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

WATER CULTISTS Dunderdale battle aftermath
That Wagon is smashed!

Gunder, Raikon, Onyx, Raikon – Thogar played by Dave
We are back!

Our DM CHRIS gave a spirited reading of the notes from last week- which made the writer quite happy indeed.

The first line from the payers is said by CILANDRA with conviction:
“I want to search the dead”

The DM remarks from the perspective of the townsfolk of Dunderdale as the dust settled by the ferocious battle of the weapon and wagon the unlikely heroes GUNDER, ONYX & THOGAR are seen standing above the wreckage – a battle goat grazes on a hay bale and the wagon is in a shambles- splintered wood and driven into the ground …with one of its wheels 20 feet away—
A unusual sight, but one that the Dunderale denizens had either seen or heard about- a pulsating orb that looks like swirling water is hovering about the weapon box that had been carried on the wagon

Faint and yet constant thrumming sound emanating from the orb

On the hill CILANDRA and RAIKON search amongst the bodies, burned and charred ( hey!)
The large weapon box which luckily had not been opened is set on the ground and there is a thrumming sound coming from the box -
Odd yet familiar rune like symbols are carved in the box and are glowing in a cyclic pattern –
CILANDRA Recognized the elemental rune symbols of power from the books she has picked up along the way most notably from the library at the stone monastery

She does and arcana check and focuses her mind-
She feels a vibration and syncopated hum – freaky – like someone breathing
Almost immediately she is met with a disturbing and powerful vision. ..
The symbols look familiar they are relevant to fire and water
Then a sudden powerful rush to her head A flashback scene invades her mind- is it memory or future or now?
The flames are around and super-hot People are surrounding a chamber in robes with the same flame symbols – people are burned and tortured and in great pain this is some evil rite of passage
The feeling is horrific – CILANDRA sees familiar faces amongst her visions and she collapses on the ground feeling herself hot, feverish and sweaty
Something from her past – suddenly within the vison something truly eerie a face- very chiseled in features- an elfin woman definitely not human? – with red skin and piercing eyes seemingly seeing her at the same time in real time- IS she the fire god IMEX or one of the fire god’s followers or powerful l prophet like Marlos?
The face seems to look right at CILANDRA and acknowledge her.
Very disturbing and powerful vision for CILANDRA

Bowling ball sized orb at the cart is hovering, pulsating and audibly throbbing making us all feel uneasy!

Constable Harbuck’s associates come by and don’t have any knowledge as to what initially happened the first time the orb was brought to town and detonated. Onyx had asked.

Pikatu brings us a slip of paper from CILANDRA .
THOGAR reads to us: “Touch the box and runes, but be careful”
This box must be about 50 pounds – obviously the holding place for the orb – which seems to have grown in size!
Strange symbols are glowing pulsating in blue and red colors in time with the orb, which again is retracting and then growing bigger. Inside the box there is a faint etching and what looks likes veins and symbols

GUNDER on the advisement of Pikatu’s note from CILNDRA bravely touches his hand on the water symbol which is bright on the outside
Touch blue with left hand-
(((we all get the twister reference at the same time)))
Despite not actually being liquid GUNDER gets a cold wet sensation – Looks at the orb water roiling and churning and sees a taciturn face appear in the water- only briefly- He thinks he sees a humanoid face- with a bluish hue not unlike the foes we recently vanquished. The stern face looks back at him and may be possibly covered with – barnacles?

THOGAR and ONYX and GUNDER decide that it is time to put the orb in the box- carefully managing themselves under the orb -rising the box up to meet it – THOGAR completes a critical close the box roll as he successfully lowers the lid on the orb while Onyx raises the box to gently meet up with the weapon.
The runes glow brighter and faster and the box holding the orb begins to thrum – the runes are now flaring with red and orange like lazzeerrrzz. Despite the orb being larger then the box amazingly it shrunk back in to fit.

The vibrations ebb and cease pulsating so rapidly as much as time goes by.
Back on the hill- CILANRA searches the wizard and finds some coins

Broken ass cart-
Brave friends surrounding
the thrumming box
CILANRDA comes up to touch this box and feels energetic warmth but does not have a similar vision as she did for the other weapon box

We search the bodies of the dead cultists around the wagon warfare and find

45 gp
A bag of nails
Crude map ( of the area of Dunderdale)
a leather wrapped vellum scroll – RAIKON

We decide the priority is to get the two weapon boxes together, in a cart and away from town- musing on what we might like to do with the weapons if we were able to deploy them! Take da Ballzzz outta Town!

CILANDRA gets on the horse from the cultists cart puts on a disguise as constable Harbuck and “borrows” a cart from townsfolk who are working out of their shop – with no interference and a mere comment as to it being “ Constable town business”

Impressing us with her swift ability to get t trouble free cart- we move the recently closed weapon box in the cart – Onyx uses beaver pelts to pad and cover the box then make our way to the box a the other battle site on the hill and load it into the cart in a similar fashion.

As we try to figure out the new clues to our oh so familiar mystery we are reminded that RAIKON and GUNDER both hail from WATER DEEP the same town where the Stone Cultists’ Prophet Marlos came from –
ONYX asks if they remember him from town and was he always a Gorgon. They said, No he was not – he was a human – a rich nobleman known for lavish bacchanalian parties – not one with snakes as hair that could turn creatures to stone,

ONYX muses, “Could then the cultist’s weapons corrupt a believer who wields it so terribly that they will alter their state and gain horrific powers” hmmmmmm! CLUE!

