Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

Returning Rhundorth to Red Larch

I'm a diplomat not a weapons forger!

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Present Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon , Onyx
played: Thogar and Persephone

We begin with an aerial view of our heroes exiting to the surface through the mine shaft breathing above ground air happily and doing grass angels.

At the surface the skies are still full of fury – colored clouds and icy cold winds that leave way for incongruousness air – and the are isolated storms seen off in the distance of the valley.


We escort RHUNDORTH back to Red Larch without incident other than the strange weather and head back to the Swinging sword so as to reunite him with BRULDENTHAR

We find out more about RHUNDORTH on the trail there…he was from the same city of Mirabar as BRULDENTHAR. They did some adventuring in their younger years and studied together.
We arrive to The Swinging Sword smelling of Dungeon Funk and with a grumble in our stomachs smelling the hot food. We are heartily greeted by KAYLESSA who is quick to provide ale and mutton which we tear into.
BRULDENTHAR is seated at a table his long beard folded in the pages of his book. He is studying and writing- several people are at the bar.
Understandably, the reunion of of friends and allies is inspiring and we all sit down with plenty of ale to reconnoiter -
BRULDENTHAR speaks of a dwarven friend of RHUNDORTH ERNDREN-? – who wore acolyte robes-?

And tells us more about the current situation with the fear growing like the danger of the elementals.
In seeking clues to bolster our awareness and assistance we learn about the Ancient city of the BESSLEMARE EMPIRE
The King of the city at it’s height TORHILL FLAMETOUNGE was mighty and the city was a power center with strength deriving from the geodes from there.
BRULDENTHAR read about the underlands- the area deeper than any dungeon ands the evil and dark that dwells there- This is wherethe beings known as the drow come from.
((This strikes a chord in Onyx as she remembers the drow spider woman who escaped after slaying her adopted dwarven brothers.))
The deeper one goes into t he earth the further one goes towards this evil.

He Speaks of the portal – where the elementals come from and how we need to destroy it- this hearkens back to the rumors and theories substantiated in this plane by the helpful birdmen .

He tells us these cult factions are in conflict and the elemental energies are summoning leaders to bring about mass destruction ( sounds like 2017- but i digress)
The document that RHUNDORTH is carrying is an encoded document again – part of the treaty of the alliance between cities and factions covering attacks, and raids and spy networks with evidence notated.

At this time it becomes apparent that PEREPHONE needs to return to the High forest enclave – Golden Fields home of the oldest of all trees in this united place she must go to help her people and others.

((There is a PERSPEHONE retrospective where we reminisce back to the time she joined our party when we found her in a cave – the first time she took a wild shape- a Squirrel! when we were searching the burned out mansion of the Red Brands and the times she most endearingly “Whipped up some good berries”)) – Good times. She will be missed –
(((( GIant Octopus, anyone?!)

She gives RAIKON her wand – Gives us some good berries- and a Nutty potion

WE ask about any information about Aerisi she was sheltered moon elf princess who decided to join the cultist ways of the Howling Hatred. and possesses the weapon windvane once again -

OF note: the legend of the VAIL OF DANCING WATER
West of the Dessairn River and north of Rivergard Keep is a
place called the Vale of Dancing Waters, a secret and sacred Temple of
Dwarves the summer retreat of King Torild Flametongue, and
has relation with the Order of the Gauntlet,

Thhrin rerb durn is a sacred site for dwarves and a shrine for centuries – there are rumors of riches

The HALLS OF THE HUNTING AXE" is the burial site of Tiorild and is in another location -

OF THE BELIEVERS in REDLARCH_ they are definitely shady characters and are conspiring- we are not even sure if we can trust the constable HARBOURUGH ( wife JALESSA , sister of KAYLESSA) these so called Believers may indeed be corrupted agents of the cultists.

The constable is frustrated- the simple half orc GRUND is still in custody and Onyx thinks he may be an un witting patsy to the Believer’s crimes- she makes sure the constable provides him with crumble cake with some coin

BARGUSTUS the retires carpenter confirmed an underground network of moving stones
and the three ringleaders
ALBARO MELLICO of he quarry
ILMETH – of the yard
and LARRAKH- currently out of town.
-exerted power and influence on the BELIEVER Leadership

KAYLESSA wants us to investigate LANCE ROCK
There is evil present and we need to clear the rock- the thought is that is a source of FEL magic and is part and parcel to the current goings on… Stories for travelers say there are fogs and winds deriving from the rock and even during the daytime.

We all need- rest, supplies- RAIKON spell learning and GUNDER needs to have his armor replaced or repaired.

RAIKON goes with BRULDENTHAR and RHUNDORTH back tot he room to transcribe spells- including a boost to healing – he and CIlandra trade off some scrolls

ONYX and GUNDER go the family of Smithing in town who graciously agree to work overnight on repairing brave GUNDER’s armor

As we walk through town these kids come up to us and touch our Armour and weapons and ask us questions
MILAS< HEMMET< NERVA and MIGILI the kids of Red Larch and one is the child of RARLAIR"s clothiers

they tell us of a cave where they were berry picking with strange going’s on…something of a Plague?? ( South of WOMFORD)

We also learn of a mountain ti the north – White Feather Peak? that holds deep within 2 weapons of great power and rumors of the mad wizard of the mountain- KARRAPTUS

Well, that was a lot of learn-in!

Time to get a real rest at the Swinging Sword-

remember the wisdom of Dave, err GUNDER – after a long rest use those hit dice – as it is better to store Hit Points in your body!


Hey Dm did you correct the details about old trees?

Returning Rhundorth to Red Larch

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