Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

Search for Aerisi goes on

Listen to Gunder the Geologist

July 2nd 2017
Present; Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Thogar and Persephone

We begin – dusting ourselves off after a tough battle with stone jerks-

Persphone whips up some goodberries for Gunder and Onyx.
(Note goodberries retain their potency for 24 hours)

A search is done of the room – a pile of gems neatly stacked-
and in the pocket of the stone robed stone cultist
as well a folded up scroll give to Raikon – which will be quite handy- the magic spell for creating magical stone armor- through transmutation
With Cilandra’s good advice, Raikon decides this will be a good one to memorize in a spell book for multiple uses.

1 Amethyst- a purple oblong gem with a crack though it
1 rough cut egg shaped blue moonstone
3 reddish orange carnelians

We pick ourselves up and contemplate finding somewhere to catch a short rest-
in consultation mapping and where we have been Cilanda quips., "" That’s where we killed everybody, so maybe it’s less populated"

Peeking down the passage way to a natural formed tunnel,
Cilandra decides to mind merge with the brave Slinky who forges ahead investigating our possible travel
Passes a cavern with the eerie glow emanating from the violet streaked crystals that line the walls.

In the middle of the next cavern to the left there is a strange sight-
a bubbling mud flow comes flowing down from an opening in the ceiling of the tall cavern spilling onto ledges and falling into a slow flowing mud river and down onto another part of this dungeon-
While contemplating the safe passage we realize that with our ability to get a running start we could jump this muddy little river 6 feet across- and we do!
(Imagine a slow mo scene of all characters jumping in freeze frame over the mud)

note (with a running jump we can cover 1 foot per point of strength)

We take the smooth steps up from the other side and send Slinky ahead for some intel-
Seen ahead is a vast cavern- A change in air is detected and an alteration of the sound indicating an area much bigger.

Though Cilandra’s eyes Slinky reveals a tall cavern with a smooth stone bridge over the dark abyss below. The bridge is about 60 feet across the span and 5 feet in width flanked by large boulders on either side.

Cilandra boldly leads us up to the bridge single file-
Gunder noticing how odd the boulders appear…

we notice a clickty clicking sound coming up form the cavern – could it be rocks falling or something more sinister?

Cilandra first

As we get to the center of the bridge-

Gunder’s premonition comes to fruition-
The boulders begin to move and morph becoming 9 foot tall rock men with glowing eyes!

Onyx shot 2 arrows at the one on her side
(Bird people, where you at?)

Gunder throws foe breaker and falls back-

Persephone turns into a giant spider Spidesephony?!
and shoots a web
(+5 to hit as a ranged weapon attack)

(( Rock Lords theme song interlude thanks to Dave))

Speaking of glowing eyes the clicking from below increases in intensity coming from the sides of the cavern and yellow glowing eyes are seen in the chasm down below-

The Rock men then roll boulders- like bowing balls upon us as their own bowling pins
Gunder is knocked off the bridge and holds on to the edge (eek!)

On Cilandra’s side she is knocked off and falls off the bridge!!! Just as she is about to hit the bottom of the chasm – which is surprisingly not as deep as we thought- she casts fly upon her self, skirting the bottom and what ever might wish for us to fall below…

Thogar uses Earth fang telling the naughty earth elemental on his side to protect us- “Chuckie”
The rock man rolls back up into a boulder and rolls away- back where we came from and off-
to the cavern perhaps to dispatch with whatever the clicking creatures are?

We then realize the boulders are actually enchanted themselves- smaller versions of the rock men intent of knocking us off the bride! These are 6 feet tall and have the ability to swing rock like arms

Raikon shoots magic missiles- pew pew pew pew

Gunder gets up on the smaller boulder and aims to throw his hammer-
our DM encourages him to : “throw the foe, bro”

Onyx tries to move the boulder by her off the bridge is unsuccessful
and Claude "rocky " Bal-boulder gets an flying Eldridge blast from a majestically flying Cilandra – Swoop and Blast!

While below she sees at least 6 tall and yoked bipedal creatures with gorilla like arms and hooks for hands – below the bridge waiting for us to fall in..

Thogar is about to make an attempt to knock the enchanted boulder bowling ball off from his side does stop seeing Gunder on top

Raikon sculpts protective cover for Onyx and lets out a mighty fireball of the the enchanted boulder and the rock lord Balboulder huge hit! (Kapow!)

Gunder hops off the boulder and he and Thogar work together to push it off the bridge-

On Onyx’s turn she tries again ,too and is successful this time and mini rock lord hits the ground

Persephone who had previously provided Onyx with bungee webbing insurance around her ankles comes from under the bridge, alights on the Rock lord and deals the final bite as he breaks apart in pieces and dust with a large rumble!

Before the death blow, Thogar senses that his charm on Rock Lord Chuckie was broken.

We cross the bridge after the dust settles reunited as a group, and hear a different quality to the click clacking sounds below,,
What we cross into is a passage ahead – 10- 20 feet that descends sharply to the North…


Random thoughts:

In the wise words of our DM, “it’s called a trope , because it’s true”



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