Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The search for Aerisi continues

Funny thing- it's A Fein!

May 17
Present Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Gunder
Played Persephone, Thogar

We came from the East
Big Tall Cavern
Grim statues – one dead guard – the other hog tied by Cilandra and still alive
Either Gunder , Cilandra or both stop on the stone guard’s toes to get him to talk- he does not like it

Gunder begins to study his new and incredible new weapon Foe Breaker
We aske questions of the guard who is very committed to the cause and confirm the obvious brainwashed stone cultist waiting for Ogremach
No knowledge or where Aerisii.

We need to rest- for Thogar, Persephone and Onyx are feeling beat up – very woozy and weak

After realizing we can’t get anything useful out of the stone guard for whom death is part of returning to the earth we decide to adopt a CSI dungeon mindset and leave an air robe clutched it the dead hand of the soldier-
We do search their corpses and discover some gold and silver and gems –
As we contemplate some place to take refuge
Slinky our brave and silent scout is put into action again –
Slinky glides through a door to a room we have yet to investigate finding on the inside every disturbing oily black and wispy fog – feeling the humid mysterious air evokes feelings of fear and discomfort.
Gunder detects the fog and deeps it “Guaranteed demon free”
Yet, as a great criteria for a place to rest the lack of demons doesn’t dispel the humid spooky fog.
We pass the dead big guys we almost played a game with
And rue heading back into the room of fungus and mushrooms
Lucky for us upon entering this part of the cavern form this direction we notice a much safer passage via a ledge.
We end up back where

The next room is the strange “flying mermaid room” – the same dead bodies are there and successfully we pass

Slinky looks around the burned out store fronts of the old merchants square – we hole up in what looks like the safest-
Miraculously we are able to complete a long rest, albeit fitful and not wholly restful
With renewed vigor

We decide to head back – retrace our steps through the pyramid and see if anything has changed
And contemplate going through the strange windy portal-
We see that same scene and smells and then retrace back to the room where we left the slaves after freeing them of their – Captors-? ( We thought they might like that)
They are gone the wheels are still..
We devise a plan to figure out what these wheels do ….with a fire line and communication line-
Onyx and Thogar turn the wheels in every possible combination figured out by Raikon.
Eventually we figure out what these wheels do – again in no small part by the help of slinky scout who investigated the mechanisms from below-
Thee wheels control the water flowing in the incredibly well crafted Dwarven moat water feature around the pyramid,
When we figure out how to eliminate the water-
More treasure is revealed!
torque with gems, Pieces of the defeated stone golem, a couple rings and a goblet with small red gems

We return the water to it’s regular state after seeing all we needed to see-
And head back to the wind weirds

the wind weirds – who are still playing their horrible music-
( sound clip here)
Wind harrow clubs the flautist and fires him saying he could do better-
Tells us the of the name of the wind tunnel- in the pyramid…. “ the fein –“
And we actually almost get ourselves in trouble asking to many odd questions about the whereabouts of Aerisi
Cilandra plays it off

With our new knowledge we decide to approach descending the feign with caution and then delight in it’s feather fall action – and fid for all our caution we are in a place that connected dot he tunnels below the worm hole!

There are several ways out and As Raikon had mentioned – the paths unexplored are the ones we should explore next-

We intend to do as such and need to cross the flying mermaid cavern again – and when we do – Cilandra reminds ups to plug our ears- all are successful in the rebuff except Persephone-
Who leaves up with a real cliff hanger as she breaks away and tries to climb up the cliff to the music!




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