Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The search for Aerisi continues and continues

and continues

Present Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Thogar and Persephone

Our amazing DM hands out some well earned Xp -

Including a bonus x5 for Onyx who remembered the lich we like , Renwick!

As well after the rocky bridge battle Chris fills us in on the hit point situation which isn’t great!

The dust has settled- One of the rock men has rolled away
Persephone does some healing which we all need
Cilandra continues to fly – becoming more skilled a this next chance the had to fly
The clicking and clacking from the cavern below ebbs and flows in volume and frequency almost sounds as if we cheated something out of a snack.

Slinky scouts ahead with Cilandra quietly and cautiously flying some paces behind.

What is seen down a connecting hallway as the wall becomes less rough hewn and more organized and stacked field stone

Opening to a big cavern with sectioned off areas 10- 15 feet wide- they appear to be pens?

On further inspection there are leather like pieces and stacked up weapons .

On the right of the cavern a passage downward and another on the west wall.

The 10 foot high kennels are currently empty upon further inspection. and after examining the tack we think these may be the bullet lizard like critters that the baddies were riding.

slinky poops on their tack.

There is a hum to the cavern and rumbling – filling us with dread- we notice more mud is starting to drip from the ceiling

Taking a meandering path to the right descending to the east we see in a
in a chamber several spots with piles of the purplish crystals which are part of the cavern looks almost like little pedestal shrines.

It seems as if we are alone here – by way of cultists and creatures- no signs of life

Gunder explores the alcoves
we head back to the pens-
Onyx cuts the tack so that it is rendered useless
Persephone turns into a bear – with her keen sense of smell she recognizes the smelly musk of the big armadillo – like creatures we battled previously – and they they currently are not here.
We explore a small narrow off shoot from the pens ans come to a cave and a nest with bedrolls- all abandoned. Must have been a baby musky armadillo thang.

In searching the bedding we find

a bag with a garnet stone – reddish purple crystal gem
coins- 42 gp/ 7 each
a small clay bottle with a bluish liquid that smells acidic and like hot peppers
and some Abjurations – thunder resistance for Raikon


((Wild shape for Druids ; stay in beast shape for the number of hours equal to half your druid level rounded down Persephone can stay in this form for 3 hours.))



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