THOGAR must miss Earth fang at this point, and yet hopefully be happy his flowing hair hadn’t turned into snakes.

We are carefully rolling in our cart enjoying not having to walk- the goat scampers along.

A lone figure appears on the road walking towards us – His dress is that of a townsperson with a non-descript hat and patched clothing and no visible weapons – He’s from Waterdeep

We approach a very small farming town and GUNDER suggests we don’t tempt fate by bring in the weapon cart through the towns folk and we easily find a more country road around the heart of the settlement
We see a farm with scarecrow on posts and a sign that says “FRUIT and TAXIDERMY” – ha!

Onyx buys a bag of apples and shares with all including the horse
We go through the farm fields and the trail to the stone bridge

Night is falling upon us –
Pikatoo finds us a good spot off the road to set up camp –
We heal- take watches and get a long rest – restoring spells and hit points !

Good news- an uneventful night
To bring the weapons to the old site of burning druid as we can get our carts there and would be a good test site for deploying these potential water drown balls!

Random memories and connections:
Biddle and Bartle the Halfling farmers who we helped and staved off a kolbold invasion from they were most thankful and invite us over any time.
Forelda who had the cheeky art collection asked us to look into the FIRE WITCH problem
The Inkeeper: Hervin Dongregon
The Neetlebys also asking for help with the fire witch problem

Fighting water cultists
Fight against the Tide!

We are back!
January 14, 2018

South wagon
5-6 baddies carry the weapon in the arc of the covenant style half mile away as in Raikon’s vision

4-5 cultists in the horse drawn carriage rushing towards town as forewarned by the farmer’s son on horseback.

GUNDER and ONYX head to the wagon- yelling and telling the kid to WAKE THE TOWN!!!

GUNDER is standing up on the battle goat hard charging towards the wagon
The town is still wet- and the kid is yelling to the town to wake up!
The Group with the hand carried weapon stops and the cultists show themselves to be armed with jagged blades spears javelin
Blue hued men with one eye covered with an eye patch
There seems to be a body guard protecting the conjurer standing in front of him like a shield and he is mad dogging THOGAR, CLIANDRA and RAIKON
The carriers put the box down and the priest starts conjuring – making hand gestures and speaking words above and around the box

CILANDRA moves up and hexes the fools and exacts an eldritch blast
THOGAR runs up and prepares to fiiiight!
On closer look some of the guys are human yet oddly similar in appearance- bluish hue to their skin- with big gnarly beards and a patch covering one eye
2 Big guys attack THOGAR One hits him- ow!
A Bluish dude with an eyepatch leers and glares at CILANDRA
He lifts up his eyepatch and uses entropic word – getting all matrix like
Another bluish guy raises his eyepatch and focuses a beam on THOGAR who avoids it
RAIKON comes in and casts his mighty Fireball spell pocketing THOGAR and some cows to protect them from damage

Now to the CART
The box is open on top of the cart
One cultist is driving
2 guys on side of cart with cross bows and javelins
There are bluish man with a large scraggly beard and leather and fur vest
Looks at GUNDER lifting his eye patch and casting a beam from his eye
Shockingly cold eye blast !!the goat is fine but GUNDER is frozen

ONYX is struck by a crossbow bolt but it’s just a scratch
GUNDER uses Foe breaker on the wagon’s front wheels and throws it !!! The wagon wheels with two punishing hits – wheel cracks and wood breaks the driver falls off

CILANDRA is squaring off she casts banish on the 2 blue hued dudes
THOGAR goes into a frenzied rage giving it his all
He rages and bezerks recklessly
Hitting one of the guys who is now super dead.
THOGAR takes a hit
The BLUE hue guy evaporates and then reappears right in front of CILANDRA getting up in her face
He tries to intimidate her but she’s not having any of it!
He Tries to cast a spell on her but she cannot be frightened or charmed
RAIKON casts another killer fireball spell – severely burning some of the cultists- tufts on fire!
eye patch guy jumps off and tumbles and then shoots his eye beam at GUNDER
ONYX takes a swipe with her sword
GUNDER exacts a divine smite and smote-d some damage
Gnarly ugly blue dude with a dagger casts a fog eye over the wagon and surrounds obscuring our vision
A speaker is chucked at ONYX and lands near her feet-
She uses her orcish sense of smell locates the Blue dude and strikes a Critical hit and chops him in his eye hole
GUNDER and battle goat get out of the fog just in time to see ONYX’s hit
With his thunderous smite GUNDER also has a Critical hit clinging on the shaggy goat
Inspired dread eye sockets
Feel a weird aura and shrug it off
- “Dust that weird aura offa my shoulder”
The Goat charges at the cart fast and swift
“Not Goats, No Glory”
ONYX does some Orc-cour and avoids another hit
And GUNDER does a fibbidy smack and his hammer thuds against the baddie.
ONYX gets stabbed by the nasty blue guys dagger and feels frozen from the inside out where the wound is.
Cart then stalls due to the broken wheels and
The priest rubs his head as he is hit by the dwarven hammer
Javelin Joe takes another swipe
ONYX has a critical miss and her sword clatters on the ground
GUNDER thunderously smites with his hammer and kills the priest and then attacks Javelin Joe
Next hit- ONYX finally does in the other priest and watches as the spooky light fades form his eye socket
THOGAR makes it over to our battle as he ran at full speed to us and smacks a guy outta nowhere.
GUNDER gets hit by Javelin joe who he wouldn’t attack earlier as his back was turned.- Such a honorable paladin.
ONYX hits and slashes one time
GUNDER knocks him out dead , dead!
THOGAR deals a finishing blow – pshew!

