Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

Defeat of the Moat Golem

and more assaults from the air cult

3 7 17

Gunder, Raikon, Thogar, Cilandra , Onyx
Played Persephone

Persephone constricts the stone water golem
Raikon cheers
Thogar attacks recklessly, while not raging
Persephone catch and release – Persnaketty!
Cilandra Eldrich Blasts
Thogar takes out earth fang and strikes with thunder and great damage
CIlandra tells us to Brace ourselves!
Onyx squares off and hold tight to the rope that is attached to Thogar
Gunder hits the water and drops in
Thogar attacked with success
The Stone water dwarf emits a bomb
And we are subject to athletics check as out moveme are slowed.
Speed is halved and reactions slowed

We are blessed by Gunder and fight on – Persphone constricts and
Cilandra deals the death blow with an Eldritch blast!
Who said it-
“People In this town should wear earplugs” Cilandra- ha!

Onyx pulls Thogar out of the water with the rope and Raikon helps

With Persph a snakes help we pull from the bottom of the water_
A gem and golden goblet, a strange pendant with a n eye in the middle :

Seems fitting that Cilandra would be intrigued by this relic

We dust ourselves off shake off the water and collect our wits -
not soon after Gunder in his exploratory ways moves ahead to investigate a statue
Dwarvven made of Quartz of Moradin-

in a courtyard with darkness ahead- from the North and West a screech is heard

suddelnly apeear from places unkown
3 guys and then 2 guys- air ciltists!

Flying in and on the ground-
Gunder attiacks the Flying wizard and hurts him-
Onyx shoots arrows at he wizard and scors a 20 and a 1 – good shot on one and th other arrow she drops
Raikon shootrs at foreboth at " Dagger Joe"

Persepho-snake does a snake dash

“Stagger joe” killed by Gunder

The DM voices Thogar for a moment who says of the “kung fu Joes”

""I don’t like people who don’t fight with weapons"__

The flying wizard now know as “peter Pan Joe”
Cilandra eldrich blasts
and Gunder knocks him out cold

an arrow comes out at us plunking on the ground

Onyx slays a Kung fu joe
Persephone constricts a crow man who was screeching
Gunder hurts one bad
Thogar goes on reckless attack mode on the Crow archer

The crows uses Gunders voice in the mimicry- Which is so weird to hear

Thogar pops the Crow’s head off

The next Kung fu joe is killed by Onyx
Peter Pan fly guy while wounded, flies away to the unknown
( disappear- poof)

Slinky looks for somewhere for us to rest



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