Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The Missing Caravan 1 17 2017

The Bird men from another plane!

Present: Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played: Thogar and Persephone

We began with a recant of the events which lead us to the top of the Sire of the AIR CULT;

The Leader, THURL of the AIR CULT had us out numbered a the top of the spire.

He addressed us with gleeful force; “We in service of the Mighty YANCY BIN and we thank you for stopping the growth of Ogremach and will feast in your honor – with great regret we will be drinking from your skulls after we retrieve them from the bottom of the tower! The Prince of Elemental Air – the HOWLING HATRED
“Yes we knew you were coming back and we will now revel and drink to our good fortune.,
I see you have EARTH FANG the mighty weapon although someone with your tribal trappings is not fit to wield it” – said to THOGAR

We are reminded how we are saved by the BIRD MEN Gunder, Onyx and Daikon in mid fall- Thogar reluctantly – and carried and flown … while Cilandra flies by spell and Persephone turned into a giant spider allowing her to make it down safely.

The flight was heart pounding- travelling abound hoodoos and through caverns with strong wind in our faces being stung by the drops of rain. Whisked past a wall of granite deftly we enter into a large fissure – as a land mark there is a large tree on the side of the cliff.
Despite the rapid flight and strength of our winged allies they touch down gently into a dimly lit cavern. There are jagged rocks overhead and strange swirling pattern son the floor. A small fire buns in a brazier in the middle of the cave… Misty ground on the earth.

Cilandra casts the comprehend language spell and soon are communicating with the leader of the BIRD MEN-
5-6 feet tall – strong and winged- with arms and hands and taloned feet.
CROCATOC Has been aware of or group for a long time and saw the hunt with the AIR PEOPLE and Gunder and Tyion.- “Hunting the Spiky Beast”
There are a total of 7 BIRD MEN- 3 are missing from their rescue attempt
Around the lair are rudimentary but effective weapons- mostly spears,.
The camp is not sophisticated, but orderly.
CROCATOC continues – Tells us the BIRD MEN are form the Elemental Plane of air and sent here to monitor the growing strength and questionable activities of t “THE HOWLING HATRED” – Their excursion is the investigate and correct problems..The situation is dire and the Elements are in chaos.

We discuss the weapons of the cults with our understanding growing- 4 distinct cults and four deadly weapons that may be affecting the very fabric of this world.

WINDAVANE is the weapon of the air cult- It is a wicked spear in appearance with dangerous power created By Yancy Bin currently in the hand of ARIECIE- Who must be MARLOS’ equivalent to the air people- she is currently not in the tower to the knowledge of CROCATOC.

The weapon comes from the ELEMENTAL PLANE OF AIR-

The Brazier is the connection portal to their plane and we are all amazed to meet the birdmen and see evidence of our growing awareness of the existence of the outer planes-as previously discussed as rumor and then by way of Cilandra’s reading.

We decide to team up with the BIRDMEN to find their fallen and Persephone- Pikatoo is out looking for Persephone who is still a giant spider- creeping around and observing a riderless giant vulture poking around the pits which are littered with what she presumes are the discards of unlucky people tossed from the to p of the spire.

She observes red hawks – Blood hawks gathering ominously in a pack mentality

We must watch out for Griffins, Cultists , dog people and other dangers.
When Cilandra and Gunder go out with the BIRDMEN on the look out for their fallen comrades we find and heal one of the missing – 2 cannot be saved- and Arrows are shot from along the river at the search party.

Reunited back the the BIRDMEN’s lair- we decide to take a rest and go out at daybreak to the underground entrance to the spire- as we realize there is certainly component to the above ground tower. Everyone expresses their resolve to work for the ending of this cult.
“your cause is our cause”
The discussion out of earshot of THOGAR is that the time for EARTH FANG to be removed from him is drawing near-
this weapon is corrupting him-
is powerful yet loud in execution-
is immediately a sign to potential allies that we are not to be trusted and worst of all – may be continuing under his use to the collapse of the earth we live on, –
as in sinkholes are still coming up around us even after the death of MARLOS.
If this is the case we need to figure out how to disarm or keep safe this weapon before planning to remove EARTH FANG from THOGAR

Notes- the FLOATING FORGING WOMAN_ from he EARTH CULT dungeon- is she from an elemental plane? forger of magic weapons?

The BIRD MEN allow us to go through their lost and found chest- items they " have no need for" and say “Take what we need”
we take a gem and some coin as well as a POTION OF NECROMANCY
Onyx takes an Onion.



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