We did it ! The fog clears and the dust settles the broken cart still – both of the the water orbs are hovering over the boxes they travelled here in.

NEW WORD: CONSTENTRATION constitution and concentration
Concept- the Javelin of Travelin’

The Real Thogar is back

November 12 2017
Present! Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, THOGAR! And Onyx

We dust ourselves off after the incredible battle against the elemental armored whirlwinds – PSHEW!
We search the fallen corpses
And take note that there are at least 12 bodies some from other cults – stone and air – and two from the fire cult… This seems like some crossroads for the cults.
Amongst bloated ogres some rotten corpses months old, others fresher.
Despite the search no items of any interest or value were discovered.
We are all a bit beat down by the proceedings- GUNDER does some healing, the last of Persephone’s goodberries are ingested.
we need to investigate more of the corridor of inky blackness to the opposite of where we came from
CILANDRA sends Slinky in- The brave little snake detects an eerie green glow and musty smell – (Elemental Plumbing?)

WE need to find a place to rest if we are going to continue our assault on the cults- We have the Tower of the Air Cultists in our sights
We think and think and talk and talk of a place to rest in this all too unrestful dungeon

THOGAR uses his recently remembered useful magical bronze torch which casts a funky green light and does not create heat.
We make our way out of the other side of the inky blackness to a familiar part of the dungeon. We go back through the sirens room plugging our ears with wax and linking arms to avoid and temptation to ascend- THOGAR suggests we climb to the nest and kill what waits there for a good sleep – we hug the wall and go down the narrow pathway and come to the large pit which we can go through to get to the worm pit- which has at the bottom crudely hewn and latched on steps at the bottom of the bones.
We make our way back to the former area of trade for the dwarven underground and remember some of our foes from then including the face huggers and the crow men.
Finally coming to a conclusion that we would truly benefit from a full reboot by returning to Red Larch . Outside the thunder and lightning has picked up and wind… GUNDER summons his battle goat to carry him to town

Terrible rain begins with big wet raindrops making our travel difficult- torrents of rain making all of CILANDRA released slinky and Summons Pikatoo.

We rely on ThOGAR to be our navigator as the terrible rains have rendered the topography unfamiliar as many times as we have made out way back too Red Larch.

The party is extraordinarily happy to return to the Swinging Sword – where we eat drink dry off and seek any new news-
We all get a long rest and recharge – getting the last of healing before the restorative sleep –

CILNDRA is visited by a huge wind and wicked whispers on the wind with threatening words from Aericie who taunts us through her
RAIKON sees a terrible vision of the water cultists coming towards town in the distance once again carrying what we can only imagine is the horrible weapon of water destruction.
Leveling up happens while we recuperate – ONYX feels a great confidence in her strength
With plans to head out to the tower, looking to the distance RAIKON shakes his head as his vison from last night seems to be coming true- the distance shows figures headed to Red Larch!

As well a breathless rider- the son of a farmer comes to tell us that there is another faction Hooded figures coming to town with a wagon and a large box and the symbols on the cloaks match the description of the water cult!

ONYX and GUNDER and Battle Goat head toward the wagon, ONYX running and leaping and GUNDER charging on the goat

CILANDRA, TOGAR and RAIKON head toward the figures in the opposite direction carrying the box and.. that is today’s cliff hanger!

The Cavern continues to crumble
We gotta get out of here!

Hey! it’s a Saturday game!

We are back- and in the rapidly collpsing collsoal cavern.
Gunder misty stepped clearing us a path away from the sentinel who is now behind us, abjured and moving slow giving us a fighting chance to escape this place.

THOGAR and RAIKON are getting toward the entrance but have been obstructed by a giant natural column which fell along the path-
CILANDRA had seen it happen flying above and since improving her rope skills has the foresight to pull out a rope and attempt to secure it on the pillar ahead of the party to assist them in scaling the obstruction.

She looped it around “Something popping off” CILANDRA says, and adds, " I tied it real good"

ONYX and GUNDER all all running toward the exit keeping an eye out ahead, above and behind them..
An even louder sound comes from below as big huge crevasses open up in the floor of the cavern – big fissures! 9 to 10 feet wide


What we did…? Can it be both?

Caving in in front by the exit- by the portal – to the sides
and beneath our party- ONYX and THOGAR jump away and GUNDER falls in –
yet is able to move a rock just in time to save himself and help RAIKON from getting crushed.

ONYX and THOGAR trow a rope down
ONYX runs and jumps, scoops up RAIKON and heroically long jumps – Yay! Half Orc!

Huge destruction continues to rain upon them and the cavern
The portal is turning and twisting wrapping into itself a conflagration of rock, mud and
crystals as the pillars and stairs crumble and fall…. We detect there are no more rock sentinels and we all just keep running for our lives ..

Amazingly- we all make it out of the big cavern as it continues to crumble – There are two ways out- we go south – a the furthest end of the room.

The walls are steaming and mud is bubbling from the walls CILANDRA speaks to us strongly telepathically- KEEP RUNNING!

We are back in the room with the stables and out towards the bridge-
To our dismay the great seismic activity has caused the bride to collapse rendering our one way out impassable.

