Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The Missing Caravan 10 23 16

Defeating Karbo

We start out doing some much needed healing

Onyx has the defeated Earth Monk HELEN RAY mask in her bag

from the library, Solandra takes the Book;
" The Ways of Other Planes and the Power" – extra planar existence
This book used for the belief of the Earth Cult that the Prince OGREMACH will come and take away…

In the library 4 Earth Monks were slain

TARON is the language of the Elemental Earth

Obtained: from a bone scroll holder:
Faine of Eye Central Power Scroll
Erupting Earth Scroll
Dust Devil Scroll

The next battle is with The Wizard, KARBO our wanted foe and his men

Two Tigers, Two Two Tigers…
are better than One!



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