Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The Missing Caravan 101616

The Earth Cult Monastery

In attendance
Cilandra, Gunder, Thogar, Onyx
played- Persephone

~~ Our New Band Name : " BRAVE STUPID"

Persephone is being summoned to the Great Forest – to assist with the “Seeds Under Siege”
In the High forest “Evereska” Is the Elven Strong Hold.
The High Forest – Shadow topped valley and a vast forest
Rumored to be the home of Gigantic Trees that Walk and Talk
Those who venture too far in have never been seen again
The Barbarians tribes know of a “Tree Ghost”

SLINKY the cave specialist went ahead in the rain and noted a bombed out tower on the trail but not a sinkhole. – As we move up from the mines it seems more familiar.

Note:(((Sacred Stone Wamford South Bellyard Haunted Crypt to North Hall of the Thirsty Stone Mines to the East ))))

We did use JIRTH the JAILER’s keys to get through the pit doors where we fought the large beetles of KARBO

At the top of the stairs by the monastery
The Slaves who were mining that we saved form the catacombs under the EARTH CULT MONASTERY
HELLUM- lantern bearer to THOGAR
MESSIM_ the torch holder for party

We return to the monastery -passing tall natural rock formations and as we get closer the walls become more well hewn.

We enter into the monastery and it is quiet- we enter into a room we found-
No one is inside but a sleeping area desk and wooden chest-
has a sleeping mat and desk- we search the area and find
gold, silver and keys

Pass a distillery with some monks- who we battle and slay – we all take some of the bottled liquor to use as molotov cocktails of a flammable liquid

We enter into a familiar room- the Earth Monk’s training area,
We Battle Hellenrae and her monks- She is a formidable foe- and one we have wanted to get our revenge on for a long time!

Persephone turns into a goat – ramming damage!!!
The monks do good damage with their hands and feet
Thogar does amazing damage with Earth Fang

Hellenrae- getting close to the end tries to run away-into the hallway- Onyx gives chase from the back end to trap her and Cilandra and Gunder run to the front-

The final death blow to Hellenrae comes from Gunder- who makes an amazing leap at her meeting her in the air and is victorious in his hammer hit – HUZZAH!

We come across a doorway in the shadows of the hall we hadn’t seen before-
It propels us with magic.
Thogar and Onyx double their efforts and shoulder the door-
which gives way and we find ourselves in
A Large room, indeed that had been magically locked
A dark and dusty laboratory smelling dank and old
With clay jars and curious Dusty dingy bricked up windows
Thick thick cobwebs and a silence not experienced into he rest of the Monastery
We feel a cold power around us and are spoken to in a powerfully commanding voice – a loud whispering in our ears and again chilled to the bone by the cold power.

RENWICK – the Lich introduces himself to as
The Spirit who seeks knowledge and eternal life- here in this room for centuries…
Luckily between Cilandra and Gunder- the lich does not attack us , rather engages us in conversation – understanding our work as eliminating the Earth Cult form his building gained his favor.

Through conversion and a brazen yet respectful request from Gunder- we tell RENWICK we will finish the job of removing the meddling Earth Cultists from his home- we are gifted with
A Potion of Greater Healing
Scrolls sealed in wax-
Invisibility Scroll
Snowball Swarm

And we are offered to take rest in his dwelling-

“You may take rest here”
Which strikes us all as amazing that we would be welcome here an think this could be a safe place !!

Notes- as heard from the monks-
OGREMOCH is the ever growing mo”



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