We plan to have rope on both sides to make it down and get back up – THOGAR ties the lantern to his belt and we attempt to secure the ropes – wondering where the clackity clacks may be- no time to worry time to move -

CILANDRA in flight works hard to secure the rope- and after rolling a one she bangs her thumb by dropping the hammer! OW!

As we are getting the ropes secure the clackity clackers emerge- first their beady yellow eyes start to appear from the shadows then we see their form Big long arms and tall and yoked- bodies like a giant beetle with bony razor ridges on their backs and arms, head like a vulture and vicious long hooks with claws as arms- and the sickening clicking!
“Oh The Horror”!"


RAIKON is pushed upward and GUNDER and then THOGAR ONYX at the bottom helping push people upward and pulls them up from the cavern

Last one up is ONYX. As she is heading up the rope she is tagged by a creature- a vicious rip to her skin of her back and she lets a out a howl of pain and is pulled up before worse damage can occur

when all are safe at the top GUNDER does some quick laying of hands to ONYX

We have a moment to catch our breath and THOGAR tells us of his struggle- and why he did what he did in casting EARTH FANG to the light of the portal- He said he saw THE MOUNTAIN THAT WALKS – who bade THOGAR to come to him and when THOGAR did not He was shocked with immense pain through his body and very core. OGREMACH swore vengeance on THOGAR and all who fight against him and do not believe.
THOGAR said that " When he spoke to me his voice split my head in two as if rocks were grinding at my very core" He is sure the OGERMACH on earth would crush all mortals who were against him.

THOGAR told us that he knew what he had to do then and released Earth fang to the portal which began the destruction and we can only hope that this is the cause for the implosion and will have prevented the Mountain from walking the earth

CILANDRA navigates us away and back to the one place we have not been able to figure out- the mysterious black inky fog impeding our progress to a part of the dungeon we havent been thought.
CILANDRA and SLIKNY move ahead and cut through and other area where the fog then disappears- We are so glad to find out that the fog did not cause us damage.
There is mist on the ground clinging to the floor which is slick and glistening with moisture – Crude manacles line the walls.

CILANRDA falls down a hole in an area obscured by mist in this humid and moist cavern
There is a weird iron smell- SLINKY alerts CILANDRA that there is some kind of a scratching on the floor
The pit she is in has a ledge an she is able o get around- we all follow and avoid the fall into the pit thanks to CILANDRA’s scouting.
We use our rope signaling – so we can get on the other side – and now we are together and the fog clears giving way to the terrible stench of blood and death ans we then see the debris of recent and not so recent battles, – we see Earth cultist bodies, bear men and big bloated humanoids in various states of decay and some fresh kills.

What comes next from behind the large corpses, a whirling of air riding up looking fearsome and outer worldly and some how armored with scary looking maces at their airy hands.

No one could have imagined these fearsome whirlwinds-
In an amazing quick thinking bout of diplomacy CILANDRA dons a robe of the Howling HATRED taken from the WIndWeirds and speaks to the beings as a member of the air cult cult and is granted passage – attempting to follow suit and using un locked manacles from her pack as a prop , ONYX attempts to bring GUNDER in in the same manner as a prisoner which is against his principles and well, didn’t work on many counts

the battle is ON Us against he Armored tornadoes!

GUNDER magics ONYX’s long sword and the magic sword is imparted to THOGAR

GUNDERR exacts a crit hit with Foebreaker
ONXY misses and is attacked by 3 hits of these opponents
((Stunned- like literally))
Aura of Goodness =22 is cast
RAIKON level 2 thunder wave is cast throwing corpses away but not harming the whirlwinds
ONYX drinks a potion – the one that is for healing
CILANDRA evokes the green mist from her eye
RAIKON shoots a Magic Missile from the Wand which over heats and drops to the ground

ONYX takes another hit and hits the ground- from her ancestry she evokes Relentless Endurance and comes back with an action surge and cleaves on the way back up
CILANDRA’s green mist is effective on these baddies!!!

THOGAR gets into a frenzy and knocks back these terrible foes!!!

Getting closer to the Earth Cult's portal
must destroy...but how?

Hey! it’s a SATURDAY game!

We are back!

In the cavern with the mud pond, the Large and ominous sentinel.
Luckily with CILANDRA’s blinding ash and RAIKON’s spells and some great weapons battling we didin all of the poopy football bats.

All party members affected by the barfy bindings of the bats have been freed and are dusting themselves off.
The large Elemental Sentinel thankfully has been quelled by THOGAR’s commands. And the next directive is to “Take Us to the Portal”

At once the large being heads to the Northeast and we are in tow.
Not knowing what we will encounter all bravely and commitment is mustered!

The portal must be beyond the steep passageway- The large elemental keeps heading north up past a steep hill
The next area is a room with a vaulted ceiling and natural stone columns the purple glow we are familiar with in the cavern’s crystals seems to glow and pulse with more frequency
we keep following north east and the rumbling and shaking becomes stronger and more ominous.

as we go though the next opening he roaring and rumbling is almost deafening and the view is unlike anything we have ever seen-
A colossal cavern with big – Giant shards of crystal – Pulsing purple colors . a pathway ahead with long set of cut steps leading up to a gigantic structure-
GUNDER assures us that this construction is not dwarven.

