Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

Searching for Aerisi

Come down from there, Persephone!

Present; Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Persephone and Thogar

We are in the super tall natural cavern familiar to us from before with the strange music coming from above

The ground is littered with corpses of thee unfortunate
humanoid lizards, A large dead ogre and what looks like the robe remains of a halfling.

Persephone is climbing seemingly entranced and about 10 feet up already
Onyx climbs up towards her with Thogar,
Gunder casts abjure
and Cilandra attempts to speak to Persephone in her head.
As Persephone is abjured, she begins to fall and Onyx reaches out and grabs Persephone
While remaining strong and holding fast to the wall-
And Our amazing Druid lives another day!

Once upon the ground we quickly get thorough the room and get to the dark stairway

We encounter a strange wall of blackness that befuddles all of our magic detection spells.
There sis some kind of psychic push back to the is blackness

As we walk around the crystals on the wall burst out in colorful but sharp jagged pieces and the sound effect by or DM beat box Chris is amazing

Next up is a large circular room
We spy upon a strange creature never encountered before luckily before it sees us.

A Large egg shaped creature
With 3 arms and 3 legs
and heavy lidded eyes
big barrel round body
with a mouth ans sharp teeth on the top of it’s head.
It’s skin seems to be made of rock and it making
slurping sucking sounds as it is being fed by
a creepy large robed humanoid.

CIlandra is not having any of this and decides to take action by activating her
snowball storm scroll!

A tempest of cold and bludgeoning damage suddenly is beset on these two foes
With the advantage of taking the first hits
Onyx shoots two arrows that hit the creature hard
Raikon exacts his pew pew pew magic missile attack
Gunder wields his trust foe breaker hammer
Thogar runs up and chucks a javelin

A second robed dude enters he fray with a nasty looking mace and covers himself with magical stone armor

Persephone conjures two tigers to help us fight
Raikon casts firebolt
Thogar gets attacked with a slash and bite from the garbage can monster mouth
Tiger gets a critical hit on the monster mouth
Cilandra hexes and eldritch blasts
Gunder chucks with foe breaker with fury
Thogar goes into rage and frenzy bezerker mode and
with his regular axe kills the first robed man and takes a second attack on the creature
Persephone pulls out her wand ans hits twice on the creature
Raikon hits again the trash can creature with magic missiles

The tiger bites the trash can but the tiger cant bite the man
Gunder foe breaker hammer thrown and damages the trash can man
Onyx uses her strength and talon for an attack, but is then grabbed by a conjured stone hand that erupts from the ground
and enchantment we are all too familiar with down here,

Persephone runs to the wounded Thogar and chucks a javelin at the beastie
Gunder protects and lays hands of healing on Thogar
Onyx attempts to strike again and misses badly taking damage form the robed foes’ shatter spell

Persephone poison sprays the trash can man
(Fe-breeze the baddie!)

Raikon dishes out another fireball
The tiger bites and misses
Cilandra begins to speak in tongues evoking her spooky yet stylish eye and Green vapor begins to swirl around her body and sends off a burning green cloud ( heh heh)
Of “Cursed Mist”

The stone armored wizard explodes and shrapnel goes flying-
as it is said, “We somehow survive”

Onyx blacks out after taking much damage but revives herself from the strength of her orc elders with Relentless Endurance

We are batters yet victorious and find some neatly stacked gems…

Until next time – anyone have a potion of healing???



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