Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

Fighting water cultists

Fight against the Tide!

We are back!
January 14, 2018

South wagon
5-6 baddies carry the weapon in the arc of the covenant style half mile away as in Raikon’s vision

4-5 cultists in the horse drawn carriage rushing towards town as forewarned by the farmer’s son on horseback.

GUNDER and ONYX head to the wagon- yelling and telling the kid to WAKE THE TOWN!!!

GUNDER is standing up on the battle goat hard charging towards the wagon
The town is still wet- and the kid is yelling to the town to wake up!
The Group with the hand carried weapon stops and the cultists show themselves to be armed with jagged blades spears javelin
Blue hued men with one eye covered with an eye patch
There seems to be a body guard protecting the conjurer standing in front of him like a shield and he is mad dogging THOGAR, CLIANDRA and RAIKON
The carriers put the box down and the priest starts conjuring – making hand gestures and speaking words above and around the box

CILANDRA moves up and hexes the fools and exacts an eldritch blast
THOGAR runs up and prepares to fiiiight!
On closer look some of the guys are human yet oddly similar in appearance- bluish hue to their skin- with big gnarly beards and a patch covering one eye
2 Big guys attack THOGAR One hits him- ow!
A Bluish dude with an eyepatch leers and glares at CILANDRA
He lifts up his eyepatch and uses entropic word – getting all matrix like
Another bluish guy raises his eyepatch and focuses a beam on THOGAR who avoids it
RAIKON comes in and casts his mighty Fireball spell pocketing THOGAR and some cows to protect them from damage

Now to the CART
The box is open on top of the cart
One cultist is driving
2 guys on side of cart with cross bows and javelins
There are bluish man with a large scraggly beard and leather and fur vest
Looks at GUNDER lifting his eye patch and casting a beam from his eye
Shockingly cold eye blast !!the goat is fine but GUNDER is frozen

ONYX is struck by a crossbow bolt but it’s just a scratch
GUNDER uses Foe breaker on the wagon’s front wheels and throws it !!! The wagon wheels with two punishing hits – wheel cracks and wood breaks the driver falls off

CILANDRA is squaring off she casts banish on the 2 blue hued dudes
THOGAR goes into a frenzied rage giving it his all
He rages and bezerks recklessly
Hitting one of the guys who is now super dead.
THOGAR takes a hit
The BLUE hue guy evaporates and then reappears right in front of CILANDRA getting up in her face
He tries to intimidate her but she’s not having any of it!
He Tries to cast a spell on her but she cannot be frightened or charmed
RAIKON casts another killer fireball spell – severely burning some of the cultists- tufts on fire!
eye patch guy jumps off and tumbles and then shoots his eye beam at GUNDER
ONYX takes a swipe with her sword
GUNDER exacts a divine smite and smote-d some damage
Gnarly ugly blue dude with a dagger casts a fog eye over the wagon and surrounds obscuring our vision
A speaker is chucked at ONYX and lands near her feet-
She uses her orcish sense of smell locates the Blue dude and strikes a Critical hit and chops him in his eye hole
GUNDER and battle goat get out of the fog just in time to see ONYX’s hit
With his thunderous smite GUNDER also has a Critical hit clinging on the shaggy goat
Inspired dread eye sockets
Feel a weird aura and shrug it off
- “Dust that weird aura offa my shoulder”
The Goat charges at the cart fast and swift
“Not Goats, No Glory”
ONYX does some Orc-cour and avoids another hit
And GUNDER does a fibbidy smack and his hammer thuds against the baddie.
ONYX gets stabbed by the nasty blue guys dagger and feels frozen from the inside out where the wound is.
Cart then stalls due to the broken wheels and
The priest rubs his head as he is hit by the dwarven hammer
Javelin Joe takes another swipe
ONYX has a critical miss and her sword clatters on the ground
GUNDER thunderously smites with his hammer and kills the priest and then attacks Javelin Joe
Next hit- ONYX finally does in the other priest and watches as the spooky light fades form his eye socket
THOGAR makes it over to our battle as he ran at full speed to us and smacks a guy outta nowhere.
GUNDER gets hit by Javelin joe who he wouldn’t attack earlier as his back was turned.- Such a honorable paladin.
ONYX hits and slashes one time
GUNDER knocks him out dead , dead!
THOGAR deals a finishing blow – pshew!

We did it ! The fog clears and the dust settles the broken cart still – both of the the water orbs are hovering over the boxes they travelled here in.

NEW WORD: CONSTENTRATION constitution and concentration
Concept- the Javelin of Travelin’



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