Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The Missing Caravan - MORE EARTH CULT

Battle with the Grey Stone Dwarves

Back in the game and back in the battle!

Present :
Solandra, Thogar, Gunder, Persepone, Gunder
2 rescued prisoners

Immediately back in battle with Grey Stone Dwarves who appeared most likely due to the incredible amount of noise we tend to make in battle.
4 are visible
1 invisible
They have the ability to increase in size


((Emiggneded Dwarves!))

They demand for us to drop our weapons and hand over Earth Fang which Thogar will never do!

Pesrphone turns into a snake
Solandra used a scroll to evoke an assistant in Battle- Dusty The Dust Devil !
Dusty creates a fair abound of Chos for our opponents

We defeat the Stone Dwarves

We return to RENFIELD CARADOON’s dwelling

In RENFIELD CARADOON’s request for us to return to him the body of his brother in the ornate sarcophagus in Summit hall interned by LADY SHING STORM BANNER
" Here Lies SAMOLAR CARADOON Defender of the North"


In regard to using the scroll to invoke Dusty:
" Dead Warlocks Transcribe No Scrolls"



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