THOGAR and STONEY walk up the path first – a level up we see 2 more of these large ELEMENTAL figures-
THOGAR says move aside to them in Teren- which they do – except hey do not wish to allow us to pass- which-

Has us go into battle-

THogar gets clipped- sepaning in Teren and COmmon
ONYX throws Thogar over her shoulder and runs
RAIKON shoots a fireball – and vision is temporarily lost in a gout of flame
THOGAR gets off of ONYX"s now goes into a “Rage Against the Stoneys”

CILANDRA works through her creepy eye- a ceaseless gaze

And then she flies up into the cavern.

THOGAR charges up the pathway seemingly driven past his questionable relationship to EARTH FANG and answering to a higher calling
He rushes to what we think is the portal- purple glow emanating brightest and some energy encircling like we have never seen
His hand is driven to take EARTH FANG ans sink it into a vein of light in what he thinks is the center of the portal.

We don’t know if this is really good or really bad- what we do know is that this begins a chain of events in which all the rumbling increases and the entire gargantuan cavern starts to shake and crack.

RAIKON shoots magic missiles on the large elementals
ONYX chops with Talon
THOGAR got hit again and as one of the Stone sentinels is slain, it explodes causing more damage
CILANDRA sends an destructive Eldritch blast and
GUNDER keeps throwing foe breaker
ONYX side steps one of the elemental’s blows
and hits again with her action surge
And we attack our former friend stoney

BY now The rumbling and rupturing of the cavern is so loud in our ears it is deafening like the grinding of rock again rock.
The cavern emits a tremendous groan and collapse is occurring- giant pieces of the ceiling and sides being shook loose.

GUNDER Smites him- he smites him good! \as it is apparent we need to get out and this guy is in our pathway.

RAIKON runs ahead,
CILANDRA is flying around – scouting for escape routes and dodging debris.
ONYX disengages and runs keeping a wary eye on GUNDER who is staying in back to fight
THOGAR disengages and runs
The path is beginning to collapse plenty of falling crystals and columns

The rumbling and crumbling is now permeating our very beings -

a huge crystal slams down on the ground blocking our path -

GUNDER abjures enemy with his vengeance Paladin powers and slows our foe down-

THOGAR and RAIKON get out of the way and move forward
And GUNDER then Misty steps at the right time and more giant holes in the earth are opening!!!!

OH What will happen next???


and for funzies- i don’t think Ogremoch of now is quite as cute as he was in the old days…


Back to the dungeons with a purpose- Destroy the portal
Destroy the portal!

Finishing up our business in Red Larch planning to return to the underground.
A visit to VALIVOE in his shop of many interesting things turns up a book that was sold to him by a mysterious traveler – we give him gold as to what he paid and return it to BRULDENTHAL – Onyx asks for any items of mariner’s tools – for which he has none.

ONYX and GUNDER thank the Blacksmithing family for their help.

with new spells for RAIKON
full spells for CILANDRA
repaired and shiny armor for GUNDER
wounds tended , hit points restored and a sharpening of sword for ONYX
Feeling healed and combed hair despite his introversion for THOGAR

Plan is to head back to the dungeons fortified – with the knowledge from BRULDENTHAL corroborating our thoughts that the portal to the fabled OGREMOCH must be found and destroyed
RHUNDORTH informed us that we were very close to it as to where we found him, although he had never seen it himself – he had heard enough to confirm it;’s existence..

the air is thick and humid and not right,.
it is sweaty and hot

With fresh crumble cakes, rations and water, we leave this time without our trusted ally PERSEPHONE

We head back the path that we know retracing our steps back to the mine entrance.
Through the dungeon passing familiar landmarks and remembering to avoid the floor of the mushroom schroom room ,using the ledge instead. Putting wax in our ears to pass the cavern of deadly singing sirens,

By dinner time we pass the statues and cross the muddy river Once again we jump over the muddy river

Get to the boulder bride and hear the clackity clacks of whatever is dwelling in the caverns beneath the bridge

We pass the shrines and then send slinky in

slinky detects a big bloopy pool of muddy liquid as well a huge armored humanoid is in the room

there are also strange flying creatures the size of a large – football ? Maybe a watermelon
slinky goes next to he lest and sees a large cavemen and field stone

We prepare for battle
comes around to cast fireball over the mudpond

Lumbering scamper
Metallic armor burning light emanates from it’s helmet looks like he is made of rock 8/9
CIlandra casts blinding ash
Gunder throws foe breaker ( eek!! a hearty hit of is 17 not enough )
Thogremach speaks to it using his Teren talk via Iron fang and tells the beast to kneel
The muddy bats attack in splats covering Clandra in
hot mud cinder barf

CILANDRA is in icky mud bondage from the poopy bats
Gunder throws the Foe Breaker hammer at one destroying it

Onyx shoots arrows succesfully
Cilandra gets out
Raikon magic missiles pew pew
Thogar asks in Teren— “where is the portal?”
The answer is “The northern most cavern”
bat devil poopy bats
Onyx destroys another
Raikon destroys another!

A few more of us are ensconced in the poopy bat cinder blech.

We now must pause as our DM is getting very sleeepy…..

Returning Rhundorth to Red Larch
I'm a diplomat not a weapons forger!

8 27 17

Present Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon , Onyx
played: Thogar and Persephone

We begin with an aerial view of our heroes exiting to the surface through the mine shaft breathing above ground air happily and doing grass angels.

