Super Friends Campaign (name tbd)

The search for Aerisi continues and continues ..but wait we are in the stone dungeon!

A recap

Ah shucks- I wrote this up and didn’t correctly save-
so here we go again!

Present: Cilandra, Gunder, Raikon, Onyx
Played Persephone and Thogar

We needed to Recap!

We know now that there are some very powerful forces at work here that are disturbingly real-
These prices of the elemental planes Archomental and bound for destruction have their fervent followers and these cults will stop at nothing to do their bidding

They also have weapons of great power that go along with their elements and cause great damage ;

The AIR CULT – works and worships for Yan C Bin
The Howling Hatred
The weapon is known as Windvane.
The Prophet leader on this plane is Aerisi

The EARTH/stone CULT – in service to Ogremoch
Cult of the Black Earth
the weapon is known as Earth Fang
We currently have it after slaying the prophet Marlos Urnrayle

The FIRE CULT – in service to Imix
Cult of the Eternal Flame
the weapon is known as Tinder Strike – we do not know of it’s whereabouts
but we have heard of the fire prophet, Vanifer-
if the encounters we have had with the fire cult in the underground as well as burning druid are any indication they are a tough bunch.

THE WATER CULT worships Olhydra
Cult of the Crushing Wave
the weapon is Drown- used on our friends in Red Larch to great flooding destruction- is an orb of some sort
We know very little about this cult-
CIlandra befriended a man named Seruki at the burning druid –
We may have seen the edge of their part of the underground dungeon
and know there is some connection to the above ground out post of river deep deep -as well we may have employed some of the cultists to take us across the river initially by boat.

Symbols to know:

We are underground … the passages smell of fire burning.
We go north east to a widening passage and enter a large cave with a well in the middle with a bubbling substance inside the chamber is humid and quieter- all around us the purplish crystals are glowing and pulsing their purple hue and the rumbling is in the background.

There are worktables around with weapons and armor , tools and chisels.

We search the area devoid of any people or creatures and notice a limp or pile of rags near a slab- could a figure be under there? yes!

removing the material we find chained beneath to be a dwarf-

RHUNDORTH! we have been searching for this delegate from the caravan for a long time he is the diplomat from Mirabar and friend to BRUNDENTHAL
and we give him some food and water-
He informs us that indeed the earth cultist hastily left- and left him there to die-
and the fearsome creatures they rode were Bulettes- and they took those that were left with them

It was our activities that cause them to take flight- we seem to have assurance we are having an impact on the evil designs of destruction!

Cilandra uses her spell of gaseous form on Rhundorth to cleverly get him out of his shackles as the keys to the bindings must have left with the fleeing cultist.

He was taken and conscripted to work for the stone cult who assumed he was a master crafts man, although that is not his main talent . They had him making weapons and armor.

He told us of the ambush on the caravan how raiders from the sky took the delegates

Lady Desenya Noravael ( DEH-say- na) the human Waterdavian ( from Waterdeep) noblewoman and priest of many faiths

Of the weapons- the Water cult weapon- :Drown: is actually a trident was was in the possession of the caravan before it was retaken.

We believe she is now being held bu the Air cult thanks to his telling of the tale.

Teresiel – Female Moon elf diplomat from the Silver moon tribe- Her important function is to deliver the magic seeds of golden fields – yellow seeds that can grow an awakened tree!

as well there were pieces of a document that were coded – the importance of the documents is to forge a treaty between factions and with the alliances gather strengths and resources to join forces against the impending evil.

We decide for the safety of RHUNDORTH we return him to his friend BRULDENTHAR in Red Larch – share as much information as we can and restore all of our weapons armor and health.

Onyx is very inspired by his words- " We may have dealt a very large blow to the stone cultists "

We need to head back to Red Larch which amazingly was not very eventful…
and we were careful and prepared in crossing gargoyle bridge.




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