Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)


The Real Thogar is back

November 12 2017
Present! Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, THOGAR! And Onyx

We dust ourselves off after the incredible battle against the elemental armored whirlwinds – PSHEW!
We search the fallen corpses
And take note that there are at least 12 bodies some from other cults – stone and air – and two from the fire cult… This seems like some crossroads for the cults.
Amongst bloated ogres some rotten corpses months old, others fresher.
Despite the search no items of any interest or value were discovered.
We are all a bit beat down by the proceedings- GUNDER does some healing, the last of Persephone’s goodberries are ingested.
we need to investigate more of the corridor of inky blackness to the opposite of where we came from
CILANDRA sends Slinky in- The brave little snake detects an eerie green glow and musty smell – (Elemental Plumbing?)

WE need to find a place to rest if we are going to continue our assault on the cults- We have the Tower of the Air Cultists in our sights
We think and think and talk and talk of a place to rest in this all too unrestful dungeon

THOGAR uses his recently remembered useful magical bronze torch which casts a funky green light and does not create heat.
We make our way out of the other side of the inky blackness to a familiar part of the dungeon. We go back through the sirens room plugging our ears with wax and linking arms to avoid and temptation to ascend- THOGAR suggests we climb to the nest and kill what waits there for a good sleep – we hug the wall and go down the narrow pathway and come to the large pit which we can go through to get to the worm pit- which has at the bottom crudely hewn and latched on steps at the bottom of the bones.
We make our way back to the former area of trade for the dwarven underground and remember some of our foes from then including the face huggers and the crow men.
Finally coming to a conclusion that we would truly benefit from a full reboot by returning to Red Larch . Outside the thunder and lightning has picked up and wind… GUNDER summons his battle goat to carry him to town

Terrible rain begins with big wet raindrops making our travel difficult- torrents of rain making all of CILANDRA released slinky and Summons Pikatoo.

We rely on ThOGAR to be our navigator as the terrible rains have rendered the topography unfamiliar as many times as we have made out way back too Red Larch.

The party is extraordinarily happy to return to the Swinging Sword – where we eat drink dry off and seek any new news-
We all get a long rest and recharge – getting the last of healing before the restorative sleep –

CILNDRA is visited by a huge wind and wicked whispers on the wind with threatening words from Aericie who taunts us through her
RAIKON sees a terrible vision of the water cultists coming towards town in the distance once again carrying what we can only imagine is the horrible weapon of water destruction.
Leveling up happens while we recuperate – ONYX feels a great confidence in her strength
With plans to head out to the tower, looking to the distance RAIKON shakes his head as his vison from last night seems to be coming true- the distance shows figures headed to Red Larch!

As well a breathless rider- the son of a farmer comes to tell us that there is another faction Hooded figures coming to town with a wagon and a large box and the symbols on the cloaks match the description of the water cult!

ONYX and GUNDER and Battle Goat head toward the wagon, ONYX running and leaping and GUNDER charging on the goat

CILANDRA, TOGAR and RAIKON head toward the figures in the opposite direction carrying the box and.. that is today’s cliff hanger!



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