At the surface the skies are still full of fury – colored clouds and icy cold winds that leave way for incongruousness air – and the are isolated storms seen off in the distance of the valley.


We escort RHUNDORTH back to Red Larch without incident other than the strange weather and head back to the Swinging sword so as to reunite him with BRULDENTHAR

We find out more about RHUNDORTH on the trail there…he was from the same city of Mirabar as BRULDENTHAR. They did some adventuring in their younger years and studied together.
We arrive to The Swinging Sword smelling of Dungeon Funk and with a grumble in our stomachs smelling the hot food. We are heartily greeted by KAYLESSA who is quick to provide ale and mutton which we tear into.
BRULDENTHAR is seated at a table his long beard folded in the pages of his book. He is studying and writing- several people are at the bar.
Understandably, the reunion of of friends and allies is inspiring and we all sit down with plenty of ale to reconnoiter -
BRULDENTHAR speaks of a dwarven friend of RHUNDORTH ERNDREN-? – who wore acolyte robes-?

And tells us more about the current situation with the fear growing like the danger of the elementals.
In seeking clues to bolster our awareness and assistance we learn about the Ancient city of the BESSLEMARE EMPIRE
The King of the city at it’s height TORHILL FLAMETOUNGE was mighty and the city was a power center with strength deriving from the geodes from there.
BRULDENTHAR read about the underlands- the area deeper than any dungeon ands the evil and dark that dwells there- This is wherethe beings known as the drow come from.
((This strikes a chord in Onyx as she remembers the drow spider woman who escaped after slaying her adopted dwarven brothers.))
The deeper one goes into t he earth the further one goes towards this evil.

He Speaks of the portal – where the elementals come from and how we need to destroy it- this hearkens back to the rumors and theories substantiated in this plane by the helpful birdmen .

He tells us these cult factions are in conflict and the elemental energies are summoning leaders to bring about mass destruction ( sounds like 2017- but i digress)
The document that RHUNDORTH is carrying is an encoded document again – part of the treaty of the alliance between cities and factions covering attacks, and raids and spy networks with evidence notated.

At this time it becomes apparent that PEREPHONE needs to return to the High forest enclave – Golden Fields home of the oldest of all trees in this united place she must go to help her people and others.

((There is a PERSPEHONE retrospective where we reminisce back to the time she joined our party when we found her in a cave – the first time she took a wild shape- a Squirrel! when we were searching the burned out mansion of the Red Brands and the times she most endearingly “Whipped up some good berries”)) – Good times. She will be missed –
(((( GIant Octopus, anyone?!)

She gives RAIKON her wand – Gives us some good berries- and a Nutty potion

WE ask about any information about Aerisi she was sheltered moon elf princess who decided to join the cultist ways of the Howling Hatred. and possesses the weapon windvane once again -

OF note: the legend of the VAIL OF DANCING WATER
West of the Dessairn River and north of Rivergard Keep is a
place called the Vale of Dancing Waters, a secret and sacred Temple of
Dwarves the summer retreat of King Torild Flametongue, and
has relation with the Order of the Gauntlet,

Thhrin rerb durn is a sacred site for dwarves and a shrine for centuries – there are rumors of riches

The HALLS OF THE HUNTING AXE" is the burial site of Tiorild and is in another location -

OF THE BELIEVERS in REDLARCH_ they are definitely shady characters and are conspiring- we are not even sure if we can trust the constable HARBOURUGH ( wife JALESSA , sister of KAYLESSA) these so called Believers may indeed be corrupted agents of the cultists.

The constable is frustrated- the simple half orc GRUND is still in custody and Onyx thinks he may be an un witting patsy to the Believer’s crimes- she makes sure the constable provides him with crumble cake with some coin

BARGUSTUS the retires carpenter confirmed an underground network of moving stones
and the three ringleaders
ALBARO MELLICO of he quarry
ILMETH – of the yard
and LARRAKH- currently out of town.
-exerted power and influence on the BELIEVER Leadership

KAYLESSA wants us to investigate LANCE ROCK
There is evil present and we need to clear the rock- the thought is that is a source of FEL magic and is part and parcel to the current goings on… Stories for travelers say there are fogs and winds deriving from the rock and even during the daytime.

We all need- rest, supplies- RAIKON spell learning and GUNDER needs to have his armor replaced or repaired.

RAIKON goes with BRULDENTHAR and RHUNDORTH back tot he room to transcribe spells- including a boost to healing – he and CIlandra trade off some scrolls

ONYX and GUNDER go the family of Smithing in town who graciously agree to work overnight on repairing brave GUNDER’s armor

As we walk through town these kids come up to us and touch our Armour and weapons and ask us questions
MILAS< HEMMET< NERVA and MIGILI the kids of Red Larch and one is the child of RARLAIR"s clothiers

they tell us of a cave where they were berry picking with strange going’s on…something of a Plague?? ( South of WOMFORD)

We also learn of a mountain ti the north – White Feather Peak? that holds deep within 2 weapons of great power and rumors of the mad wizard of the mountain- KARRAPTUS

Well, that was a lot of learn-in!

Time to get a real rest at the Swinging Sword-

remember the wisdom of Dave, err GUNDER – after a long rest use those hit dice – as it is better to store Hit Points in your body!

The search for Aerisi continues and continues ..but wait we are in the stone dungeon!
A recap

Ah shucks- I wrote this up and didn’t correctly save-
so here we go again!

Present: Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Persephone and Thogar

We needed to Recap!

