Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

Search for Aerisi

We continue

Present : Cilandra, Gunder, Daikon, Onyx
Played Persephone and Thogar

We begin – tried but undaunted

Looking downward we see the elemental energies in oily sparking gems And smell an acrid smell of burning fire which is familiar to us- are we near the fire cult’s part on the dungeon?
Persephone is very drained and cures wounds on herself.
She “whips up” some good berries for herself and Thogar
Gunder heals himself and Thogar

We see some stone statues of rough hewn humanoids with grim and stern expressions

Next to the statues is a living guard

Sending slinky up for a closer observation the information comes back these are guards wearing the familiar armor of the stone cultists!

Cilandra our intelligent negotiator decides to talk to them offering a “Good morning”-
And Thogar reveals he is holding Earth Fang

They recognize us seeing the rest of our party
One armed guard takes off running to get reinforcements
The other immediately attacks Thogar

Raikon blasts a firebolt protecting the rest of the party with his wizard pockets

Gunder uses his amazing hammer to strike

Onyx runs up to join the fray
Two giant stone golems manifest from the ground and one hits Thogar hard.


Cilandra evokes her eye directs it upon the escaping Cultist and successfully holds him in paralysis

Thogar attempts to use the power of Earth fang to “Dominate Monster”

Persephone Invokes moonbeam ( her 5 foot of magically damaging spot light that can go 40 foot high) on the stone creature to try and stop their assault.

They emanate purple glow and light as if they were part of the crystals in this cavern.

While firebolts are cast and crown of madness, Cilandra is attempting to tie up the paralyzed guard and disarm him to be certain she stops the potential alarm being sounded by our arrival in this cavern.

Onyx is now wielding Talon allowing her to take two handed strikes with magic – chipping away at these stone behemoths with more success than before

Persephone gets bumped hard by the stone golems

Cilandra still working on tying up the guard

Onyx is hit hard and hits the ground-
With her orc fight comes back from the dead and musters up energies to continue to fight

Persephone low on hit points turns back into what is becoming a favorite and kick ass animal shape a giant snake

Gunder continues his assault on stone foes
Raikon readys a spell an sculpts safety for the team

Thogar goes into frenzy mode- please note-
“Not a mindless frenzy, just a frenzy”

Onyx destroys one into shattering pieces
Persphone bites and kills.



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