Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The Cavern continues to crumble

We gotta get out of here!

Hey! it’s a Saturday game!

We are back- and in the rapidly collpsing collsoal cavern.
Gunder misty stepped clearing us a path away from the sentinel who is now behind us, abjured and moving slow giving us a fighting chance to escape this place.

THOGAR and RAIKON are getting toward the entrance but have been obstructed by a giant natural column which fell along the path-
CILANDRA had seen it happen flying above and since improving her rope skills has the foresight to pull out a rope and attempt to secure it on the pillar ahead of the party to assist them in scaling the obstruction.

She looped it around “Something popping off” CILANDRA says, and adds, " I tied it real good"

ONYX and GUNDER all all running toward the exit keeping an eye out ahead, above and behind them..
An even louder sound comes from below as big huge crevasses open up in the floor of the cavern – big fissures! 9 to 10 feet wide


What we did…? Can it be both?

Caving in in front by the exit- by the portal – to the sides
and beneath our party- ONYX and THOGAR jump away and GUNDER falls in –
yet is able to move a rock just in time to save himself and help RAIKON from getting crushed.

ONYX and THOGAR trow a rope down
ONYX runs and jumps, scoops up RAIKON and heroically long jumps – Yay! Half Orc!

Huge destruction continues to rain upon them and the cavern
The portal is turning and twisting wrapping into itself a conflagration of rock, mud and
crystals as the pillars and stairs crumble and fall…. We detect there are no more rock sentinels and we all just keep running for our lives ..

Amazingly- we all make it out of the big cavern as it continues to crumble – There are two ways out- we go south – a the furthest end of the room.

The walls are steaming and mud is bubbling from the walls CILANDRA speaks to us strongly telepathically- KEEP RUNNING!

We are back in the room with the stables and out towards the bridge-
To our dismay the great seismic activity has caused the bride to collapse rendering our one way out impassable.

We plan to have rope on both sides to make it down and get back up – THOGAR ties the lantern to his belt and we attempt to secure the ropes – wondering where the clackity clacks may be- no time to worry time to move -

CILANDRA in flight works hard to secure the rope- and after rolling a one she bangs her thumb by dropping the hammer! OW!

As we are getting the ropes secure the clackity clackers emerge- first their beady yellow eyes start to appear from the shadows then we see their form Big long arms and tall and yoked- bodies like a giant beetle with bony razor ridges on their backs and arms, head like a vulture and vicious long hooks with claws as arms- and the sickening clicking!
“Oh The Horror”!"


RAIKON is pushed upward and GUNDER and then THOGAR ONYX at the bottom helping push people upward and pulls them up from the cavern

Last one up is ONYX. As she is heading up the rope she is tagged by a creature- a vicious rip to her skin of her back and she lets a out a howl of pain and is pulled up before worse damage can occur

when all are safe at the top GUNDER does some quick laying of hands to ONYX

We have a moment to catch our breath and THOGAR tells us of his struggle- and why he did what he did in casting EARTH FANG to the light of the portal- He said he saw THE MOUNTAIN THAT WALKS – who bade THOGAR to come to him and when THOGAR did not He was shocked with immense pain through his body and very core. OGREMACH swore vengeance on THOGAR and all who fight against him and do not believe.
THOGAR said that " When he spoke to me his voice split my head in two as if rocks were grinding at my very core" He is sure the OGERMACH on earth would crush all mortals who were against him.

THOGAR told us that he knew what he had to do then and released Earth fang to the portal which began the destruction and we can only hope that this is the cause for the implosion and will have prevented the Mountain from walking the earth

CILANDRA navigates us away and back to the one place we have not been able to figure out- the mysterious black inky fog impeding our progress to a part of the dungeon we havent been thought.
CILANDRA and SLIKNY move ahead and cut through and other area where the fog then disappears- We are so glad to find out that the fog did not cause us damage.
There is mist on the ground clinging to the floor which is slick and glistening with moisture – Crude manacles line the walls.

CILANRDA falls down a hole in an area obscured by mist in this humid and moist cavern
There is a weird iron smell- SLINKY alerts CILANDRA that there is some kind of a scratching on the floor
The pit she is in has a ledge an she is able o get around- we all follow and avoid the fall into the pit thanks to CILANDRA’s scouting.
We use our rope signaling – so we can get on the other side – and now we are together and the fog clears giving way to the terrible stench of blood and death ans we then see the debris of recent and not so recent battles, – we see Earth cultist bodies, bear men and big bloated humanoids in various states of decay and some fresh kills.

What comes next from behind the large corpses, a whirling of air riding up looking fearsome and outer worldly and some how armored with scary looking maces at their airy hands.

No one could have imagined these fearsome whirlwinds-
In an amazing quick thinking bout of diplomacy CILANDRA dons a robe of the Howling HATRED taken from the WIndWeirds and speaks to the beings as a member of the air cult cult and is granted passage – attempting to follow suit and using un locked manacles from her pack as a prop , ONYX attempts to bring GUNDER in in the same manner as a prisoner which is against his principles and well, didn’t work on many counts

the battle is ON Us against he Armored tornadoes!

GUNDER magics ONYX’s long sword and the magic sword is imparted to THOGAR

GUNDERR exacts a crit hit with Foebreaker
ONXY misses and is attacked by 3 hits of these opponents
((Stunned- like literally))
Aura of Goodness =22 is cast
RAIKON level 2 thunder wave is cast throwing corpses away but not harming the whirlwinds
ONYX drinks a potion – the one that is for healing
CILANDRA evokes the green mist from her eye
RAIKON shoots a Magic Missile from the Wand which over heats and drops to the ground

ONYX takes another hit and hits the ground- from her ancestry she evokes Relentless Endurance and comes back with an action surge and cleaves on the way back up
CILANDRA’s green mist is effective on these baddies!!!

THOGAR gets into a frenzy and knocks back these terrible foes!!!



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