We know now that there are some very powerful forces at work here that are disturbingly real-
These prices of the elemental planes Archomental and bound for destruction have their fervent followers and these cults will stop at nothing to do their bidding

They also have weapons of great power that go along with their elements and cause great damage ;

The AIR CULT – works and worships for Yan C Bin
The Howling Hatred
The weapon is known as Windvane.
The Prophet leader on this plane is Aerisi

The EARTH/stone CULT – in service to Ogremoch
Cult of the Black Earth
the weapon is known as Earth Fang
We currently have it after slaying the prophet Marlos Urnrayle

The FIRE CULT – in service to Imix
Cult of the Eternal Flame
the weapon is known as Tinder Strike – we do not know of it’s whereabouts
but we have heard of the fire prophet, Vanifer-
if the encounters we have had with the fire cult in the underground as well as burning druid are any indication they are a tough bunch.

THE WATER CULT worships Olhydra
Cult of the Crushing Wave
the weapon is Drown- used on our friends in Red Larch to great flooding destruction- is an orb of some sort
We know very little about this cult-
CIlandra befriended a man named Seruki at the burning druid –
We may have seen the edge of their part of the underground dungeon
and know there is some connection to the above ground out post of river deep deep -as well we may have employed some of the cultists to take us across the river initially by boat.

Symbols to know:

We are underground … the passages smell of fire burning.
We go north east to a widening passage and enter a large cave with a well in the middle with a bubbling substance inside the chamber is humid and quieter- all around us the purplish crystals are glowing and pulsing their purple hue and the rumbling is in the background.

There are worktables around with weapons and armor , tools and chisels.

We search the area devoid of any people or creatures and notice a limp or pile of rags near a slab- could a figure be under there? yes!

removing the material we find chained beneath to be a dwarf-

RHUNDORTH! we have been searching for this delegate from the caravan for a long time he is the diplomat from Mirabar and friend to BRUNDENTHAL
and we give him some food and water-
He informs us that indeed the earth cultist hastily left- and left him there to die-
and the fearsome creatures they rode were Bulettes- and they took those that were left with them

It was our activities that cause them to take flight- we seem to have assurance we are having an impact on the evil designs of destruction!

Cilandra uses her spell of gaseous form on Rhundorth to cleverly get him out of his shackles as the keys to the bindings must have left with the fleeing cultist.

He was taken and conscripted to work for the stone cult who assumed he was a master crafts man, although that is not his main talent . They had him making weapons and armor.

He told us of the ambush on the caravan how raiders from the sky took the delegates

Lady Desenya Noravael ( DEH-say- na) the human Waterdavian ( from Waterdeep) noblewoman and priest of many faiths

Of the weapons- the Water cult weapon- :Drown: is actually a trident was was in the possession of the caravan before it was retaken.

We believe she is now being held bu the Air cult thanks to his telling of the tale.

Teresiel – Female Moon elf diplomat from the Silver moon tribe- Her important function is to deliver the magic seeds of golden fields – yellow seeds that can grow an awakened tree!

as well there were pieces of a document that were coded – the importance of the documents is to forge a treaty between factions and with the alliances gather strengths and resources to join forces against the impending evil.

We decide for the safety of RHUNDORTH we return him to his friend BRULDENTHAR in Red Larch – share as much information as we can and restore all of our weapons armor and health.

Onyx is very inspired by his words- " We may have dealt a very large blow to the stone cultists "

We need to head back to Red Larch which amazingly was not very eventful…
and we were careful and prepared in crossing gargoyle bridge.


The search for Aerisi continues and continues
and continues

Present Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Thogar and Persephone

Our amazing DM hands out some well earned Xp -

Including a bonus x5 for Onyx who remembered the lich we like , Renwick!

As well after the rocky bridge battle Chris fills us in on the hit point situation which isn’t great!

The dust has settled- One of the rock men has rolled away
Persephone does some healing which we all need
Cilandra continues to fly – becoming more skilled a this next chance the had to fly
The clicking and clacking from the cavern below ebbs and flows in volume and frequency almost sounds as if we cheated something out of a snack.

Slinky scouts ahead with Cilandra quietly and cautiously flying some paces behind.

What is seen down a connecting hallway as the wall becomes less rough hewn and more organized and stacked field stone

Opening to a big cavern with sectioned off areas 10- 15 feet wide- they appear to be pens?

On further inspection there are leather like pieces and stacked up weapons .

On the right of the cavern a passage downward and another on the west wall.

The 10 foot high kennels are currently empty upon further inspection. and after examining the tack we think these may be the bullet lizard like critters that the baddies were riding.

slinky poops on their tack.

There is a hum to the cavern and rumbling – filling us with dread- we notice more mud is starting to drip from the ceiling

Taking a meandering path to the right descending to the east we see in a
in a chamber several spots with piles of the purplish crystals which are part of the cavern looks almost like little pedestal shrines.

It seems as if we are alone here – by way of cultists and creatures- no signs of life

Gunder explores the alcoves
we head back to the pens-
Onyx cuts the tack so that it is rendered useless
Persephone turns into a bear – with her keen sense of smell she recognizes the smelly musk of the big armadillo – like creatures we battled previously – and they they currently are not here.
We explore a small narrow off shoot from the pens ans come to a cave and a nest with bedrolls- all abandoned. Must have been a baby musky armadillo thang.

