Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The Missing Caravan 2 26 17

There's Something in The Water Besides Thogar

2 26 17
Present Cilandra, Raikon, Gunder, Thogar, Onyx
Played- Persephone

Our Dm has asked us rascals
to dial it back 20 % or else he predicts we will take a long time to get through this adventure.

We return to the top room of the steppe pyramid where we were battling vulture demons


One demon vulture had fallen last time we met but we had another rotten one to contend with

Onyx shoots arrows, gets a nasty bite
Persephone continues to fix her moon beam on the beastie
Thogar rages and jumps exacting much damage
Gunder and Raikon move together – in a protective manner
CIlandra’s ash cloud continues to do damage and provide a safe haven for the party below.
Persphone’s moonbeam works more magical damage but the demon continues
Onyx shoots and arrow , but then is terribly slashed by the demon
Thogar throws the final death blow and slays the second demon – it like the other one turns into an inky sticky stinky rotten stench of black goo.

Cilandra maps the room – the small version of the land around us.
Onyx slays the remaining cultists whacked out in a stupor by the heavy incense int he room.

We take a short rest and heal up

Leave the pyramid and go look at the moat

Looking around we attempt to be careful – there is a strong waterfall –
Thogar eventually decides to go into the water as he saw something sparking below-

A rope is tied to him to onyx and an additional rope is tied to onyx and held by the rest of the party.

To our shock a giant humanoid figure is activated under water and begins to try and take out thogar!

The rope gets caught on the large – stone creature- and we see Thogar emerge from the water as he attempts to run over it’s shoulder!

Persephone becomes a powerful giant constrictor snake and does some damage and eventually we get thogar freed and he comes out of the water after Onyx three tugs

When Thogar is released the sends out a blast from Earth Fang uses a witch bolt and Cilandra an Eldrich blast
Persephone bites and constricts.

We call this the splash and dash!

“Some People are Touched by and Angel, I was Bit by a Demon” – Onyx quote that Cilandra says should be a bumper sticker- for a cart.



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