Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

Back to the dungeons with a purpose- Destroy the portal

Destroy the portal!

Finishing up our business in Red Larch planning to return to the underground.
A visit to VALIVOE in his shop of many interesting things turns up a book that was sold to him by a mysterious traveler – we give him gold as to what he paid and return it to BRULDENTHAL – Onyx asks for any items of mariner’s tools – for which he has none.

ONYX and GUNDER thank the Blacksmithing family for their help.

with new spells for RAIKON
full spells for CILANDRA
repaired and shiny armor for GUNDER
wounds tended , hit points restored and a sharpening of sword for ONYX
Feeling healed and combed hair despite his introversion for THOGAR

Plan is to head back to the dungeons fortified – with the knowledge from BRULDENTHAL corroborating our thoughts that the portal to the fabled OGREMOCH must be found and destroyed
RHUNDORTH informed us that we were very close to it as to where we found him, although he had never seen it himself – he had heard enough to confirm it;’s existence..

the air is thick and humid and not right,.
it is sweaty and hot

With fresh crumble cakes, rations and water, we leave this time without our trusted ally PERSEPHONE

We head back the path that we know retracing our steps back to the mine entrance.
Through the dungeon passing familiar landmarks and remembering to avoid the floor of the mushroom schroom room ,using the ledge instead. Putting wax in our ears to pass the cavern of deadly singing sirens,

By dinner time we pass the statues and cross the muddy river Once again we jump over the muddy river

Get to the boulder bride and hear the clackity clacks of whatever is dwelling in the caverns beneath the bridge

We pass the shrines and then send slinky in

slinky detects a big bloopy pool of muddy liquid as well a huge armored humanoid is in the room

there are also strange flying creatures the size of a large – football ? Maybe a watermelon
slinky goes next to he lest and sees a large cavemen and field stone

We prepare for battle
comes around to cast fireball over the mudpond

Lumbering scamper
Metallic armor burning light emanates from it’s helmet looks like he is made of rock 8/9
CIlandra casts blinding ash
Gunder throws foe breaker ( eek!! a hearty hit of is 17 not enough )
Thogremach speaks to it using his Teren talk via Iron fang and tells the beast to kneel
The muddy bats attack in splats covering Clandra in
hot mud cinder barf

CILANDRA is in icky mud bondage from the poopy bats
Gunder throws the Foe Breaker hammer at one destroying it

Onyx shoots arrows succesfully
Cilandra gets out
Raikon magic missiles pew pew
Thogar asks in Teren— “where is the portal?”
The answer is “The northern most cavern”
bat devil poopy bats
Onyx destroys another
Raikon destroys another!

A few more of us are ensconced in the poopy bat cinder blech.

We now must pause as our DM is getting very sleeepy…..



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