In searching the bedding we find

a bag with a garnet stone – reddish purple crystal gem
coins- 42 gp/ 7 each
a small clay bottle with a bluish liquid that smells acidic and like hot peppers
and some Abjurations – thunder resistance for Raikon


((Wild shape for Druids ; stay in beast shape for the number of hours equal to half your druid level rounded down Persephone can stay in this form for 3 hours.))

Search for Aerisi goes on
Listen to Gunder the Geologist

July 2nd 2017
Present; Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Thogar and Persephone

We begin – dusting ourselves off after a tough battle with stone jerks-

Persphone whips up some goodberries for Gunder and Onyx.
(Note goodberries retain their potency for 24 hours)

A search is done of the room – a pile of gems neatly stacked-
and in the pocket of the stone robed stone cultist
as well a folded up scroll give to Raikon – which will be quite handy- the magic spell for creating magical stone armor- through transmutation
With Cilandra’s good advice, Raikon decides this will be a good one to memorize in a spell book for multiple uses.

1 Amethyst- a purple oblong gem with a crack though it
1 rough cut egg shaped blue moonstone
3 reddish orange carnelians

We pick ourselves up and contemplate finding somewhere to catch a short rest-
in consultation mapping and where we have been Cilanda quips., "" That’s where we killed everybody, so maybe it’s less populated"

Peeking down the passage way to a natural formed tunnel,
Cilandra decides to mind merge with the brave Slinky who forges ahead investigating our possible travel
Passes a cavern with the eerie glow emanating from the violet streaked crystals that line the walls.

In the middle of the next cavern to the left there is a strange sight-
a bubbling mud flow comes flowing down from an opening in the ceiling of the tall cavern spilling onto ledges and falling into a slow flowing mud river and down onto another part of this dungeon-
While contemplating the safe passage we realize that with our ability to get a running start we could jump this muddy little river 6 feet across- and we do!
(Imagine a slow mo scene of all characters jumping in freeze frame over the mud)

note (with a running jump we can cover 1 foot per point of strength)

We take the smooth steps up from the other side and send Slinky ahead for some intel-
Seen ahead is a vast cavern- A change in air is detected and an alteration of the sound indicating an area much bigger.

Though Cilandra’s eyes Slinky reveals a tall cavern with a smooth stone bridge over the dark abyss below. The bridge is about 60 feet across the span and 5 feet in width flanked by large boulders on either side.

Cilandra boldly leads us up to the bridge single file-
Gunder noticing how odd the boulders appear…

we notice a clickty clicking sound coming up form the cavern – could it be rocks falling or something more sinister?

Cilandra first

As we get to the center of the bridge-

Gunder’s premonition comes to fruition-
The boulders begin to move and morph becoming 9 foot tall rock men with glowing eyes!

Onyx shot 2 arrows at the one on her side
(Bird people, where you at?)

Gunder throws foe breaker and falls back-

Persephone turns into a giant spider Spidesephony?!
and shoots a web
(+5 to hit as a ranged weapon attack)

(( Rock Lords theme song interlude thanks to Dave))

Speaking of glowing eyes the clicking from below increases in intensity coming from the sides of the cavern and yellow glowing eyes are seen in the chasm down below-

The Rock men then roll boulders- like bowing balls upon us as their own bowling pins
Gunder is knocked off the bridge and holds on to the edge (eek!)

On Cilandra’s side she is knocked off and falls off the bridge!!! Just as she is about to hit the bottom of the chasm – which is surprisingly not as deep as we thought- she casts fly upon her self, skirting the bottom and what ever might wish for us to fall below…

Thogar uses Earth fang telling the naughty earth elemental on his side to protect us- “Chuckie”
The rock man rolls back up into a boulder and rolls away- back where we came from and off-
to the cavern perhaps to dispatch with whatever the clicking creatures are?

We then realize the boulders are actually enchanted themselves- smaller versions of the rock men intent of knocking us off the bride! These are 6 feet tall and have the ability to swing rock like arms

Raikon shoots magic missiles- pew pew pew pew

Gunder gets up on the smaller boulder and aims to throw his hammer-
our DM encourages him to : “throw the foe, bro”

Onyx tries to move the boulder by her off the bridge is unsuccessful
and Claude "rocky " Bal-boulder gets an flying Eldridge blast from a majestically flying Cilandra – Swoop and Blast!

While below she sees at least 6 tall and yoked bipedal creatures with gorilla like arms and hooks for hands – below the bridge waiting for us to fall in..

Thogar is about to make an attempt to knock the enchanted boulder bowling ball off from his side does stop seeing Gunder on top

Raikon sculpts protective cover for Onyx and lets out a mighty fireball of the the enchanted boulder and the rock lord Balboulder huge hit! (Kapow!)

Gunder hops off the boulder and he and Thogar work together to push it off the bridge-

On Onyx’s turn she tries again ,too and is successful this time and mini rock lord hits the ground

Persephone who had previously provided Onyx with bungee webbing insurance around her ankles comes from under the bridge, alights on the Rock lord and deals the final bite as he breaks apart in pieces and dust with a large rumble!

Before the death blow, Thogar senses that his charm on Rock Lord Chuckie was broken.

We cross the bridge after the dust settles reunited as a group, and hear a different quality to the click clacking sounds below,,
What we cross into is a passage ahead – 10- 20 feet that descends sharply to the North…


Random thoughts:

In the wise words of our DM, “it’s called a trope , because it’s true”


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